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Choose the right answer. 1. This year our team are the


1. This year our team are the….. favourites to win the cup.

a) firm b) full c) grand d) hard


2. The team's coach insisted on a programme of …..training before the big


a) harsh b) rigorous c) severe d) searching


3. The team has practised hard so that it could ….. the trophy.

a) regain b) replace c) restore d) return


4. The team's recent wins have….. them for the semi-finals.

a) fitted b) matched c) promoted d) qualified


5. John is always….. about how well he plays football.

a) boasting b) flaunting c) parading d) puffing


6. His poor standard of play fully justifies his….. from the team for the next


a) ban b) exception c) exclusion d) rejection


7. The footballer was….. the field for kicking the referee.

a) brought off b) put off c) sent off d) taken off


8. The footballer scored four….. , so his team won the match.

a) aims b) games c) goals d) scores


9. The fan shouted at the ….. of his voice.

a) head b) height c) limit d) top


10. The….. at the football match became violent when their team lost.

a) customers b) groups c) observers d) spectators


11. Our village team were hopelessly ….. by the professional visitors.

a) outclassed b) outgrown c) outnumbered d) outraced


12. He was nervous at the beginning of the game but later he came into

his ….. .

a) best b) nature c) own d) style



13. The….. said it was a foul and gave us a free kick.

a) controller b) director c) referee d) umpire


14. In his first game for our team he ….. a goal after two minutes.

a) earned b) gained c) scored d) won


15. Manchester United are playing ….. Birmingham this Sunday.

a) against b) facing c) opposite d) with


16. Even though the match wasn't very exciting, the ….. managed to make

it sound interesting.

a) announcer b) commentator c) narrator d) presenter


17. The football match resulted in a….. .

a) draw b) equaliser c) loss d) zero


18. The football team won partly because they had been trained by such a

good….. .

a) coach b) director c) instructor d) teacher


19. After their long period of training, the footballers were in good ….. .

a) cut b) figure c) shape d) style


20. The referee the goal because of a previous infringement.

a) annulled b) demolished c) disallowed d) disqualified


21. Having lost the match, the team travelled home in spirits.

a) cold b) dark c) empty d) low


22. As they watched the match, the crowd ….. in unison.

a) bellowed b) chanted c) crowed d) intoned


23. We still don't know who is going to win, because at half-time the score is

one….. .

a) all b) each c) equal d) together


24. I advise you not to ….. the referee's decision.

a) condemn b) condone c) conduct d) contest


25. As the minutes ticked by and we held on to our narrow lead our hopes of

vic­tory….. steadily.

a) arose b) aroused c) raised d) rose

Complete these expressions using the things on the right.


1. a boxing 2. a golf 3. a football 4. a race 5. a running 6. a skating 7. a squash 8. a swimming 9. a tennis 10. a billiard a) course b) court c) pitch d) pool e) ring f) rink g) table h) track

Fill in the table matching the sports with the right kinds

Of engagements.





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