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Answer these questions about yourself. If possible, ask another person the same questions


Have you ever broken your arm or leg?

Have you ever needed stitches ?

Have you ever had concussion?

Have you ever been unconscious?

Have you ever had a blood test?

Have you ever been in an ambulance?



26. INJURIES. Your friend has a few marks on his body. Match the name of the mark with the explanation of its origin.


1. This BITE on my leg 6. This SCAR on my belly

2. These BLISTERS on my feet 7. This SCRATCH on my arm

3. This BRUISE on my eyelid 8. These SPOTS on my cheeks

4. This CUT on my thumb 9. This STING on my chin

5. This GRAZE on my knee


a. I got when I was operated on for appendicitis.

b. I got when I went on a walking tour in too tight shoes.

c. I got when I was hit by my friend during our quarrel.

d. I got when I fell down while running.

e. I got when I suffered from measles.

f. I got when I was cutting onions with a sharp knife.

g. I got when I was attacked by a fierce dog.

h. I got when I was playing with my cat.

i. I got when I went to take some honey from the beehive.



27. INJURIES. Choose the correct answer.


1. He got that ….. on his forehead when he ran into an open cupboard door in the dark a few days ago.

a) blister b) bruise c) scar d) sprain


2. Mary was ….. by a wasp while she was gathering some pears.

a) bitten b) eaten c) stung d) wounded

3. Be careful you don't ….. yourself when you are cutting those roses.

a) pick b) prick c) sting d) wound


4. I fell off my bicycle when I was five and I still have a ….. on my knee.

a) freckle b) scar c) hole d) scratch


5. He got a terrible …..on the head when he forgot to bend as he went through

the low doorway.

a) bump b) hunch c) ripple d) wrinkle


6. This ….. dates from my operation last year.

a) cut b) scar c) scratch d) sore


7. A sword will only draw blood if it actually ….. the skin.

a) pierces b) pricks c) plunges d) thrusts


8. I have a ….. on my leg where you hit me.

a) blister b) bruise c) hole d) wound


9. She cried so much that her face became ….. .

a) fat b) soft c) swollen d) torn


10. If you are so senseless as to go on long walks in tight-fitting shoes, you must expect to get ….. .

a) blisters b) bruises c) scars d) scratches


28. Give English equivalents for the following words:


Травма, вивих, крововилив, опік, перелом, рана, розтягнення, удар, укус, відмороження.


Here is a list of injuries. Look them up in your dictionary to check the meaning and the pronunciation, and fill in the chart. Use your imagination to think of a cause for the injuries.


Injury Cause Treatment
a broken arm   a fall during a football match Set the arm and put it in plaster.
a bruise    
a dislocated shoulder    
a sprained wrist    
a sting    
a swollen ankle    
a blister    
a black eye    
a burn    


30. INJURIES. Crossword puzzle.



1. from an old wound (4)

5. painful swelling on the hand or foot caused by exposure to cold (9)

6. small mark in the skin, possibly caused by an illness such as measles (4)

7. from dog's teeth (4)

8. on the knee (5)




1. often the result of a toothache or sprained ankle. (8)

2. hard skin, often on the foot (4)

3. from cat's claws (7)

4. from walking in too tight shoes (7)


31. INJURIES. Choose the correct answer.


1. Fortunately, nobody was ….. in the accident.

a) broken b) damaged c) injured d) wounded


2. He tripped in a pot-hole and ….. his ankle.

a) slid b) slipped c) sprained d) stressed


3. I have broken my new glasses and I can't find my old ….. .

a) couple b) double c) one d) pair


4. He had to go to hospital when he ….. .

a) broke up b) broke his muscle c) had a break d) pulled a muscle


5. As a result of his accident, Peter will have to have ….. leg.

a) an artificial b) a manufactured c) a substitute d) a secondary


6. For a long time after the accident, she suffered from constant ….. in her back.

a) ache b) hurt c) injury d) pain


7. The music at modern discos is so loud that it can cause ….. among teenagers.

a) blindness b) deafness c) dumbness d) unconsciousness


8. In spite of the number of cars involved in the accident, there was only one ….. a man with a broken hand.

a) case b) casualty c) injury d) patient


9. The electrician got a ….. from the faulty wiring.

a) blow b) jump c) shock d) start


10. Apparently about one person in five is left ….. .

a) handed b) hander c) handful d) handy


11. Two of the drivers in the car crash had multiple …..

a) accidents b) casualties c) damages d) injuries


12. I was doing some weeding in the garden when suddenly my back ….. .

a) collapsed b) failed c) sprained d) went


13. He got out of bed and took a few ….. but couldn't go any farther.

a) actions b) stages c) starts d) steps


14. The man was very ….. as he had injured his leg badly when he was a boy.

a) blind b) deaf c) lame d) limp



15. The man's face was ….. from his infected tooth.

a) bulging b) dilated c) expanded d) swollen


16. In the accident, several people were….. .

a) crushed b) damaged c) hurt d) wounded


17. He hurt his knee early in the game, and ….. off the field.

a) carried b) left c) limped d) trod


18. The ….. in his leg was so terrible he thought he would go mad.

a) bruise b) disease c) illness d) pain


19. The woman tripped over the uneven pavement and …..her elbow.

a) disabled b) dislocated c) dislodged d) distorted


20. Since his motor-accident, he has been ….. in one leg.

a) cracked b) crazy c) irregular d) lame


32. INJURIES. Choose the right answer.


1. I think I've got a …. of dust in my eye. Can you see it?

a) grain b) sliver c) speck d) splinter


2. She ….. and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

a) slipped b) sloped c) spilt d) split



3. While the children were playing on the beach, Peter ….. on a broken bottle and cut his foot rather badly.

a) came b) ran c) tripped d) trod


4. Mr Jackson is permanently ….. as the result of a car accident.

a) disabled b) inactive c) incapable d) powerless


5. He was hit by a bullet but luckily he was only ….. wounded.

a) barely b) little c) merely d) slightly


6. John slipped as he was walking beside the river, and fell into the water with a loud ….. .

a) bang b) crash c) splash d) trickle


7. The patient was found to be suffering from ….. injuries as a result of his fall.

a) multifarious b) multiple c) multipliable d) multiplied


8. I didn't notice the log on the ground and ….. over it.

a) crept b) crushed c) skipped d) stumbled


9. The sudden noise made me….. .

a) frighten b) jump c) shudder d) startle


10. John slipped on a piece of orange ….. and broke his leg.

a) crust b) coat c) peel d) shell


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