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Present Job

Languages B^flUoU,AmJ. *\t£r*vU*LiatL Japa+utte.

Ptrr-t*r/<L*k. clerk m H<n^t &ry«L;Ne»j Y<rr4-

Skills TyP^J <6*i™^J

Previous Work Th+ciU<*fA+i> M t*ternajbur>x*4.

Ca^rJW, t**t previously UK6mj>loy&4 -fxr fryeasl Personality Cal**, b^l Mft f-eVy Ca*-fidA*Jt

Comments DuuJ+. xe&u. J^re.^kat, ik&Mi to&Jd


10 Activity

What qualities and qualifications do you think are needed to work in (a) the Housekeeping section and (b) the Maintenance section of a hotel?

Divide into two groups, A and B. Group A should read text 1. Group B should read text 2.

As you read, make notes about the following:

a qualities needed b duties

c experience and training


When you have finished, exchange information with a member of the other group.

Which job would you prefer?




Are you smart? Intelligent? Don't mind hard work? Interested in looking after guests and helping to make their stay enjoyable? You could be just who we're looking for, to join our hotel housekeeping staff.

As a member of the Housekeeping team, you may be given responsibility for one of the bedroom areas. After the guests have checked out, you will then change beds, towels, etc. and generally ensure that everything is clean and tidy.

Housekeeping, however, is not just about cleaning bedrooms, but also keeping every public area pleasant, clean, and tidy for others to relax and work in, You may find you have to arrange flowers, displays of materials, publications, and be responsible for ensuring stocks are up-to-date whether in a linen room or a mini-bar. Other duties you may be involved in could be vacuuming, polishing, and tidying other areas in the building. You will certainly need to spend time checking everything is in place.

Whether you work at a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, conference or holiday centre, or a tourist attraction, your guests will judge their accommodation by its appearance. Clean rooms and good service enhance any accommodation and make your guests return.

No previous experience is required and most of your training will be on the job, with extra in-house training given by the company's training personnel.







Just think how many things need doing around the house. Now imagine how many more there are in a large hotel - or a leisure theme park! Lighting, heating, plumbing, carpentry, even gardening needs taking care of. Courtesy cars and staff buses need driving and many large hotels need grounds staff to look after their golf-courses and keep them in tip-top condition. Whilst some smaller hotels use outside contractors, most larger hotels, motorway sites, and leisure parks employ their own specialized support staff. Because guests and visitors expect everything to work perfectly, maintenance and support staff must be available 24 hours a day. This means you will probably have to work shifts and some weekends.

Many people start in these jobs by applying direct. To get a job as a plumber, carpenter, or electrician you can start as an apprentice, no experience is needed, and you will be trained on the job.

If your interest is in gardening or green-keeping, again no experience is necessary to start, but you will need to have a real love of horticulture, and enjoy working out of doors.

Whenever people travel on long journeys they need to stop for a break. At the sites where they stop, more specialist support staff are needed to look after them - car and coach parks need to be controlled, cloakrooms supervised, and all amenities kept clean and tidy. Obviously, every one of these jobs is different, but they all have one thing in common - looking after the customer!


answerable to p. 153 (tapescript).

responsible to apprentice p. 40. someone who works

for a skilled employer for a fixed period

in return for being taught the skills

necessary for that job bargaining p. 34, discussing prices, etc.

to get a result that is to your own

advantage candidate p. 38. person who applies

for a job or wants to be elected to a

particular position carpenter p. 40, person whose job is

making or repairing wooden things chambermaids p. 31, women whose

job it is to clean and tidy hotel bedrooms clientele p. 34. group of customers or


comes under the remit of p. 154

(tapescript), is the responsibility of command of p. 37, knowledge of courteous p. 36, polite day-to-day p. 3 2, planning for only one

day at a time dealings with sb p. 154 (tapescript),

relations with sb. especially in business delegates p. 37, people who have been

chosen to attend a conference dispatch of luggage p. 154 (tapescript).

sending luggage duties p. 34, tasks that must be done enhance p. 40, improve entails p. 39, involves external to p. 36, outside heavy workload p. 34. a lot of work to


horticulture p. 40, art of growing

flowers, fruit and vegetables hoteliers p. 34, people who own or

manage hotels in-house training p. 40, craining given in

the hotel by the hotel staff

liaise p. 37, communicate and co­operate

log-book p. 36. official written record of

guests' queries and requests maintenance staff p. 40, people whose

job is to keep things in good condition or

good working order onward travel p. 154 (tapescript). going

on from one destination to another outside contractors p. 40, firms used

by other firms (instead of their own

staff) to do jobs under contract overall vision p. 153 (tapescript),

general objectives personal touch p. 34, personal service personnel p. 31. department that deals

