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Troop (n, adj, v), troops, troopship

a)___ is aship used for transporting large number of soldiers for

military purposes, sometimes it is called carrier.

b) Traditionally, United Nations have been deployed only in a

peace-keeping role.

c)___ the colour is a ceremony when a military flag is carried in


d) Thousands of visitors into this museum every year.

Blockage (n), blockade (v)

a) The economic of the country caused a great rise of smuggling.

b) In the 1810s, hundreds of suffragettes traffic to turn public

attention to their problems.

Capture, captor, captivity

a) A person who another person or animal and is refusing to

release them is called .

b) When the town was recaptured, we found soldiers who had been for several years.

c) All the hostages were released from .

Abdicate, abdication

a)Kind Edward VIII in 1936, so that he could marry Mrs Simpson, a divorced woman.

b)This__ caused a constitutional crisis in the country.

5) seize, seizure, seize on/upon

a)The rebels the soldiers and held them as hostages.

b)The story by the press, which printed it under huge headlines.

c) His_ of power was widely criticised.

Emancipation, emancipate, emancipated

a)Political_ of Ireland gave her additional rights.

b)We live in more times.

c) In the 1920s, political rights of women .

Protection, protectionism, protector, protectorate

a)__ is a country, which is generally controlled and defended by a

more powerful country.

b)__ is the actions of government to help its country's trade or

industry by taxing goods bought from other countries.

c) Bloody Mary gave her to Catholics and considered herself

__ of the Catholic Church.

Task 6.Match descriptions of monarchs to their names.


  The House of Hanover
1. George I   a) represented British success and morals of the period
2. George II   b) came from Germany to take the English Crown
3. George III   c) was the first Hanoverian to take part in British political life. His interference led to the War of Independence in North America
4. George IV   d) didn't take part in home affairs letting the Cabinet Government system shape
5. William IV   e) was extravagant, selfish and unfit to reign
6. Victoria   f) the Reform Bill was provided at the beginning of his reign

Task 7.State the chronology of events. These events represent the same trends in history. Number the events in each group in time order 1—3.

1.__ Severe economic and political crisis led to a movement of


2.__ The Reform Bill saved the country from revolution.

3.__ Riots showed a need for Parliamentary reform.

1.__ The Grand National Consolidated Trades Union was formed.

2.__ The first workers' unions appeared.

3. The National Chartist Association was formed.


1.__ The second British Empire expanded all over the world.

2.__ The first colonies were established.

3.__ Britain became the world industrial monopoly.

1.__ The Government became independent from the monarch.

2.__ The Cabinet Government system was established.

3.__ The Bill of Rights established the basic principles of the English


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