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A) Event management and Request Fulfillment

b) Event Management and Service Desk

c) Facilities Management and Event Management

d) Change Management and Service Level Management

13. Which of the following identifies two Service Portfolio components within the Service Lifecycle?

A) Requirements Portfolio and Service Catalogue

b) Service Knowledge Management System and Service Catalogue

c) Service Knowledge Management System and Requirements Portfolio

d) Requirements Portfolio and Configuration Management System

14. Which of the following areas would technology help to support during the Service Design phase of the Lifecycle?

1. Hardware and Software design

2. Environmental design

3. Process design

4. Data design

a) 1, 3 and 4 only

b) 1, 2 and 3 only

C) All of the above

d) 2, 3 and 4 only

15. Business drivers and requirements for a new service should be considered during?

a) Review of the router operating system patches

B) Review of the current capabilities of IT service delivery

c) The Post Implementation Review (PIR) of a change

d) Decommissioning legacy servers

16. The BEST definition of an event is?

a) An occurrence where a performance threshold has been exceeded and an agreed Service Level has already been impacted

B) An occurrence that is significant for the management of the IT infrastructure or delivery of services

c) A known system defect that generates multiple incident reports

d) A planned meeting of customers and IT staff to announce a new service or improvement program

17. What does the Service V model represent?

a) A strategy for the successful completion of all Service Management projects

B) The path to Service Delivery and Service Support for efficient and effective utilization of resources

c) Levels of Configuration and testing required to deliver a Service Capability

d) The business perspective as perceived by the customer and the user of services

18. Technical Management is NOT responsible for?

a) Maintenance of the technical infrastructure

b) Documenting and maintaining the technical skills required to manage and support the IT infrastructure

C) Defining the Operational Level Agreements for the technical teams

d) Diagnosis of, and recovery from, technical failures

19. The following options are considered within which process?

1. Big bang vs. Phased

2. Push and Pull

3. Automated vs. Manual

a) Incident Management

B) Release and Deployment Management

c) Service Asset and Configuration Management

d) Service Catalogue Management

20. Which of the following activities is Service Level Management responsible for?

a) Design the configuration management system from a business perspective

b) Create technology metrics to align with customer needs

C) Create a customer facing service catalogue

d) Train service desk on how to deal with customer complaints about service

21. When analyzing an outcome for creation of value for customers, what attributes of the service should be considered?

a) Objectives, Metric, Desired outcome

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