Swollen to cough to vomit


1. I haven't taken her temperature yet but her face is flushed and she

seems .. .

2. It's hard to describe. I just feel generally . Can you prescribe a tonic?

3. When I stand up the room seems to be going round. I feel really .. .

4. I'm not in pain but the glands in my neck seem to be .. .

5. I've got a tickle in my throat. I can't stop .. .

6. I feel a bit queasy. I think I'm going to .. .

7. I've come out in a .. all over my chest and arms. I think I may be allergic to strawberries.

8. It's like being sea-sick. I feel .. whenever I move about.

9. My throat is awfully .. . I hope it's not another bout of tonsilitis.

10. I've got a ..nose. I suppose it's a cold coming on.



29. SYMPTOMS. Choose the correct answers.


1. You should put your hand in front of your mouth when you .. .

a) sniff b) snore c) swallow d) yawn


2. Six people were overcome by .. from a container in the laboratory.

a) fumes b) leaks c) odours d) outflows


3. She has been working so hard she feels quite .. .

a) careful b) dull c) exhausted d) wasted


4. The dog was in a terrible .. when we found it.

a) condition b) danger c) illness d) sickness


5. His illness made him .. of concentration.

a) incapable b) incompetent c) powerless d) unable


6. I felt a sharp .. when I put my hand in the boiling water.

a) ache b) harm c) pain d) suffer


7. If you have got measles, your body is covered in .. .

a) blots b) dots c) freckles d) spots


8. Every time she eats shellfish, she comes out in .. .

a) a blush b) a bruise c) an itch d) a rash


9. The baby is very fretful: he must be .. some teeth.

a) cutting b) grinding c) making d) producing


10. There is a small hard . on my wrist. I think I'd better see the doctor.

a) bruise b) lump c) rash d) swelling

11. I have a bad cold, and have lost all .. of smell.

a) degree b) scent c) sense d) skill


12. He ..from rheumatism.

a) hurts b) pains c) suffers d) troubles

13. Women seem able to .. pain better than men.

a) bear b) carry c) support d) wear



14. I couldn' go to the party because of a cold.

a) fast b) hurried c) sudden d) surprising

15. He fell heavily and was immediately conscious of pain in his right arm.

a) acute b) hard c) raw d) strong


16. Left on his back, an unconscious casualty may .. in his own vomit.

a) drown b) sink c) submerge d) suffocate


17. I have a .. headache.

a) burning b) raving c) spitting d) splitting


18. Her sister's .. kept me awake for half the night.

a) blowing b) coughing c) flowing d) swallowing


19. His stomach began to .. because of the bad food he had eaten.

a) ache b) be hurt c) harm d) pain


20. You can die from breathing the .. from a car engine for too long.

a) air b) fumes c) smoke d) steam


21. He says he has got .. in his stomach.

a) aches b) hurt c) pains d) suffering


22. I've got such a .. throat I'm sure I must be going to have a cold.

a) hurt b) irritable c) sensitive d) sore


23. I think you should see a doctor about that .. .

a) belch b) blister c) inflammation d) pimple


24. I'm not really ill, but I have a .. headache.

a) delicate b) pale c) slight d) weak


25. Colour-blind people often find it difficult to .. between blue and green.

a) compare b) contrast c) distinguish d) separate


30. SYMPTOMS. Choose the right answer.


1. When I tried to walk I had a sharp .. in my leg.

a) cut b) hurt c) pain d) wound


2. Whenever she catches a cold, she gets a .. all over her face.

a) blemish b) lump c) rash d) sore


3. She . of severe pains in her arms and legs.

a) complains b) grumbles c) remarks d) says


4. You're looking very pale do you .. sick?

a) become b) fall c) faint d) feel


5. My husband does not feel at all well. I think he must have eaten something that .. with him.

a) disagreed b) disturbed c) hurt d) poisoned


6. If you have a sore throat it is very difficult to .. .

a) bite b) chew c) digest d) swallow

7. If you didn't keep scratching that spot on your face, it would soon .. .

a) cure b) heal c) mend d) remedy


8. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above

a) normal b) ordinary c) regular d) usual


