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DISEASES. Choose the correct answer


1. She died after a long …..

a) disease b) failing c) illness d) sickness


2. The doctor had three ….. of nose-bleeding in the same day.

a) aspects b) cases c) examples d) illnesses


3. He still suffers from a rare tropical disease which he …..while in the Congo.

a) contracted b) gained c) infected d) received

4. My grandmother is very old and is not ….. very good health.

a) from b) in c) on d) with


5. The teachers at the school went …. with flu one after another.

a) down b) off c) out d) under


6. Malaria is …..by the female mosquito.

a) broadcast b) sent c) transmitted d) transported


7. Mary is in bed with a ….. attack of flu.

a) hard b) heavy c) large d) severe


8. My brother was ….. ill yesterday and is now in hospital.

a) broken b) caught c) fallen d) taken


9. The school is half empty as a serious epidemic of measles has broken…. .

a) down b) in c) out d) up

10. Several …… of malaria have been reported.

a) cases b) doses c) occurrences d) types


11. To our ….. , Mary's illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.

a) anxiety b) eyes c) judgement d) relief


12. He ….. a rare disease when he was working in the hospital.

a) caught b) infected c) suffered d) took


13. My headaches are usually brought ….. by worry.

a) in b) on c) up d) out


14. The doctor examined him carefully and ….. influenza.

a) concluded b) decided c) diagnosed d) realised


15. Some diseases ….. quickly from one person to another.

a) catch b) get about c) move d) spread

16. Tropical diseases are comparatively …… in Poland.

a) few b) rare c) scarce d) slight


17. It was a minor illness and he soon got ….. it.

a) around b) on with c) over d) up to


18. The ….. last thing I want now is to catch a cold.

a) extremely b) most c) utterly d) very


19. I can never touch lobster because I am ….. to shellfish.

a) allergic b) infected c) sensible d) sensitive


20. She couldn't go out because she had a ….. cold.

a) flowing b) leaking c) running d) streaming


21. The local medical officer reported a serious ….. of food-poisoning.

a) event b) incident c) outbreak d) state


22. The patient ….. his illness down to a virus infection.

a) laid b) placed c) put d) traced


23. You keep sneezing. You must have caught …..

a) a cold b) a cough c) a headache d) an illness


24. The children were suffering from the ….. of the hot weather.

a) consequences b) effects c) products d) results


25. He had a very bad cold and couldn't stop…..

a) sneezing b) snoring c) spitting d) yawning


23. DISEASES. Fill in the blanks.


1. He often _ _ _ _ _ r_from bronchitis.

2. That's right, darling, Mummy's got a fat tummy because

she's _ _ _ g_ _ _ _ .

3. She is colour-blind, which means that she can't _ _ _ _ _ n _ _ _ _ _ between colours.

4. I am allergic to this kind of pollen. I start _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ any time it gets into my nose.

5. She is not coming today. She has got a _ _ _ cold.

6. Please don't cough all over everyone! Your cold may

be _ _ _ _ _ t _ _ _ _ .

7. The epidemic seems to be dying out: only four _ _ _ e _ of cholera were reported last week.

8. The illness from which Alice is suffering has now been _ і_ _ _ _ _ _ _ as pneumonia.

9. I have a sore _ _ _ о _ _ ; perhaps I smoked too many cigarettes yesterday.

10. I had to stay in bed because I had _ _ _ g _ _ a cold.

11. It was just a _ _ l_ attack of bronchitis.

12. I am very _ _ _ і _ _ _about her health. She seems so weak and has a high temperature.


24. DISEASES. The following are terms referring to some types of diseases. Match the types with their definitions.


1. acute a. indicating hypersensitivity to particular foods, kinds

of pollen, insect stings, etc.

2. allergic b. caused by mental stress

3. chronic c. coming sharply to a crisis

4. congenital d. lasting for a long time

5. contagious e. due to disturbances in anabolic and catabolic


6. familial f. transmitted genetically from parent to child

7. infectious g. caused by improper diet

8. metabolic h. spread by bacteria or viruses

9. nutritional i. present from of before birth
10.psychosomatic j. spreading by physical contact


25. DISEASES. Choose the best answer.


1. Children with ….. diseases should not be allowed to go to school.

a) constant b) contact c) infectious d) influential


2. He has ….. bronchitis. He has suffered from it for many years.

a) chronic b) durable c) fatal d) mortal


3. I have been advised to take every ….. against catching flu again this winter.

a) precaution b) prediction c) premeditation d) prevention

4. After the outbreak of a mysterious illness, investigation revealed….. of the town's water supply.

a) contagion b) eruption c) infiltration d) pollution


5. Apart from the ….. cough and cold, I have been remarkably healthy all my life.

a) irregular b) odd c) opportune d) timely


6. Smallpox, once responsible for millions of deaths, has been virtually….. .

a) abolished b) eradicated c) erased d) exterminated


7. Unless we take immediate precautions, we shall not be able to …..the epidemic.

a) contain b) destroy c) hold d) staunch


8. Peter can't play with the children next door because he is still in ….. with measles.

a) confinement b) detention c) seclusion d) quarantine


9. The outbreak of whooping cough among children under 5 has now reached ….. pro­portions.

a) contagious b) endemic c) epidemic d) pathological


10. My little daughter is not allowed to play with her friends next door because one of them is suffering from a ….. disease.

a) contagious b) contiguous c) touching d) transmitting


11. An illness that is caused by the mind is known as ….. illness.

a) an acute b) a congenital c) a familial d) a psychosomatic


12. She suffers from a morbid fear of spiders, known to doctors as …… .

a) agoraphobia b) arachnophobia c) claustrophobia d) xenophobia


26. DISEASES. Fill the blanks with the words below. You may use each word only once.


bacteria body break dangerous delicate

disease eyes germs line liquids

membrane moisture mouth nose parts

prick skin sneeze stomach

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