with employees plumber p. 40. person whose job is to fit

and repair water-pipes, tanks, etc. in


profitable p. 153 (tapescript), that

makes a profit queries p. 154 (tapescript), questions skills p. 38, abilities you need to do a job


smart p. 40, neat and well-dressed

staff p. 34, employees

tip p. 32, a small amount of money given

for good service tip-top condition p. 40, perfect


turnover of stock p. 34, rate at which

goods are used use his discretion p. 153, decide


work record p. 39, things known about the work someone has done in the past

work shifts p. 33, take turns working with other people

workaholic p. 34. someone who cannot stop working

Reservations and check-in


Word Study Hotels use a variety of documents to deal with guests. Computerized and

manual systems often have the same functions, although the names are sometimes different.

Here is a list of records used by a typical hotel front office:

1 Hotel Register

2 Reservation Form or Card

3 Reservation Diary or Daily Arrival List

4 Reservation Chart

5 Room Status Board

6 Guest Index

7 Guest History

Can you match the documents above with these definitions?

a Provides a visual record of all reservations for a period and shows at a

glance rooms reserved and those remaining to be sold, b Lists all current guests in alphabetical order with theit room numbers

and provides an additional quick point of reference in larger hotels, c Standardizes the details of each booking, forms the top sheet of any

documents relating to it, and enables a speedy reference to any

individual case.

d Records all previous visits to the hotel for any individual and contains important statistical reservation and revenue data.


3 Language study Pronunciation of letters

Often when making reservations or filling in forms, names have to be spelt out loud. How good is your pronunciation of letters?

As a pronunciation check, list the letters of the alphabet according to their vowel sounds. The first three have been done for you.


/ei/ Iv.l Id /a./ Iwl hv.l la:/

(grey) (green) (red) (white) (yellow) (blue) (dark)

A B_________________________________________ ______

______________ c___________________________________________________ ____________ _____________


Spell your full name to your partner.

Think of three people you know (family or friends), and spell cheir names to your partner as quickly as possible.


Short answers

Look at how the callers give short answers to the questions of the reservations clerk:

Have you stayed with us before? •> No, /haven't.

Will you be paying by credit card? •> Yes, I will.

You have an account with us, don't you? ► Yes, we do.

Using short answers, answer the questions:

a Do you have a reservation? (No)

b Is it just for the one night? (Yes)

c Would you like one of our Executive rooms? (Yes)

d Is there one available on the ground Hoor? (No)

e Will you be staying tomorrow as well? (No)

f Is that a company booking? (Yes)

g Have they confirmed their booking? (Yes)

h Do you have a room with a view? (Yes)

Tag questions

Notice the way we use tag questions to ask for confirmation:

► It was Miss King, wasn't it?

► You have an account with us, don 'tyou?

► But the guests haven't stayed with us before, have they?

Now acid tag questions to the following statements:

a There isn't a doctor in the hotel,_____ __|

b You wanted to pay in cash,________ ?

c You haven't spoken to the duty manager yet, _?

d We couldn't have a receipt for that,_________ ?

e It's more expensive in high season,________ ?

f You're settling by credit card,________ ?

g We can sign the agreement today,_________ ?

h They're not postponing the conference, _______ ?

4 Reading





aii.nsi «ml

Si CuTIuuiii MNl 0 folio ToibI

o i ma tr

V 399.30* 0 1/200 tr

304 94*


'Lodgistix' is a computer software company which specializes in providing computer sofrware for the hotel industry. You are going to read part of the information brochure about their Reservation and Front Office Systems.

Read the text which follows and match each paragraph with one of the summary sentences below. Don't worry if you can't understand every word - just try to understand the general meaning.

a You will quickly be able to find out if a guest has stayed before and use

this information, b You can change the system to suit your particular hotel, c Your marketing department will be able to use the information in the

Reservation System, d Your employees will find the system easy to use. e You will be able to process guests quickly when they arrive (and when

they leave) by allocating suitable rooms immediately, f You can use detailed statistical analysis of the guests to help

increase profits.

g Your guests will get a better service and you will get a bigger profit.



LODGISTIX presents

LANmark Property Management System -the next generation!


Enter a world of incredible speed and knowledge I

Written by hotel people for hotel people, and especially for network technology, LANmark is amazingly intuitive in use. Seamless integration of modules puts all your hotel services together in a powerful computer system that is both flexible and unlimited.


Reservations & Front Office

The LANmark Reservation System provides total flexibility in tailoring the system to meet each individual client's needs.


There is greater potential to increase revenues by use of up-to-the-minute statistics from market segments, sources of business, nationality codes, corporate client details, guest history records, and property totals.