9. I was so tired I couldn't stop .. .

a) coughing b) crying c) laughing d) yawning


10. After the accident she suffered brain .. and couldn't speak.

a) damage b) decay c) destruction d) disease


11. The child who swallowed a peanut began to .. .

a) breathe b) choke c) cough d) yawn


12. May I please have a glass of water? I feel a little .. .

a) bad b) faint c) hungry d) ill



31. SYMPTOMS. Choose the correct form.


The clinical thermometer is used (for, to) measuring (body's, body) temperature. It (consists of, contains, includes) a tube made (from, of, with) glass, which (comprises, contains, consists of) a certain (amount, number) of mercury. When the mercury is (hot, heated), it (expands, extends, increases) and (raises, rises) up the tube, which is graduated in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade (according, depending) on the country of manufacture.

32. SYMPTOMS. Choose the correct form.


1. The dying man said nothing: he merely. .

a) mumbled b) sighed c) stammered d) whispered


2. There is something wrong with his vocal chords and, as a result, he has always been . .

a) deaf b) dumb c) silent d) speechless


3. He suffers from a speech .. and so he cannot pronounce the letter "r" correctly.

a) break b) defect c) error d) mistake


4. She had lost her voice and could only speak in a . .

a) breath b) rustle c) whisper d) whistle


5. After speaking for two hours, the lecturer found he could scarcely talk, as he had become .. .

a) dumb b) hoarse c) inarticulate d) speechless

6. When he spoke on the telephone, his voice was so .. that I could hardly hear him.

a) dim b) dull c) faint d) unnoticeable


7. You will find John rather difficult to understand at first, as he has a slight ..in his speech.

a) complication b) contraction c) difficulty d) impediment


8. You will have to .. , Aunt Betty is rather deaf.

a) call up b) ring up c) speak up d) stand up


9. After a fall from a horse, his speech became rather.. .

a) anxious b) confused c) confusing d) clear

10. I'm afraid I'm rather .. of hearing. Will you speak a little louder, please?

a) deaf b) hard c) quiet d) slow


11. His stomach felt very .. after that rough journey in a lorry.

a) disused b) undone c) used up d) upset


12. It was so cold my fingers were quite .. .

a) insensible b) numb c) paralysed d) senseless


13. Although the injured driver was almost unconscious, he was .. in pain.

a) moaning b) mumbling c) stammering d) whispering


14. He was so cold that his teeth were .. .

a) chattering b) perishing c) shivering d) shuddering


15. He .. over the body of a cat lying on the pavement.

a) crashed b) stumbled c) toppled d) tumbled


16. John broke his leg. That is why he still .. a little.

a) halts b) limps c) staggers d) trips


17. I was .. by the gas in the room and fell to the ground.

a) depressed b) overcome c) overturned d) submerged


18. Her right eye .. when she is anxious.

a) twiddles b) twirls c) twitches d) twists


19. I have got such a .. headache that I can't concentrate on the lecture.

a) beating b) drumming c) hammering d) throbbing


20. He had a terrible cold and found it difficult to breathe as his nose was .. .

a) closed up b) filled up c) shut up d) stuffed up


21. The fumes were so thick that he was .. for breath.

a) gasping b) inhaling c) suffocating d) wheezing


22. Go straight to the hospital and have your hand attended to it looks .. to me.

a) affected b) infected c) intoxicated d) polluted



34. PATIENTS. Choose the right answer.


1. After her illness, it took her a month to .. her normal strength.

a) receive b) refresh c) regain d) return


2. My brother received an ankle injury last week and will not be ..for tomorrow's match.

a) conditioned b) fit c) healthy d) suitable


3. Betty is almost well again now, but she still looks rather . .

a) faded b) light c) pale d) poor


4. Bitterly cold grey weather together with the after-effects of influenza made her feel very .. .

a) bored b) depressed c) disgusted d) worried


5. His long illness left him so .. that he had to spend four months regaining his strength before he could go back to work.

