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ALL of the following are causes of hypocalcaemia, EXCEPT)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ALL of the following are cause of pruritus, EXCEPT;


A. Scabies ,

B. Pheochromocytoma **************

C. Uremia

D. Obstructive jaundice

E. Pregnancy


ALL of the following are causes of tremor, EXCEPT


A. Parkinsonism

B. Familial

C. Hypoglycemia

D. Anxiety

E. Hyperparathyroidism ****************


25.Candidiasis may complicate ALL of the following, EXCEPT:


A. Diabetes mellitus

B. Hodgkin's disease

C. Antibiotic therapy


E. Thyrotoxycosis ************



26.Causes of small pupils include ALL of the following, EXCEPT:


A. 3rd cranial nerve palsy ****************

B. Horner's syndrome

C. Pontine hemorrhage

D. Tabes dorsalis

E. Organophosphorus poisoning


27.ALL of the following may produce. secondary polycythemia, EXCEPT:

A. Cushing,s syndrome

B. Primary hepatoma

C. Heavy smoking

D. Gastric carcinoma *************

E. High altitudes

28.ALL of the following are complications of blood transfusion, EXCEPT:


A. Hypercalcemia ***********

B. Hemolytic reactions

C. Anaphylactic reactions

D. Hepatitis C

E. HIV infection


29.ALL of the following can cause arthritis, EXCEPT!


A. Staphylococcus

B. Hepatitis A ************

C. Tuberculosis

D. Gonococcal infection

E. Lyme disease


30.Hemolysis may occur in ALL of the following, EXCEPT:


A. Hereditary spherocytosis

B. Aplastic anemia ***********

C. Thalassemia

D. Sickle cell anemia

E. Glucose-6-phosphate deficiency


31.Diarrhea may occur with ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Crohn's disease

B. Diabetes mellitus

C. Sarcoidosis ************

D. Thyrotoxicosis

E. Lincomycin intake


32.ALL of the following are hypoglycemic agents, EXCEPT:

A. Glibenclamide

B. Chlorpropamide

C. Gliclazide

D. Chlorpromazine ***********

E. Glipezide

33.Signs of mitral stenosis include ALL of the following. EXCEPT:

A. Loud first heart sound

B. Wide pulse pressure *********

C. Opening snap

D. Pre-systolic murmur

E. Rumbling mid-diastolic murmur


34. ALL of the following are causes of aplastic anemia, EXCEPT:

A. Fanconi's anemia

B. Benzene

C. Insecticides

D. Viral hepatitis

E. Meningitis*************


35.Which of the following is the commonest cause of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding, EXCEPT:

A. Acute gastric ulcer

B. Gastric carcinoma

C. Varices (esophageal)

D. Duodenal ulcer****************

E. Mallory-Weiss syndrome

36.In diabetic ketoacidosis ALL of the following are TRUE, EXCEPT:

A. May be precipitated by infection

B. May occur in type 11 diabetes (insulin independent)

C. Dehydration may be very severe

D. Total body potassium is high ************

E. Bicarbonate may be needed


ALL of the following are causes of hypocalcaemia, EXCEPT)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

A. Primary hyperparathyroidism

B. Sarcoidosis

C. Cancer of lungs

D. Renal failure**************

E. Multiple myeloma


38.ALL of the following are causes of leg ulceration, EXCEPT:

A. Venous insufficiency

B. Arterial insufficiency

C. Sickle cell disease

D. Erythema nodosum **********

E. Post-cellulitis

39.ALL of the following about systemic lupus erythematosus are CORRECT, EXCEPT:

A. Is usually present in middle-aged men **********

B. Butterfly rash can occur

C. Raynaud's phenomenon is present

D. Pancytoptenia ususally occur

E. Arthritis is common clinical feature

40.Rigors are feature of ALL of the following, EXCEPI";

A. Ascending cholangitis

B. Falciparum malaria

C. Brucellosis

D. Typhoid fever

E. Rubella************

41.All of the following about multiple myeloma are correct, EXCEPT:

A. It is a disease of elderly

B. Backache is a common symptom

C. Renal failure can occur

D. The ESR is usually slightly elevated ***************

E. Bence-Jones protein is present in urine


42.ALL of the following are contraindications of exercis, electrocardiography, EXCEPT:

A. Recent myocardial infarction

B. Unstable angina

C. Diagnosis of chest pain *****************

D. Uncompensated heart failure

E. Malignant hypertension


43. ALL of the following are indications for lumbar puncture, EXCEPT:

A. Diagnosis of meningitis

B. Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

C. Suspicion of a mass lesion in the brain ***********

D. Benign intracranial hypertension

E. Intrathecal injection of drugs

44. Patients with hepatitis A are most infectious:

A. During the rise of bilirubin

B. During the rise of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) serum level

C. Two weeks after jaundice subsides

D. When both bilirubin and AST are elevated

E. Before the appearance of jaundice *********


45. ALL of the following are the causes of hypokalemia, EXCEPT:

A. Vomiting and diarrhea

B. Captopril intake **********

C. Cushing's syndrome

D. Primary hyperaldosteronism

E. High dose insulin


46.ALL of the following are features of infective endocarditis, EXCEPT:

A. Clubbing

B. Hepatomegaly ************

C. Anemia

D. Osler's nodes

E. Splinter hemorrhages


47.ALL of the following are causes of endocrine hypertension, EXCEPT:

A. Cohn's syndrome

B. Pheochromocytoma

C. Hypoparathyroidism ***********

D. Acromegaly

E. Cushing's syndrome

48.The commonest symptom of bronchial carcinoma is:

A. Cough *********

B. Chest pain

C. Cough and pain

D. Coughing blood

E. Weight loss

49.ALL of the following are features of sarcoidosis, EXCEPT:

A. Hypocalcemia ************

B. Lupus pernio

C. Erythema nodosum

D. Anterior uveitis

E. Hepatosplenomegaly.

50.ALL of the following are clinical features of Parkinson's disease, EXCEPT:

A. Pill-rolling tremor

B. Lead-pipe rigidity

C. Aphasia ***********8

D. Bradykinesia

E. Shuffling gait


51.All of the following are causes of neutrophil leucocytosis, EXCEPT:

A. Bacterial infection

B. Myocardial infarction

C. Viral infection *************

D. Leukemia

E. Leukemoid reaction

52. ALL of the following can cause pancytopenia, EXCEPT:

A. Aplastic anemia

B. Megaloblastic anemia

C. Iron deficiency anemia ***********

D. Hypersplenism

E. Systemic lupus erythematosus

53. ALL of the following are antiviral drugs, EXCEPT :

A. Acyclovir

B. Vidarabine

C. Amphotericin-B **************

D. Gancyclovir

E. Interferon


54.ALL of the following about brucellosis are CORRECT, EXCEPT:

A. Brucella is a Gram-negative coccobacillus

B. The incubation period varies from 1 to 3 weeks

C. The onset of acute brucellosis is insidious

D. Vaccine is available for use in humans **********

E. Tetracycline combined with streptomycin usually effective

55. ALL of the following are TRUE about myocardial infarction, EXCEPT:

A. May present with pulmonary edema

B. Streptokinase is used in management

C. Morphine is helpful

D. Captopril is contraindicated **********

E. Arrhythmias are the commonest cause of death in the first hour

56.ALL of the following are the causes of clubbing of fingers, EXCEPT:

A. Subacute bacterial endocarditis

B. Pulmonary abscess

C. Emphysema ************

D. Hepatic cirrhosis

E. Ulcerative colitis


57.ALL of the following are TRUE about Grave's thyroctoxicosis, EXCEPT:

A. Cause lid leg

B. TSH is high ***********

C. Pretibial myxedema is a feature

D. Causes exophtalmus

E. Myopathy may occur

58.Neuropathic (Charcot) joints may be seen in ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Diabetes mellitus

B. Syringomyelia

C. Leprosy

D. Tabes dorsalis

E. Huntington chorea ************

59.Collapsing pulse is found in ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Aortic regurgitation

B. Patent ductus arteriosus

C. Mitral stenosis **********

D. Pregnancy

E. Anemia


60.ALL of the following are causes of sinus tachycardia, EXCEPT:

A. Fever

B. Hypothyroidism *********

C. Pregnancy

D. Anemia

E. Cardiac failure

61.The definitive diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is best made by:

A. Arterial blood gas analysis

B. Chest X-ray


D. Lung scan

E. Pulmonary arteriography ********


62.ALL of the following are complications of diabetes inellitus, EXCEPT:

A. Macroglossia ***********

B. Background retinopathy

C. Cataracts

D. Mononeuritis multiplex

E. Impotence

63.ALL of the following about typhoid fever are TRUE, EXCEPT:

A. IS caused by salmonella typhi

B. Leucopenia is present

C. Blood culture is positive during the first week

D. Chloramphenicol is the drug of choice

E. Severe diarrhea is a prominent symptom **************


64.Causes of malabsorption include ALL of the folloWing, EXCEPT:

A. Gluten enteropathy

B. Systemic sclerosis

C. Crohn's disease

D. Lymphoma

E. Cholecyctitis ***********

65. ALL of the following may cause very high ESR, EXCEPT:

A. Active rheumatoid arthritis

B. Giant cell arteritis

C. Sickle cell anemia ***********

D. Carcinomatosis

E. Multiple myeloma

66.ALL of the following are major criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever, EXCEPT:

A. Arthritis

B. Prolongation of PR interval on ECG ****************

C. Chorea

D. Erythema marginatum

E. Subcutaneous nodules


67.Signs of lower motor neurone lesion include ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Hyporeflexia

B. Atonia

C. Fasciculation

D. Clonus *********

E. Atrophy

68.ALL of the following drugs are hypertensive crises, EXCEPT:

A. Nitroprusside

B. Hydralazine

C. Nifedipine

D. Salbutamol ***********

E. Diazoxide

69.Compliance of the lung is increased in which of the following:

A. Diffuse pulmonary fibrosis

B. Pleural thickening

C. Healed tuberculosis with scarring

D. Emphysema

E. Hyaline membrane disease ************


70.In adult cerebral embolism is commonly caused by:

A. Heart disease ****************

B. Air embolism

C. Neoplastic thrombi

D. Fat emboli secondary to fracture

E. Septic pulmonary disease


71.In hepatitis A infection ALL of the following are TRUE, EXCEPT:

A. Transmitted by oro-fecal route

B. Cause marked elevation on the liver enzymes

C. Chronic active hepatitis is a recognized complication *************

D. Recoveri is usual

E. Infectivity is high before the appearance of jaundice


72.ALL of th e following are TRUE about Behchet's disease, EXCEPT:

A. Cause uroogenital ulceration

B. Spares the, CNS *************

C. Arthritis is a feature

D. Colchicin is used in the management

E. Superior vena cava obstruction may occur

73.Causes of pruritus include ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Scabies

B. Diabetes mellitus

C. Acromegaly ************

D. Chronic renal failure

E. Obstructive jaundice


74. ALL of the following complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, EXCEPT:

A. Cor pulnionale

B. Polycyternia

C. Respiratory failure

D. Left ventricle failure

E. Bronchogenic carcinoma **************


75. ALL of the following joints may be involved in rheumatoid arthritis, EXCEPT:

A. Proximal interphalangeal joints

B. .Knee joints

C. Distal interphalangeal joints****************

D. Wrist joints

E. Ankle joints

76.ALL of the following are signs of severe asthma, EXCEPT:

A. C02 retention

B. Silent chest

C. Respiratory alkalosis ***********

D. Pulsus paradoxux

E. Pulse rate more than 120/min

77.The presence of hemolysis is indicated by ALL of t1le following clinical manifestations, EXCEPT:

A. Present or reduced serum haptoglobin

B. Increased number of reticulocytes

C. Elevated serum lactate dehydrogenase

D. Microcytic red blood cell indices **********

E. Shortened red blood cell survival

78.Side effects of phenytoin (Epanution) include ALL of'the following, EXCEPT:

A. Hypertrophy of the gun

B. Anemia

C. Ataxia

D. Pseudolymphoma

E. Benign intracranial hypertension***************

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