Did he watch TV yesterday evening?

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Elementary 1 ,2

File 4-6

1. File 4 A Modal verb Can /Cant

The theme:I cant dance p. 40-41New English File Elementary

Questions:File 4 A Modal verb Can /Cant. Positive /negative sentences

Example: (?) Can you help me?

(+) He can swim very well.

I cant find the keys.

1. Complete the sentences with the modal verb

Its very dark here. ******you turn on the light?

a) Can

b) Could

c) Do

d) Does

e) Is

2.We are late. ***** hurry up, please?

a) Does

b) Is

c) Are

d) Can

e) Couldnt

3.What is your name ? I ****** remember it.


b) will


d) is


4.Speak slowly, please! I ***** understand you.

a) can

b) cant

c) will

d) is

e) are


5. Can you ride a bike? ***

a) Yes, I can

b) Yes, I cant

c) No, I dont

d) Yes, I do

e) Yes, we are


2. File 4 B. Like +( Verb+ ing).

Questions: File 4B The theme:Shopping men love it p.42-43

Example:I like going to the cinema with my friends.

I hate getting up early. We dont like doing housework.

Complete the sentence with the verb.

1. Men like ***** TV at the weekend.

a) Telling

b) Watch

c) Watching

d) Riding

e) sleep

2.My brother doesnt like ***** presents

a) buying

b) buy

c) give

d) bought

e) bring

3.Students in our group dont like ****** housework

a) do

b) doing

c) does

d) done

e) made

4.I dont like *****dog for a walk in the morning.

a) take

b) taking

c) bring

d) talk

e) talking

5. My parents like ****to the opera together.

a) go

b) went

c) going

d) come

e) goes

3. File 4C Object pronouns.

Questions: Object pronouns (me, him us)

The Theme Fatal attraction

Ex: She meets Helen. She invites her to her birthday.

1.Do you love ****?

a) his

b) ours

c) hers

d) mine

e) me

2. She lives near me. I usually see ****in the bus.

a) Us

b) Him

c) It

d) She

e) her

3. I dont have time to talk with you now. Can you call *****tomorrow, please?

a) Him

b) Us

c) Her

d) It

e) me

4. She is so beautiful and nice. He falls in love with ****.

a) Them

b) Us

c) Her

d) His

e) Our

5.He doesnt like my sisters. He never speaks to ****

a) them

b) they

c) his

d) our

e) his

File 4 D. Possessive pronouns (mine, yours etc.)p. 46-47

The theme:Are you still mine?

Ex: Whose book is it? Is it yours?

1. Give it to me . It is ****

a) mine

b) your

c) his

d) our

e) her

2.Is it his wallet ?- Yes, it is ***






3. This is our car. It is *****

a) Our

b) Ours

c) His

d) Her

e) hers

4. Dont take this umbrella .It is*****

a) Me

b) Him

c) Mine

d) Us

e) its

5.Whose motorbike is that ? It is *******

a) ours

b) my

c) him

d) us

e) we


File 5A Past Simple of be . p130

The theme:Who were they?

Ex: My father was born in London.

1. Where ***** your parents born?


b) were




2. I know him. He ***** a famous American writer.



c) were



3. My tickets ****** on the table. I cant find them now.


b) are

c) were

d) is

e) wasnt

4. I **** very late and my boss ***** so angry.

a) were

b) was




5.Yesterday the weather ****** nice.

a) was

b) were

c) is


e) has

File 5B. Past Simple .Regular Verbs

The theme: Sydney here we comep 54-55.

Ex: (-) My brother didnt work in England 2 years.

Small children played in the garden.

Did he watch TV yesterday evening?

1. When I was a child, I ****** with children .

a)dont play

b)havent play

c)didnt play

d)hasnt played

e) hasnt play

2. The boys **** two tickets to Sydney.

a) Book

b) Have book

c) Booking

d) Has book

e) booked


3 .When ***** you finish your work yesterday?

a) have

b) has

c) does

d) did

e) do

4. What ***** she wear to the party yesterday evening?

a) Did

b) Does

c) Do

d) Have

e) Has

5. They ***** have time to visit cultural places of the city

a) Dont

b) Doesnt

c) Have

d) Didnt

e) did

File 5C Ex. 1, p.44 WB

Cross out the wrong expression: GO

a. a bus

b. to the church

c. swimming

d. to bed

e. to church

File 5 C Ex. 2, p.46 WB

1. Complete the sentence with the past simple form: I (meet) Sally at a party last week.

2. They (buy) a new car two days ago.


3. Complete the sentence with preposition: There is a sofa ____ two armchairs.

a. between

b. on

c. over

d. under

e. in


File 5 p. 150 SB

Give the definition to the following words and word expressions: an art gallery, a theatre, a mosque, a police station etc.

File 5 p. 62 SB

1. Circle the correct sentence:

a. They leaved the bar very early.

b. They left the bar very early.

File 5, p. 62

1. Circle the correct sentence:

What time did you go to bed?

What time you did go to bed?

File 5, p. 62

1. Cross out the wrong expression: She phoned him yesterday/the yesterday.

2. Cross out the wrong expression: My brother was last month/the last month.

File 5

1. Rewrite the sentence in the past simple: Do you listen to the radio?

Why arent you at work now?

File 5, p. 58

1. Complete the sentence with a correct form of verb in Past Simple: I ___ him in bed.

a. found

b. find

c. finding

d. Finds

e. finded

2. Complete the sentence with the verb in Past Simple: After that we (see). a film.

File 6.A

1. Complete the sentence with There is or There are:

_____ some pictures in the study.

File 6AEx. p. 49 WB

1. Where do you usually take off your coat?

a. in the hall

b. in the bedroom

c. in the kitchen

d. in the bathroom

e. in the toilet

2. Where do you usually park your car?

a. Garage

b. study

c. shop

d. dining room

e. cupboards

File 6B p. 133

1. Complete with the correct form of there was and there were.

How many guests ____ ___ in the hotel?

File 6Cp. 133

1. Put the verbs in brackets in Past Continuous.

What ___ you ___? (do)

2. She ___ for Kevin to come? (wait)

File 6p. 151

1. Give the definition to the following words: a bedroom, a kitchen, a fridge, a cooker, a plant

File 6 p. 50 WB

1.Make a question: There is a window in this room.

2. Write the sentence in the plural: There is a key in that door.

File 6 p. 51 WB.

1. Fill in the preposition:There is a small table the door.

a. near

a. over

b. under

c. on

d. in

2. Cross out the word with silent consonant.

a. ghost

a. room

b. cry

c. play

d. spend

3. Complete the sentence with prepositions:

We went ___ a walk in the park.

a. for

b. by

c. in

d. to

e. out

File 6D p. 133SB

Put the verbs in the Present Continuous or Present Simple.

1. Hi Sarah! What ___ you ___ here? (do)

2. What ___ your mother do? (do)



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