a) decreased b) invalid c) unhealthy d) weak


6. My grandma is not very well, in fact, we are rather .. about her.

a) anxious b) careful c) troublesome d) urgent


7. We realised that he was under great .. because of his wife's illness.

a) crisis b) excitement c) nervousness d) strain


8. The patient was .. to hear that he had not broken his leg.

a) reconciled b) refreshed c) relaxed d) relieved


9. My son is ill so I must go home and look .. him.

a) about b) after c) for d) towards


10. My grandfather's condition got .. worse during the cold weather.

a) evenly b) firmly c) steadily d) smoothly


11. Sarah looks .. of her former self since her long illness.

a) an illusion b) an image c) a shade d) a shadow


12. Children usually pick .. after an illness much more quickly than adults.

a) off b) on c) over d) up



13. The main purpose in keeping fit is to feel more pleasure in being .. .

a) alive b) conscious c) live d) lively

14. I heard she was ill, so I .. to see her.

a) came there b) came c) went out d) went round


15. She had a lot of .. before the operation.

a) ache b) hurt c) ill d) pain


16. The doctor advised me to take a(n) ... rest for a few weeks.

a) absolute b) complete c) full d) total


17. Has John got .. his illness yet?

a) at b) out of c) over d) up


18. Pensions are given to people who lose .. in industrial accidents.

a) arms b) heads c) limbs d) pieces


19. My sister is not very strong and is often ill. Her health is very .. .

a) delicate b) sick c) slim d) unwell


20. It was a long illness, with months of treatment, but .. he recovered.

a) after a time b) at a time c) in time d) on time


21. The man looked very pale as he had lost a lot of .. in the accident.

a) blood b) body c) bone d) skin


22. A week after the operation he was .. from hospital.

a) discharged b) freed c) liberated d) released


23. The doctor has told him that he must not go back to work so soon after such a long .. .

a) disease b) failing c) illness d) weakness


24. I don't like the look of her .. . She doesn't look right.

a) appearance b) attitude c) personality d) qualifications


25. As I felt so much better, my doctor .. me to take a holiday by the sea.

a) accepted b) advised c) considered d) suggested

35. PATIENTS. Choose the right answer.


1. She was .. that we could go and see her in hospital.

a) anxious b) concerned c) delighted d) mad


2. The woman was in a .. emotional state after hearing of her son's accident.

a) doubtfully b) greatly c) highly d) largely


3. She didn't seem to know what was happening at all, she looked completely .. .

a) bewildered b) doomed c) doubtful d) undecided


4. We're sorry you are ill and send you our best wishes for a speedy .. .

a) recovery b) relief c) repair d) survival

5. She will never be able to .. the winters in Poland because of her health.

a) repulse b) resist c) stand d) sustain


6. Sam is in hospital again. The poor chap seems accidents .. .

a) bound b) destined c) disposed d) prone


7. After her long illness she looked quite .. .

a) elevated b) emaciated c) emancipated d) emasculated


8. He's been very ill but we think he'll .. it.

a) come back b) get over c) pull through d) take off


36. PATIENTS. Choose the right answer.


1. Don't ask me anywhere. Since my operation I am not .. going out.

a) able to b) in for c) up to d) willing to


2. If you've got a bad cold, it's no wonder you're .. .

a) on form b) out of order c) out of sort d) under the weather


3. His doctor warned him to .. it easy for a few months and relax.

a) exist b) live c) pass d) take


4. You know that smoking always brings .. a fit of coughing.

a) in b) on c) out d) up


5. I think I need a holiday. I have been feeling rather .. lately.

a) below standard b) downcast c) off colour d) under strength


6. He took the pills and a week later he was as right as .. .

a) dawn b) rain c) sunshine d) water


7. Poor old man! He has one foot in the .. .

a) bath b) door c) grave d) shoe


8. Sue looks the picture of .. since she returned from her holiday.

a) health b) wealth c) well-being d) wholesomeness


9. After a month in the sunshine she was well on the .. to recovery.

