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Choose the right answer


1. The doctor told me he could ….. nothing wrong with my health.

a) bring b) find c) gain d) obtain


2. He applied for a week's ….. to look after the children while his wife was in hospital.

a) leave b) leisure c) rest d) vacation


3. There were thirty ….. waiting in the doctor's surgery.
a) clients b) customers c) patients d) visitors


4. The old nurse was able to ….. her master only by the mark on his arm.
a) notice b) realise c) recognise d) remark


5. Short sight can be ….. by the use of suitable glasses.
a) corrected b) fixed c) improved d) reduced


6. She prides herself ….. never having had a day off sick.
a) for b) in c) of d) on

7. The patient was fit enough to ….. and take some nourishment a few hours after the operation.

a) lie down b) lift up c) sit up d) stand up


8. You must ….. a rest after that long walk.
a) lay b) make c) sleep d) take


9. Whenever there's a flu ….. , doctors are kept very busy.
a) breakout b) outbreak c) outcome d) outlook


10. Can you please ….. an appointment for me to see Dr Wilson?
a) arrange b) do c) make d) take


11. A walk in the fresh air will ….. .

a) better you b) do you good c) heal you d) make you good


12 The new form of treatment will have to be ….. under laboratory conditions before it is applied generally.

a) controlled b) experimented c) proved d) tested


13. The ….. of his death were highly suspicious.

a) circumstances b) conditions c) events d) indications


14. If you'd like to take a seat in the waiting room till the doctor can see you, you'll find plenty of magazines to ….. .

a) browse through b) look over c) refer to d) stare at


15. It's a good idea to see your doctor regularly for ….. .

a) a control b) a check-up c) an investigation d) a revision


16. Mary had to be taken to hospital after her ….. .

a) accident b) dilemma c) happening d) occurence


17. The staff at the hospital were well ….. to deal with the epidemic.
a) capable b) equal c) equipped d) ready


18. It's ….. for you to have an immediate operation.

a) certain b) decided c) definite d) essential


19. An ambulance must have pnonty as it usually has to deal with some kind

of ….. .

a) crash b) crisis c) emergency d) urgency

8. Choose the correct answer.


1. The patient ….. to listen to his doctor's advice.

a) hindered b) lacked c) refused d) resigned


2. There is a ….. for blankets and medicines in the disaster area.

a) dearth b) lack c) need d) shortage


3. The doctor gave him a ….. examination.

a) conscientious b) methodical c) precise d) thorough


4. At midday the doctor went on his ….. , visiting sick patients.

a) circles b) rounds c) routes d) ways


5. When my brother was in hospital, he was ….. by a well-known surgeon.

a) carried on b) operated on c) passed on d) worked on


6. He was worried about his health, but his doctor put his mind at ….. .

a) comfort b) leisure c) rest d) sleep

7. At the casualty department my sister had her injury ….. .

a) cured b) healed c) operated d) treated


8. There was ….. in the doctor's tone, as he spoke of his patient's recovery.

a) afraid b) anxiety c) fear d) uncertainty


9. Everyone hoped that he would ….. after the operation.

a) get well b) pull on c) pull out d) pull over


10. Euthanasia, or …… killing, is a common subject for debate these days.

a) helpful b) kind c) mercy d) sympathetic


11. John, who lost a leg in a car accident, has now been fitted with ….. limb.

a) an artificial b) an attached c) an extra d) a substitute


12. The nurse told me that Sam's ….. immediately after his operation was safisfactory.

a) condition b) health c) situation d) state


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