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D) A process for defining what is to be measured, gathering the data, processing the data and using it to take corrective action

40. The Information Security Policy should be available to which groups of people?

a) Senior business managers and all IT staff

b) Senior business managers, IT executives and the Security Manager

C) All customers, users and IT staff

d) Information Security Management staff only

Answers to ITIL V3 Sample Paper 2:

C. 02. d. 03. c 04. d. 05. b. 06. d. 07. b. 08. b. 09. c. 10. d.

B. 12. d. 13. a. 14. b. 15. a. 16. d. 17. b. 18. a. 19. a. 20. b.

B. 22. d. 23. d. 24. d. 25. c. 26. c. 27. b. 28. a. 29. c. 30. c

A. 32. a. 33. a. 34. d. 35. c. 36. b. 37. a. 38. b. 39. d. 40. c.

1. Which of the following best means Combination of Internal & External Sourcing?

A. Internal Sourcing-.

B. External Sourcing

C. Co-Sourcing

D. Managed Services

2. Major Incidents require?

A. Separate procedures

B. Less urgency

C. Longer timescales

D. Less documentation

3. Which of the following CANNOT be stored and managed by a tool?

A. Knowledge

B. Information

C. Wisdom

D. Data

4. The spell check module of a word-processing software package contains a number of errors. The Development department has corrected these errors in a new version. Which process is responsible for ensuring this updated version is tested?

A. Configuration Management

B. Incident Management

C. Problem Management

D. Release Management

5. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle can be used to plan and implement Service Management Processes:

How many times should each stage of the cycle be visited?

A. There should be a single Plan and Do, and then Check and Act should be carried out multiple times to Implement Continual Improvement

B. Each stage should be carried out once in the order Plan-Do-Check-Act

C. The entire cycle should be repeated multiple times to Implement Continual Improvement

D. There should be a single %n. then the Do-Check-Act cycle should be repeated multiple times to Implement Continual improvement

6. Consider the following statements:

1. “Processes” should be implemented in such a way that the “Role” and “Function” in an organization are defined

2. The RACI model Is beneficial to design Function”

Which of the above statements are CORRECT?

A. 1 Only

B. Both of the above

C. Neither of the above

D. 2 only

7. Which of the following is the process rather than a department?

A. Application Management

B. Operations Management

C. Service Desk

D. Availability Management

8. Which of the following statements fully describes the aim of Release and Deployment Management?

A. To build, test and deliver the capability to provide the services specified by Service Design and that will accomplish the stakeholders’ requirements and deliver the Intended objectives

B. To ensure that each release package specified by Service Design consists of a set of related assets and service components that are compatible with each other

C. To ensure that all release and deployment packages can be tracked, installed, tested, verified, and/or uninstalled or backed out if appropriate

D. To record and manage deviations, risks, and issues related to the new or changed service

9. Which of the following may be defined in a process?

1. Roles

2. Activities

3. Functions

4. Guidelines

5. Standards

6. Governance Framework

A. 1, 2, 3 and 5 only

B. All of the above

C. 1. 2, 5 and 6 only

D. 1, 2, 4, and 5 only

10. A Service Provider is?

A. An organization supplying services to one or more external customers

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