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Annie is interviewing an iridologist called Paola. Listen to their conversation and complete the notes


Paola has been an iridologist (1)…………...

She used to be a (2)…….. , but gave up for two main reasons:

she noticed people (3)………. by the medicine they are prescribed and can become (4)……………….. .



Blue eyes: (5)…………………and rheumatism.

Brown eyes: circulation and (6) ………………….

Hazel eyes and green eyes are both (7)…….…………... colours.

People with green eyes often have problems with their (8)…………………

Paola can see Annie has a problem with her (9)………………..

Annie hurt it while she was (10)…………………. .


Sport and Games

— 1. Speaking

Think of ten sports where you have to compete against an opponent, and ten sporting activities which you can do as an individual.

Competitive Individual
squash yoga
wrestling aerobics
netball skateboarding


Compare your ideas with the class.

X 2. Listen to radio commentaries of six different sports.
Can you identify each one? What were the clues that helped you?

Which sports do you like to take part in? Which sports do you like to watch?
What do you do to keep fit?




The age of sport



A. What sports are these people renowned for?
Why, do you think?

· Australians

· African-Americans

· Kenyans

· Brazilians

· Chinese

· Russians

· Ukrainians



B. Who is the most highly-paid sportsperson in your country?
In the world?

Is he/she in ... ?

· motor-racing

· golf

· boxing

· football

· athletics

· baseball



C. What are the biggest sporting events in your country?
In the world?



Look at the paragraph headings in the article and make some notes on what the text might be about. Compare your ideas with the class before reading the article.


5. What do you think?

· Do you agree that our culture is obsessed by sport?

· Which sporting events are taking place now? Do you think
there is too much sport in the world? Too much sport on

· “As individuals become rich, sport becomes impoverished.”
Can you think of any examples that support this opinion?

· Who are the sports icons of the moment? Why are they

· Who do you think is more interested in sport, men or
women? Why?


& 6. Read the article and answer the questions:

1. What is the correlation between sport and strawberries?

2. The first paragraph describes various aspects of the current 'Age of Sport'. What, by implication, were these aspects like before this era?

3. 'Sport knew its place.'What does this mean? Why doesn't it know its place any more?

4. How has TV changed sport? Has this change been beneficial or not?

5. Why is the London Marathon mentioned?

6. In what ways are most sports stars like everyone else?

7. What is the correlation between modern sports stars and ancient gladiators?

8. What can sport offer that a rock concert can't?

9. What is special about the Olympics and the World Cup?
10. Why is the besotted fan in a minority?


Sport used to be like fresh fruit and vegetables. Football had its season, then it ended, and you had to wait a while to get some more. Tennis was an explosion of Wimbledon at the end of June, Flushing Meadow in September and the Australian Open in January, and that was that. Now, just as you can get fresh strawberries all year round, there are major championships for every sport taking place somewhere in the world all of the time.

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