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Chapter 11 Fight to the Finish


The wind was very strong now. People in the city went quickly into shops or back to their houses. The sky was dark, and it started to rain.

Hercules could hear the noise of the sea. He saw it move up across the beach, on to the grass, and over to the road.

'The city's in danger!' thought Hercules.

He walked on, and saw three of Titus's men — they had Cire. 'Help!' she cried. She tried to get away from them but they were too strong.

'Hercules!' called Iolaus. 'They won't listen!'

Hercules pulled one man off her. 'Let her go!'

'I can't!' said the man. 'They'll kill me!'

But suddenly, all three men turned and ran.

'Hercules, look!' cried Iolaus.

Hercules turned ... and saw the green eyes of Klothon.

He ran and stood by Cire, and Iolaus came and stood next to him. They were only three metres from the rocks, and the serpent's head was above them.

Iolaus had his sword in his hand.

'Don't move!' Hercules told Iolaus and Cire.

He could see the teeth in the serpent's mouth, and the white place under it.'Its weak place!' thought Hercules.Then he looked down and saw the serpent's feet on the beach.

'Get back!' cried Iolaus.

Hercules moved back quickly — and the serpent's head came down past him — fast!

Next Klothon went for Iolaus, and Iolaus hit it with his sword. The serpent made an angry noise.

'Iolaus!' called Hercules.'Get it to come after you!'

Iolaus started to call the serpent, and to dance about in front of it. Klothon angrily tried to get him, but Iolaus fell down on the grass and put his arms over his head.

Hercules quickly ran across to the serpent, jumped on to its ear — and pulled! He stayed on the ear for half a minute, then jumped off and cried, 'lolaus, run for the trees!' He ran to the trees, and pulled Cire with him. lolaus followed.

'Why doesn't it come up from the beach?' said lolaus.

'The sea is pulling it back,' said Cire. She looked at them.'Wait a minute. Hercules, you can't...!' She didn't finish.

'Follow me,' Hercules told his friend.Then he turned to Cire and told her his plan.

'But I can't —!' she began.

'You can,' said Hercules, quietly.

lolaus was tired of waiting.'Let's go,' he said.

Cire walked away to their left.

Klothon tried to get her, but she was too far from the beach. She didn't jump or run back. Suddenly she ran to the serpent, and under its mouth. The serpent's head went up, and she cried out to it.'Come on! Come on!'

Hercules and lolaus moved in. It was now or never! The sea came angrily over the rocks ... Klothon's head went up ... Hercules and lolaus ran in and jumped on the serpent's ear ... and pulled! Down .. . down ...

Hercules could see its big green eye. But he and lolaus were too heavy for it. Its head went down — on to a tall, thin rock — and the rock cut through the serpent's weak place. Klothon cried out. 'Aaaaaagh!'

Then Hercules fell... down ... down ... and hit his head. His eyes closed.

lolaus fell on the beach, but was quickly up again.

He ran to the cave. He saw the green eyes inside.

Five minutes later, he was back outside again ... and saw a small 'mountain' of sea in front of him.

Chapter 12 Time to Go Home

A voice said, 'Open your eyes, Hercules.'

Hercules opened them. Everything was quiet on the beach, and the sky was blue again. He looked up ... and saw Poseidon. He remembered everything then, and looked round for lolaus. He saw his friend sleeping on the beach near him.

'lolaus is a good man,' said Poseidon. 'He broke up everything in Hera's cave, and that stopped the wind and rain.'

Hercules looked at the rocks. Klothon was not there.

'I left its head,' said Poseidon. 'So people will know.'

Hercules saw the people then, above him on the grass. 'Where's Cire?' he asked.

'Sleeping under the trees,' said Poseidon.

Hercules looked at his uncle, 'low stopped Klothon. Right? It couldn't get up the rocks because you stopped it. Then I fell and you caught me. What did I hit my head on?'

'On my head,'said Poseidon, and smiled.

'Hera will be angry with you,' said Hercules.

'She doesn't like me,' said Poseidon.'But she'll be angrier with you — you got away from her again.'

Hercules smiled. 'Thank you, uncle,' he said.

Hercules, Iolaus and Cire walked back to Themon later. There were no windows in some of the houses, and trees were down across the road. 'Hera's wind,' thought Hercules.

Jocasta was happy to see them at Titus's house. She put her arms round them, then took them to a room at the back. Titus was in bed, his eyes shut.

He opened them. 'Wh—what happened?' he asked.

'Everything's OK,' said Hercules. 'It's finished.'

Titus tried to laugh, but couldn't. 'Sorry,' he said. 'I —'

'It was Hera from the beginning,' said Hercules.'You couldn't fight her.'

Titus shut his eyes again and went to sleep.

They followed Jocasta past one of the other rooms, and saw Holix and Cire. 'They're going to live with us,' said Jocasta. 'They'll have a little house. Holix is good with horses.'

'But he can't stay on them!' said Iolaus.

Hercules laughed, and Jocasta thanked them again at the door. 'We'll come back when Titus is better,' said Hercules. He and Iolaus started to walk away down the street.

'Let's get something to eat and get out of this place,' said Iolaus.

'What about all those beautiful women?' asked Hercules. 'They're all waiting to hear your stories.' He smiled.

'Hercules, I want to —'

But then a voice from inside the Pericals' house called his name. A nice voice. A loving voice. A small voice.'lolaus

'I - er - I'll catch up with you later,' said lolaus, and ran off. Hercules laughed and walked on. It was time to go home.

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