Complete the phrases with the correct words

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Elementary 1 ,2 , F 1-3

1. Articles (definite: the, indefinite: a/an)

Underline the correct word.

Example: Its a / an identity card.

1. Open a / the door.

2. This is a / an international school.


Complete with a or an.

Example: .. file, e-mail. (see Students book, Grammar Bank

1 D, p. 123)

2. Names of jobs (a doctor, an engineer, a musician, etc.)

Write the jobs.

Example: I work for a newspaper. Im a journalist.

1. I work in a school. Im a t__________.

2. I work in an office or a hotel. Im a r__________.

3. I work in the theatre. Im an a__________.

4. I work in a hospital. Im not a doctor. Im a n__________.

5. I work in a restaurant. Im a w__________.

6. Im at university. Im a s__________.


3. Consonant sounds

4. Possessive s (For ex: Vickys bag, Mikes friend, etc.)

Underline the correct word or phrase.

Example: This is my brothers / brothers wife.

1. Its Bens / the Bens pen.

2. These are my childrens / childrens books.

3. I like the films end / end of the film.


Complete with s (possessive), s (is), s (plural/third person s)

My friends father works in Germany.

Vickys bag, Mikes friend, (see also Students book, Grammar Bank 2 D, p.125.)

5. Members of family (father, mother, brother, sister, etc.)

Complete the sentences.

Example: My grandmothers son is my . (see Quick test 2)

For ex: my sisters son is ________

Tick (ü) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: My grandmothers son is my _____.

A uncle B father ü C brother

1 My mothers son is my _____.

A brother B nephew C uncle

2 My sister got married last year. Her _____ is a lawyer.

A son B boyfriend C husband

3 My mothers father is my _____.

A grandfather B cousin C uncle

4 My sisters son is my _____.

A niece B nephew C cousin

5 My fathers brother is my _____.

A uncle B cousin C aunt


6. Verb to be (am/is/are)

Complete with am, is or are

Example: I French. My surname Lopez. (see Students book, Grammar Bank 1 A, p. 123)

For ex: My name ___ Mike.

Tick (ü) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: My name _____ David.

A am B is ü C are


Maria is a student. _____s in Class 4.

A He B She C It

A Are you English?

B _____.

A Yes, Im B No, I not C Yes, I am

They _____ from Milan, theyre from Rome.

A not are B arent C isnt


Complete the sentences. Use contractions where possible.

Example: Were from Italy.

1__________ he a student?

2 We __________ English. Were Scottish.

3 Is he in Class 4? No, he __________.

4 Is Marta Spanish? Yes, __________ is.

5 This __________ Chinese food. Its Japanese.

6 Where __________ you from? Im from Poland.

7 Are they teachers? No, they __________.

8 I __________ Russian. Im from Moscow.


7. Prepositions (at, in, for, on, to, etc.)

For ex: ___ Monday, ___ May.

Complete the sentences.

Example: Her birthday is 8 June.

1. I often play football ____ the weekend.

2. The shop closes ____ the evening.

(see File Test 3 A) ___________________________.


Example: May 6th (see Students book, Grammar Bank 3 D, p. 127)


8. Question words (Who, When, Where, Why, Whose, How, How many, etc.)

For ex: _______ do you live? (What do you remember? p.26)

Tick (ü) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

1_____ morning. How are you?

A Happy B Good C Hello

2 A Im Kay.

B Nice to _____ you.

A meet B met C seeing

3 A Where are you _____?

B Berlin.

A live B coming from C from


9. Adjectives (quite, very, old, new, big, fast, pretty, cheap, etc.)

For ex: Its a big house, not a house big.


Vowel sounds

11. Telling the time (For ex: Its ten to four.)

For ex: 3.50 - _________

Write the times.

Example: 2.45 Its quarter to three.

1 6.30 ______

2 8.20 ___________________________

3 12.15 ___________________________

4 9.00 ___________________________


(see File Test 3 A)


12. Vocabulary: daily routine

For ex: ______ dressed, ______ a shower.

(What do you remember? p.38)

Tick (ü) A, B, or C to complete the expressions.

Example: _____ German

A speak ü B have C get

1 _____ TV

A look B watch C make

2 _____ to the radio

A listen B hear C do

3 _____ the guitar

A do B play C make

4 _____ fast food

A eat B take C use

5 _____ the newspaper

A read B see C ride


Complete the phrases with the correct word.

exercise listen lunch play eat go glasses flat smoke

Example: play the guitar

1 __________ a cigarette

2 __________ fast food

3 do __________

4 have a sandwich for __________

5 __________ to the cinema

6 __________ to the radio

7 live in a __________

8 wear __________


13.Present Simple (V/Vs)

Complete the phrases with the correct words.

Example: eat fast food

1. Do ________

2. _____ the guitar (see File Test 2 B)

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Example: She lives (live) in a house.

1 They _______________ (not have) children.

2 I _______________ (work) in a school.

3 The pub _______________ (close) at 11.00 p.m.

4 She _______________ (not like) coffee.

Complete the sentences with one word.

Example: Do you like Mexican food?

1. ___ they live in France?

2. ___your father work in a restaurant?

3. How old __________ your brother?


Complete the questions with do or does

you have a car? your uncle cook? (See Students book, Grammar

Bank 2 B, p.125; see also File Test 2 B

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