The Reservation System utilizes help keys and windowing features throughout, enabling the reservationist easily to identify and act on information displayed. The use of colours is an important feature further aiding the operator. All informational and screen formats have been designed for fast, accurate, and complete reservations processing.

On reservation entry, a search of matching Guest History names can be made quickly and easily, greatly reducing the booking time for future reservations. The Guest History record contains important statistical reservation and revenue data clearly showing the last time the guest stayed, the total number of stays to date, and total spent. Unlimited guest folios can a(so be stored including full transaction details.


The Reservation System allows for the creation of word processing merge files for ail or selected Guest History masters, and is an important marketing tool. Both the sales and marketing departments can access this information through management and password controls.


The Lodgistix LAN mark Front Office System has been designed to improve guest services and maximize profits.


There is provision for quick individual and group reservation check-in and check-out to minimize guest waiting-time. Registration cards can be printed prior to arrival in a batch print run or on arrival upon request. At registration, the receptionist can auto-assign a room number or display the room rack to select a room number that meets the guest's requirements. Room selection can be'by room descriptions, complex room type, or rate code to give maximum flexibility in allocating the required rooms.


Source: l.ogistix UK Ltd



Find words in the text which mean:

a a set of computers connected in order to send and share information b divisions on a computer screen to show separate pieces of information c the front glass surface of a computer monitor d the style in which information is displayed e information (for processing or storing)

f files that combine different information from different sources into a

single document g obtain stored information from a computer's memory h a secret group of letters or numbers which must be used by a person

before they can operate a computer system i a single operation to produce a large group of similar documents

5 Speaking Look at this flow-chart showing the procedure that hotel staff should

follow when dealing with a reservation.


Write down on a separate sheet of" paper what the hotel employee says at each of the numbered places, then act out a conversation with a partner.


Answer phone rod identify yourself ► 1
Find out c;i Her s name ► 2
Find out dates   ► 3
Check availabi ity ol rixims
Company booking!' ► 1


Find out company name ► }


Special rates organized? ►fi




Stayed before.'

Continue with booking (but also refer to Sales & Marketing Department)

Has guest stayed betbw? ^7





Put client into system
Reserve similar room

Retrieve guest history (preferences, etc.)


Offer most expensive room ►S


Find out how to be settled, e.g. by client/on account; full bill'room and breakfast only




Retrieve guest history and offer similar




Offer most  
expensive room ►8

Take contact details ►!()

Take contact details

► 10



Enter account details

Ask for confirmation by credit card (if possible)


Give reservation number


Give reservation number

► 11


Ask tor confirmation in writing ^12

Ask for confirmation in

writing (if not by credit card) H2

Finish the call ► I 3

6 Reading

For most hotels, fax reservations are the most common. Read this example of a fax reservation and complete the chart below:





Date: 13th March 199_

From: Kate James

To: Melissa Hotel



No. of pages: I

Could you please reserve a double room with private bath for Mr and Mrs Charles Davies? They will be arriving on 18th April and staying for 3 nights (departing on the morning of 21st April).

It Is their 28th wedding anniversary, so could you arrange for champagne and flowers to be placed in the room?

Look forward to receiving your confirmation, with exact cost, by return. Regards



Name of guest(s) Number of guests Room(s) required Dates

Special requirements

7 Writing

Reply to the reservation by fax, asking for any additional information you require.



8 Listening



1 Below are some extracts from a conversation between a receptionist and a guest checking in without a reservation. Put them in the order (from 1 to 10) in which you think you will hear them.

a □ Would you like an Executive at £125 or a Standard at £95? b □ And may I take your home address, please? c □ It's room 760 on the seventh floor, d □ Hello.

e □ And rhe name, sir, is ... ?

f □ Here's your credit card, passport, and here's your key.

g □ This is your registration card. Can you just check through the

details, please? h □ Just the one night?

i □ Because you're not a British citizen, I'll require your passport in

order to complete the registration, j □ How will you be settling your account, sir?


2 Now listen to a real check-in conversation to see if your suggested order is the same.



9 Speaking Working in pairs, invent some details for yourself and check in at your

partner's hotel, following the check-in procedure above for people without reservations.

Use the details from the fax reservation and reply in 6Reading to acr out the conversation at check-in when a reservation has been made.

