Choose the best option and mark A, B, C or D as in the example 0

Placement 02B Elementary to Pre-Intermediate

0A horse has got __________ legs.

Afor Bfore Cfort Dfour

1If the weather is good, Ill __________ the children to the park.

Atook Btaken Ctake Dhave taken


2__________ any students from Hungary in my class.

AIt isnt BThere isnt CIt hasnt DThere arent


3In the future, everyone __________ a computer in their car.

Ais having Bhas Chaving Dwill have


4__________ from Italy?

ADoes you come BAm you come CDo you come DAre you come


5Helena __________ to Paris last year.

Awent Bhas gone Cgoes Ddid go


6This is the __________ film Ive ever seen.

Aworse Bmost bad Cbad Dworst


7The hotel __________ by a large fire.

Ais destroyed Bdestroy Cwas destroyed Ddestroys

8Dad cant come to the phone because he __________ the dinner.

Awill cook Bis cooking Ccooks Dcooked


9Terry drives too fast, __________ he?

Aisnt Bdoesnt Cwont Ddont


10__________ happened to your car? Its scratched!

AWhich BWho CWhat DWhy


11We __________ tennis at five oclock every Thursday.

Aplaying Bare playing Cplay Dplays


12Last year I __________ to Costa Rica.

Ago Bam going Chave gone Dwent

13Where __________ Paul work now?

Ado Bis Cdoes Dhave


14Cats __________ eating fish.

Alike Bare liking Clikes Dis liking


15Did you see Susan yesterday? No, I __________.

Ahavent Bhadnt Cdont Ddidnt


16Theres a cinema in the town centre, __________ there?

Aisnt Bhasnt Cwasnt Ddoesnt


17Look! The cat __________ on your bed.

Asleeps Bis sleeping Csleep Dsleeping


18Its Sunday so I __________ get up early.

Ahavent to Bdidnt have to Chadnt to Ddont have to


19Does Marcus earn __________ money?

Amany Blots Cthe Da lot of


20Have you ever __________ to Bangkok?

Ago Bbeen Cwent Dgone


21I havent seen John __________ 2001.

Afor Bsince Cuntil Dbefore


22I think your letter is __________ on my desk.

Aanywhere Beverywhere Cnowhere Dsomewhere


23I tried __________ the trainers but they didnt fit me.

Aon Bin Cinto Dfor


24Its late. Lets go __________ home.

Aalong Bthrough Cback Ddown


25Everyone __________ to learn a musical instrument.

Ashould Bcan Cmust Dought

26Where can I get __________ information about the sports centre?

Aany Ban Ca Dsome


27When __________ the party?

Ahave you left Bdo you left Cdid you left Ddid you leave


28The dog is hungry. She __________ something to eat.

Amust Bhas to Ccan Dneeds


29Is that __________ car over there?

Athey Btheir Cthem Dthere


30Paulo is Brazilian, __________?

Ais he Bisnt he Cdoes he Ddoesnt he


31If you __________ ice, it melts.

Awill heat Bheated Cheats Dheat


32He needs __________ new printer. He should buy one soon.

Asome Bthe Ca Dan


33I __________ in ghosts.

Aam not believe Bdont believing Carent believe Ddont believe


34Only __________ students in my class wear glasses.

Aa little Ba lot Ca few Dany


35The train has probably left __________.

Ayet Balready Cstill Djust


36There is __________ at home. Ive been ringing all day.

Ano one Beveryone Csomeone Danyone


37I thought the book was very __________.

Aexcitement Bexciting Cexcited Dexcite


38Dolphins are more intelligent __________ chimpanzees.

Aas Bfrom Cthan Dto


39The dentist told me __________ my teeth after every meal.

Ato clean Bclean Ccleaning Dcleaned

40Mercedes __________ a new car. Its called the Smart car.

Ahad built Bhave built Cbuild Dbuilding


41When __________ finish?

Adid you Byou Chave you Dare you


42Usually Sue cycles to college but today she __________.

Awalking Bwalks Cis walking Dwalk


43The sign says no parking. You __________ park here.

Amust Bmustnt Cdont need to Dshould


44Write soon and give me all your __________.

Ainformation Bstories Cnews Dfacts


45What are you doing __________ Sunday afternoon?

Ain Bat Cto Don


46Could you pass me my diary? Its __________ the desk.

Aat Bon Cfrom Dto


47Everybody says that Rio de Janeiro is very __________.

Abeauty Bbeautifully Cbeautiful Dmore beautiful


48Excuse __________, can I order a cheeseburger, please?

Ayou BI Cit Dme


49__________ these shoes in size 37, please?

AAre you got BHave you got CDo you got DYou got


50My friend is coming to stay with me __________ two months in the summer.

Asince Buntil Cfor Dduring


51Ouch! I __________ my finger!

Am just cutting Bhad just cut Cll just cut Dve just cut


52Whats __________?

Ayour hotel name Byour hotels name Cname your hotel Dthe name of your hotel


53The manager will see you __________ Tuesday morning.

Ain Bon Cat Dduring

54Next year, I __________ seventeen.

All be Bm being Cbe Dcan be

55Nicky __________ a film when the fire started.

Awas watching Bis watching Cwatches Dwill watch


56Have you ever seen an eclipse? No, I __________.

Adidnt Bdont Chadnt Dhavent


57Nathan is very selfish. He never thinks about __________ people.

Aevery Bany Cother Dsome


58The Mona Lisa __________ by Leonardo da Vinci.

Apaint Bpainted Cis painted Dwas painted


59Im sorry. Peter isnt here. He __________ out.

Agoes Bhas gone Cwill go Dis going


60__________ help you to carry your suitcase?

AShall he BShall they CShall I DShall you


61What __________ to do?

Aare you want Bis you want Cdo you want Ddoes you want

62Are these __________ books?

Ayours Byou Cyourself Dyour


63__________ talking, please!

AStopping BStop CTo stop DStopped


64What is the __________ mammal in the world?

Abig Bbigger Cbiggest Dmost big


65Can you see __________ people over there? Theyre dancing.

Athem Bthese Cthose Dthat


66I __________ your jacket is in the sitting room.

Athink Bthought Cam thinking Dwill think


67__________ a lot of people on this train.

AThere is BIt is CThere are DThey are

68My brother can cook very __________, cant he?

Abest Bwell Cgood Dbetter


69Do you __________ clean your bedroom at home?

Ahave to Bought to Cmust Dneed


70Is this the boy __________ bike you found?

Awho Bwhose Cthat Dwhich


71__________ a lot of rain in Colombia.

AIts BThere are CIs DThere is


72Diana hasnt got __________ money.

Aany Bsome Cno Dmany


73I need __________ milk for my coffee.

Asome Bany Ca any Dan


74Look! The cat is in the tree. We should __________ it.

Ahelp Bhelping Cto help Dwill help


75Who __________ your car?

Astole Bto steal Cstolen Dsteals


76If you __________ me with my homework, Ill buy you a burger.

Ahelped Bwill help Chelp Dhelping


77Alan __________ his dog for three walks a day.

Ais taking Btakes Ctake Dtaking


78Soon cars __________ use petrol. Theyll all be electric.

Adont Bhavent Carent Dwont


79Simon looked at me and __________.

Alaugh Blaughs Claughed Dto laugh


80Hes the best football player in the team. __________ is as good as him.

ANo one BNothing CAnyone DEveryone


[Total 80 marks]


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