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В. Now use one of the words to complete the following sentences

1 He's quite ill, but he'll be OK on the day of the exam, _________ wood!
2 She won't lift a _________ round the house, jo does everything.
3 John's a dab_________ at that kind of thing- ask him to do it.

4 That dress looks great on you - it fits like a___________.

5 He'll do anything she tells him to do - he's really under her____________.

6 We got я rap over the________for beig late.

7 He says he'll do anything to save the marriage, but in my opinion he's just

_____________at straws.

8 They're making money hand over________ now thev're dome business over the Internet.


С. Jean and Sheila are talking about a bad experience, but the lines of the dialogue have been mixed up. Can you put the correct order in the box on the right? The first line has been done for you.

1. Sheila You dropped them?

2. Jean Well, I took my courage in both hands and went over to these two men to ask for help

3. Sheila How well do you know the city'?

4. Sheila I bet they wouldn't have been able to take it off you. You're stronger than you look

5. Jean Like the back of my hand. I've lived here for years. But when I first arrived I got lost one night and my car broke down

6. Sheila So how did you manage to slip through their fingers then?

7. Jean I really thought it was touch-and-go whether I'd get out alive

8. Sheila Ooh, that was brave of you'

9. Jean What else could I do? Anyway, one of them told me to give him my keys. Well, I was all fingers and thumbs

10. Sheila What did you do?

11. Jean Well, it was all rather embarrassing They turned out to be plain-clothes police officers I was in perfectly safe hands after all!

12. Jean Yes, but I held on to my bag for dear life! They were both stepping towards me…

BODY. Give names of the bodily organs indicated in the picture below.


1. ….. 2. ….. 3. ….. 4. ….. 5. ….. 6. …..



Explain the meanings and give the context of the following idioms:

· cry your eyes out

· look daggers at smb.

· not take your eyes off smb.

· love is blind

· beauty is in the eye of the beholder

· see the light

· not see smb. for dust

· turn a blind eye

· have (got) a roving eye

· swear blind


A. Choose the idiom which would be appropriate in the following situations:


1. You're so proud of your child.
a He's the apple of my eye.
b He's for my eyes only.

с Не looks a sight.


2. You're pleased/relieved to see someone.
a She's robbed me blind.

b I take a dim view of her.

с She's a sight for sore eyes.


3. You can see a little hope for the future in difficult times.

a I can see stars.

b Feast your eyes on that,

с There's light at the end of the tunnel.


4. She's good at noticing things around her.
a She can see things in her mind's eye.
b She has eyes in the back of her head.

с She can see her way clear to doing that.


5. There's too much information for you to see clearly.

a I can't see the wood for the trees.

b I just watch the world go by.

с I need to keep my eyes open.


6. You don't want anyone else to see something.

a This is for your eyes only.

b Keep your eyes peeled.

с Feast your eyes on this.


7. He looks terrible.

a I take a dim view of him.

b He looks a sight.

с I know him by sight.


8. Somebody seems to be daydreaming.
a Has he got second sight?

b He's all eyes.

с He's just staring into space.

В. Julie's talking about her friend Clare. Use the idioms in the box to replace the phrases 1-10, changing the form as necessary.

cry your eyes out love is blind not see sb for dust have (got) a roving eye look daggers at sb beauty is in the eye of the beholder swear blind

not take your eyes off sb see the light turn a blind eye

couldn't take her eyes off

It all started in a club on holiday. She just (1) couldn't stop looking at- this guy, and of course eventually he came over. Personally I didn't think he was very attractive, but (2) we all have a different opinion of what's good looking, after all. I could tell he (3) was always looking for the chance to start a new sexual relationship but she just wouldn't listen.

Well, (4) when people are in love they just don't see things clearly, as they say. She was already talking about marriage, after just two days! But one night, she caught him kissing someone else. Well, you know Clare. She would never (5) pretend not to notice something, so she marched over and threw her drink over him. He (6) looked at her in a terrible way, and then left. I'm not surprised — if that had happened to me you (7) wouldn't see me because I'd leave so quickly.

She spent the rest of the holiday (8) crying all the time, but I'm glad she (9) understood what the real situation was. She (10) says definitely that she'll never look at another man again, but I'm sure she'll get over it...


14. BODY. Match the Ukrainian names of the parts of the body with their English counterparts.


1. bile duct а) товста кишка


2. bladder b) хребет


3. gall bladder c) гортань


4. large intestine d) тaз


5. larynx е) сечовий міхур


6. pancreas f) жовчний міхур


7. pelvis g) селезінка


8. spine h) трахея


9. spleen і) підшлункова залоза


10 windpipe j) жовчний міхур



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