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Rash bruise lump spots a black eye


· Diseases and Health Problems

· A Visit to the Doctor

· Keping Fit. Promoting Healthy Way of Life

· Modern Medical Science

· Leisure and Sports

— Discussion

& 1. Read the following quotation and discuss it.

Health is above wealth.

It is a sum of money in the bank, which will support you, economically spent. But you spend foolishly and draw on the principal. This diminishes the income, and you draw larger and larger drafts until you become bankrupt. Overeating , overworking, every imprudence is a draft on life which health cashes and charges at a thousand percent interest. Every abuse of health hastens death!


Here is a list of controversial statements about medical care.

For each one, discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Think also what the consequences of the idea would be.


The State should pay for all medical care. There should be no private medical care.

Heart transplants should be stopped. They are rarely successful, and the money could be better spent on other things.

The tax on cigarettes should be increased to pay for the health care needed by smokers.

Health care should be reduced for people over 65.

People who are very ill should have the right to decide if they want to die.

Doctors should always give patients all the information about their illness and chances of recovery.

Diseases and Health Problems

1. What are your symptoms? Study the material that follows to enlarge your vocabulary.




Rash bruise lump spots a black eye


I've got a cold / a cough / a sore throat / a temperature / a stomach ache / chest pains/ earache / a pain in my side / a rash on my chest / spots / a bruise on my leg / a black eye / a lump on my arm / indigestion / diarrhoea / painful joints / blisters / sunburn.

I feel sick / dizzy / breathless / shivery / faint / particularly bad at night.

I am depressed / constipated / tired all the time.

I've lost my appetite / voice; I can't sleep, my nose itches and my leg hurts.

What do doctors do?

They take your temperature, listen to your chest, look in your ears, examine you, take your blood pressure, ask you some questions and weigh and measure you before sending you to the hospital for further tests.

What's the diagnosis?

You've got flu / chickenpox / mumps / pneumonia / rheumatism / an ulcer / a virus / a bug something that's going round.

You've broken your wrist and sprained / dislocated your ankle. You're pregnant / a hypochondriac. He died of lung cancer / a heart attack / a brain haemorrhage / AIDS.

What does the doctor prescribe?

Take one three times a day after meals.

Take a teaspoonful last thing at night.

Rub a little on before going to bed each night.

We'll get the nurse to put a bandage on.

You'll need to have some injections before you go.

I'll ask the surgeon when he can fit you in for an operation.

You'll have to have your leg put in plaster.

I think you should have total bed rest for a week.

What might the doctor ask you?


What would you say if the doctor asked you the following questions?

Do you have health insurance? Have you ever had any operations?

Are you taking any medication? Are you allergic to anything?

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