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Service Operation Review Questions

What is the best definition of an Incident Model?

a) Predicting the impact of incidents on the network

b) A type of Incident that is used as a best practice model

c) A set of pre-defined steps to be followed when dealing with a known type of Incident

d) An Incident that requires a separate system

What is the difference between a Known Error and a Problem?

a) The underlying cause of a Known Error is known. The underlying cause of a Problem is not


b) A Known Error involves an error in the IT infrastructure. A Problem does not involve such an


c) A Known Error always originates from an Incident. This is not always the case with a Problem.

d) With a Problem, the relevant Configuration Items have been identified. This is not the case with

a Known Error.

Information is regularly exchanged between Problem Management and Change Management. What information is this?

a) Known Errors from Problem Management, on the basis of which Change Management can

generate Requests for Change (RFCs)

b) RFCs resulting from Known Errors

c) RFCs from the users that Problem Management passes on to Change Management

d) RFCs from the Service Desk that Problem Management passes on to Change Management

Incident Management has a value to the business by?

a) Helping to control cost of fixing technology

b) Enabling customers to resolve Problems

c) Helping to maximise business impact

d) Contributing to the reduction of impact

Which of the following is NOT an example of a Service Request?

a) A user calls the Service Desk to order a new mouse

b) A user calls the Service Desk because they would like to change the functionality of an


c) A user calls the service desk to reset their password

d) A user logs onto an internal web site to download a licensed copy of software from a list of

approved options

The BEST definition of an event is?

a) A situation where a capacity threshold has been exceeded and an agreed Service Level has

already been impacted

b) An occurrence that is significant for the management of the IT Infrastructure or delivery of


c) A problem that requires immediate attention

d) A social gathering of IT staff to celebrate the release of a service

Technical Management is NOT responsible for?

a) Maintenance of the local network

b) Identifying technical skills required to manage and support the IT Infrastructure

c) Defining the Service agreements for the technical infrastructure

d) Response to the disruption to the technical infrastructure

Which of the following is NOT an objective of Service Operation?

a) Through testing, to ensure that services are designed to meet business needs

b) To deliver and support IT Services

c) To manage the technology used to deliver services

d) To monitor the performance of technology and processes

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of Event Management?

a) The ability to detect events, analyse them and determine the appropriate control action

b) The ability to coordinate changes in events

c) The ability to monitor and control projected service outages

d) The ability to report on success of all batch processing jobs


Which process or function is responsible for management of the Data centre facility?

a) IT Operations Control

b) Supplier Management

c) Facilities Management

d) Technical Function

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