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ALL of the following may cause splenomegaly (down to

Umbilicus), EXCEPT:

A. Chronic ganulocytic leukemia

B. Myelofibrosis

C. Kala azar

D. Typhoid fever *************

E. Chronic malaria

85.About post streptococcal glomerulonephritis in chil1ren ALL are TRUE, EXCEPT:

A. Follows upper respiratory tract infections

B. Follows streptococcal skin infections

C. Most patients go into chronic phase**********

D. Causes low C3

E. Causes red blood cell casts in urine


86.Contacts with a patient having TB who recently changed from negative to positive for PPD test should receive:


A. I.N.H.*************

B. Rifampicine

C. I.N.H. + Rifampicine

D. Streptomycin

E. I.N.H. + Rifampicin + Ethambutol


87.The commonest cause of urinary tract infection is:


A. Proteus species

B. Escherichia coli **************

C. Klebsiella

D. Pseudomonas

E. Citrobacter cpecies


88.The management of hyperkalemia includes ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. IV calcium gluconate,,

B. IV glucose and insulin

C. IV ammonium chloride ***********

D. IV furosemide

E. IV sodium bicarbonate


89.In aortic stenosis ALL of the following are TRUE, EXCEPT:

A. Causes fainting attacks

B. Angina is a common symptom

C. The second heart sound is quite

D. There is often previous history of syphilis *********

E. Sudden death may occur


90.Regarding nephrotic syndrome in children is CORRECT:


A. Lupoid (mono mal changes) type is the commonest

B. Most patients recover completely

C. Kidney biopsy is always indicated.

D. Hypercalcemia is common

E. Most of them end in end stage renal failur ***********

91.The following can precipitate hepatic encephalopatiiy in a patient with liver cirrhosis, EXCEPT:


A. Infection

B. High carbohydrate diet **********

C. Gastrointestinal bleeding

D. Hypokalemia

E. Sedation


92.During the first week of typhoid fever ALL of the following may be found, EXCEPT:


A. Headache

B. Constipation

C. A palpable spleen ****************

D. Sore throat

E. Positive blood culture


93.ALL of the following are side effects of steroids, EXCEPT:


A. Cataract

B. Retardation of growth in children

C. Increased incidence of vascular thrombosis

D. Hyperglycemia*****************

E. Osteoporosis


94.ALL of the following are TRUE about iron deficiency anemia, EXCEPT:


A. Is the commonest type of anemia in Jordan

B. May occur during pregnancy

C. Stomatitis may occur

D. The treatment of choice is intravenous iron ************

E. Causes microcytosis with hypochromia


95.The following are TRUE about meningococcal meningitis, EXCEPT:


A. Causes petechial skin rash

B. CSF is normal ***************

C. Penicillin is the drug of choice

D. Vaccination is helpful

E. Rifampicin is the drug of choice for the close contacts

96.ALL of the following diseases are transmitted sexually, EXCEPT:


A. Cytomegalovirus

B. Hepatitis B

C. Herpes simplex

D. Scabies

E. Granuloma anulare ************


97.The following are TRUE about pericardial effusion, EXCEPT:

A. Pericardial friction rub may be present

B. Causes pulsus paradoxus

C. May occur in uremic patients

D. Causes wide pulse pressure ***************

E. Jugular venous pressure is raised


98.The following physical signs can be found on examination of
the hands of a patient with infective endocarditis, EXCEPT:


A. Erythema marginatum ***********

B. Osler's nodules

C. Splinter hemorrhages

D. Clubbing of the fingers

E. Janeway lesion


99.ALL of the following are causes of cervical lympta node enlargement, EXCEPT:


A. Infectious mononucleosis

B. Toxoplasmosis

C. Cytomegalovirus infection ************

D. Tuberculosis

E. Rheumatic fever


100.Causes of mononeuritis multiplex include ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Sarcoidosis

B. Diabetes mellitus

C. Plyarteriitis nodosa

D. Rheumatoid arthritis

E. Vitamin B deficiency *****************


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