a) avenue b) direction c) road d) route


10. The patient recovered from his operation .. .

a) by bits and pieces b) by degrees c) gradual d) in bits and pieces


11. A few months after her successful operation she felt on top of the .. .

a) earth b) land c) sky d) world


12. After your treatment, doc, I felt as .. as a fiddle.

a) fine b) fit c) straight d) well


37. SMOKING. Choose the right answer.


1. Smoking is a dirty .. .

a) custom b) fashion c) habit d) manner


2. You will die of lung cancer if you .. in smoking so many cigarettes.

a) assist b) consist c) insist d) persist


3. It is well-known that smoking can do you great .. .

a) damage b) danger c) harm d) trouble


4. His doctor advised him to .. himself to three cigarettes a day.

a) border b) cage c) keep d) limit


5. Heavy smokers are twenty-five times more likely to be ..by lung cancer than non-smokers.

a) attacked b) gripped c) stricken d) taken


6. I used to be quite a .. smoker, but I gave it up several years ago.

a) bad b) frequent c) heavy d) strong


7. Smoking is a very bad habit, which many people find difficult to .. .

a) beat b) break c) breathe d) cough

8. Can you .. me an effective way to stop smoking?

a) advise b) instruct c) show d) suggest


9. All cigarette packets carry .. about the effect of smoking on health.

a) an advice b) an alarm c) an alert d) a warning


10. It has been conclusively .. that smoking causes many diseases.

a) admitted b) approved c) declared d) established


11. Experts have found that breathing in tobacco smoke can be ..to non-smokers.

a) harmful b) spoiling c) unhealthy d) wholesome


12. He never stops smoking; one cigarette after another. I'm afraid he's become a ..smoker.

a) chain b) cord c) line d) rope


13. You have a very nasty cough. You must.. on cigarettes.

a) cut down b) give up c) reduce d) take down


14. I hope you don't .. to my smoking.

a) disapprove i) disagree c) object d) oppose


15. Many people have . smoking. Why don't you follow their example!

a) ended b) given up c) gone from d) left



an oculist a throat-specialist
a physician an orthopaedist
a surgeon a gynaecologist
a dentist/stomatologist a pathologist
a pediatrician a radiologist
a therapeutist a cardiologist
an obstetrician a dermatologist
a neurologist a geriatrician

39. SPECIALISTS. Where can you find these patients? Match the patients with the correct wards or departments.


1. Intensive Care Unit

2. Casualty and Emergency Department

3. Paediatric Ward

4. Maternity Unit

5. Orthopaedic Ward

6. Surgical Ward

7. Geriatric Ward

8. Ophthalmic Ward

9. Gynaecological Ward

a. Mary who has just had a baby

b. John who has broken his leg

c. My grandmother who is suffering from pneumonia complications

d. Peter who will have his appendix removed

e. Betty's mother who is suffering from women's disease

f. My mother who will be operated on for an eye cataract

g. Samuel who is unconscious

h. Paul who has just been in a car crash

i. Your son who has measles

40. SPECIALISTS. Give the name of the people defined below.


1. a family doctor g _ _ _ _ _ _ p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ er

2. someone who looks after sick people in hospital _ _ _ s _

3. sick person who has to stay in hospital _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. sick person who has to visit hospital regularly for

treatment o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. someone who operates on sick people _ _ _ _ _ o _

6. person badly injured in an accident, fire, war _ a _ _ _ _ _ _

7. person who helps at the birth of a baby m _ _ _ _ _ _

8. person who specializes in one area of medicine _ p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



41. SPECIALISTS. Some of these words look so much alike that we often confuse them. See if you can get them straight. Here are some specialists with brief descriptions of their specialties. Check the one correct title that fits the description in each case.

1. He treats children's diseases.

a. He is an orthopaedist.

b. He is a pediatrician.

c. He is a pathologist.

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