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D) Customers are assured of certain levels of availability, capacity, continuity and security

23. The objective of Service Asset and Configuration Management is most accurately described as?

a) To understand the performance characteristics of assets and Configuration Items (CIs) in order to maximize their contribution to service levels

b) To manage service assets and CIs from an operational perspective

c) To ensure that assets and CIs deliver the business outcomes they were designed to achieve

D) To define and control the components of services and infrastructure and maintain accurate configuration record

24. A Service Catalogue should contain which of the following?

a) The version information of all software

b) The organizational structure of the company

c) Asset information

D) Details of all operational services

25. Facilities Management refers to?

a) The Management of IT services that are viewed as “utilities”, such as printers or network access

b) The Management of an outsourcing contract

C) The Management of the physical IT environment, such as a Data Center

d) The procurement and maintenance of tools that are used by IT operations staff to maintain the infrastructure

26. When planning and implementing a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) initiative, which of the following benefits is LEAST useful in supporting a business case?

a) Reduce technology investment by $5m due to more accurate capacity and performance modeling processes

b) Reduce support manpower demand by 30% due to automated incident and problem management processes

C) Improve employee morale and therefore create better relationships between IT and business units

d) Reduce Problem resolution by 50% and minimize critical system outages

27. Which of the following would NOT be stored in the Definitive Media Library (DML)?

a) Master copies of software

B) Backups of application data

c) Software licenses

d) Master copies of controlled documentation

28. The objective of the Change Management process is most accurately described as?

A) Ensuring that all changes are recorded, managed, tested and implemented in a controlled manner

b) Ensuring that changes to IT infrastructure are managed efficiently and effectively

c) Ensuring that all changes have appropriate back-out plans in the event of failure

d) Protecting services by not allowing changes to be made

29. Functions are best described as?

a) Without their own body of knowledge

b) Closed loop systems

C) Self-Contained units of organizations

d) Focusing on transformation to a goal

30. What is the best definition of an Incident Model?

a) The template used to define the Incident logging form used to report Incidents

b) A type of Incident involving a standard (or model) type of Configuration Item (CI)

C) A set of pre-defined steps to be followed when dealing with a known type of Incident

d) An Incident that is easy to solve

31. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY defines Insourcing and Outsourcing delivery model options?

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