12 Vocabulary

aiding p. 46, helping

allocate a room p 155 (tapescript),

decide which room a guest will stay in confirmation p. 48. agreeing to a

booking already made corporate client p. 46, client which is a

company rather than an individual flexibility p. 46, ability to adapt to

different conditions have a preference for p. 156

(tapescript). prefer integration p. 46. combining various


market segments p. 46, particular

parts of the market manual p. 42, done by hand matching p. 46, the same as modules p. 46. units of a computer

program that have a particular function potential p. 46, possibility of being

developed or used prior to p. 47. before process guests p. 46, complete all the

official transactions necessary for guests

to stay

provision for sth p, 47, preparation that

has been made in case sth happens reducing p. 46. making smaller refer to sb p. 48. send to sb for advice or action

require p. 50. need, requirement p. 49, thing needed, meet sb's requirements p. 47, be what is needed

reservationist p. 46, reservation clerk retrieve p. 48. get or find again revenues p. 46, income room rack p. 47, board containing cards

showing the details of the rooms in the


settling your account p. 50, paying your bill

software p. 45. computer data and programs

statistics p. 46, collection of information

shown in numbers, adj statistical p. 42 tailoring sth to sb's needs p. 46.

adapting sth for sb take sb's contact details p. 48. write

down sb's name, address, telephone

number, etc. transaction p. 46, piece of business

conducted (especially between two


up-to-the-minute p. 46, including the

most recent information utilizes p. 46. uses

1 Word study 1

Below are seven requests made in American English to a receptionist. Can you match them with the British English explanations?

1 'Where are the rest-rooms?'

2 'Where can I find a drug-store to get some band-aid?'

3 'Can you get gas on the freeways?'

4 'Can I make a reservation for the fall?'

5 'My wife left her purse in the elevator at the subway station.'

6 'Can we have some cookies and candy for the kids sent up to the room?'

7 'We can't turn the faucet on.'

a He needs to buy some plasters at a chemist.

b He wants to make a reservation for the autumn.

c His wife left her handbag in the lift at the underground station.

d There's something wrong with the tap.

e He wants to know where the toilets are.

f He wants to know if he can buy petrol on the motorway.

g They want some biscuits and sweets in their room for the children.

2 Can you write the British English for the following American English words?





a traveler's check

b downtown

c vacation

d potato chips e closet

f garbage/trash

g diaper


2 Reading

Read these two menus and fill in the gaps with the following words:

bread, fresh, garnish, served, cheese, home-made, spicy, seasoned, choice, sweet, sauce, coated, creamy, liqueur, selection, wrapped, roasted




Homemade Leek and Potato Soup

Hot ;ind tastv combination of fresh leeks
and potato I_________ with Iresh herbs

Crudites with Garlic Mayonnaise

Crunchy fresh vegetables served with a tasty garlic mayonnaise dip

Melon and Prawn Cocktail

Delicate mixture of fresh melon and juicy
prawns with salad I_______

Chicken Liver Pate

CHEF'S SPECIAL DISH Chicken Kiev Supreme of chicken crammed wilh garlic butter 1------------- in fresh breadcrumbs Roast Leg of Pork with Apple Sauce Prime leg of pork !__________ and carved to order, served wilh home-made fresh Bramlcy apple sauce

Home-made chicken liver pate served with melba loasl and a crisp side salad

Beef Madras with Rice

Hoi and - oriental curry served

wilh sambols and rice

Fillet of Haddock in Breadcrumbs with Tartare Sauce

Fresh fillet of haddock coated in home-mink-
breadcrumbs and served with
' tartare sauce


Broccoli with Almonds

Lyonnaise Potatoes Saute Potatoes







tin "r



Z.<w dilices de Grison Air cured beef and ham from the Engadine

La creme aux amandes
A-------- -almond soup

l.es escargots en chausson
Six snails perfumed with garlic and —--- in pastry.


La petite salade
A mixed garden-!! salad

Le sorbet au marc de champagne Sorbet with marc dc champagne ate

Les rnignons de pore it lorange
Medallions of pork in a spicy orange —-- served with pilaff rice

L'emince de veau zurichois

Thin slices of veal and mushrooms in a creamy sauce------

with rcisri potaroes

La mousse de saumon 'ciboulette' et la bouquetiere de Uguntes et le riz sauvage Xi'SK

A light salmon mousse in a chive sauce served with a 11--- of

vegetables and wild rice

La fondue valaisanne

Dip crusty cubes of 2___ into bubbling and wine and

enjoy the taste of Switzerland



Le gateau aux noisettes Hazelnut cream gateau

Souffle glace au Grand Marnier
A favourite ice cream souffle flavoured with Grand Marnier 2----

Leparfaitglace a la nougatine Home-made nougat-flavoured ice parfait

Source: The Swiss Centre. London

3 Listening Listen to some people ordering food from the menus shown. What do

they order?

Dialogue 1

Dialogue 2

Dialogue 3


Woman Man

Woman Man





Main course






4 Language study Intentions and spontaneous decisions

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