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C) A Service Desk that is situated in the same location as the users it serves

d) A Service Desk that could be in any physical location but uses telecommunications and IT systems to make it appear that they are in the same location

29. What is the role of the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB)?

a) To assist the Change Manager in ensuring that no urgent changes are made during particularly volatile business periods

b) To assist the Change Manager in implementing emergency changes

C) To assist the Change Manager in evaluating emergency changes and to decide whether the change should be approved

d) To assist the Change Manager in speeding up the emergency change process so that no unacceptable delays occur.

30. Which of the following is a good use of a baseline?

a) The desired end state of a project

B) A marker or starting point for later comparison

c) The current desktop models in use

d) The type of testing to be done for a release

31. The main objective of Availability Management is?

a) To monitor and report availability of services and components

b) To ensure that all targets in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met

c) To guarantee availability levels for services and components

D) To ensure that service availability matches or exceeds the agreed needs of the business

32. Operations Control refers to?

a) The managers of the Technical and Applications Management functions

B) Overseeing the execution and monitoring of IT operational events and activities

c) The tools used to monitor and display the status of the IT Infrastructure and Applications

d) The situation where the Service Desk is required to monitor the status of the infrastructure when Operators are not available

33. Which off the following is a characteristic of every process?

1. It is measurable

2. It is timely

3. It delivers a specific result

4. It responds to a specific event

5. It delivers its primary result to a customer or stakeholder

a) 1, 2, 3 and 4 only

b) 1, 2, 4 and 5 only

C) 1, 3, 4 and 5 only

d) All of the above

34. Which of the following is NOT an example of a Service Request?

a) A user calls the Service Desk to order a toner cartridge

B) A user calls the Service Desk because they would like to change the functionality of an application

c) A Manager submits a request for a new employee to be given access to an application

d) A user logs onto an internal website to download a licensed copy of software from a list of approved options

35. A Service Level Package is best described as?

A) A definite level of utility and warranty associated with a core service package

b) A description of customer requirements used to negotiate a Service Level Agreement

c) A description of the value that the customer wants and for which they are willing to pay

d) A document showing the Service Levels achieved during an agreed reporting period

36. Incident Management has a value to the business by?

a) Helping to control infrastructure cost of adding new technology

b) Enabling users to resolve Problems

c) Helping to align people and process for the delivery of service

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