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12 Vocabulary

annoyed p. 82, fairly angry

apology p. 81, statement to say that you

are sorry for something appalling p. I6I (tapescript). shocking

or terrible arguing p. 86. saying things (often

angrily) to show that you do not agree

with somebody calm or calm down p. 78, become or

make somebody become quiet when

they are angry or upset complain p. 85. say that you are not

satisfied or happy with something.

n complaint p. 78 complimentary p. 160 (tapescript),

given free of charge cope with p. 78, deal successfully with disastrous p, 86, very bad or harmful disgusting p. 81. causing a strong feeling

of dislike

dust p. 80. remove small pieces of dirt from shelves and surfaces with a cloth

empty p. 80. remove the contents of something (e.g. ashtray, waste-paper bin)

filthy p. 81, very dirty

ignored p 78. paid no attention to

lapels p. 78. the two parts of the front of

a jacket that are folded back lobby p. 87, entrance-hall make excuses p. 85. give reasons (true

or untrue) in order to explain a mistake

or bad behaviour overcooked p. 161 (tapescript), cooked

too much repair p. 80, put something old or

damaged back into good condition:


replaster p. 80, repair walls by covering

them with a special mixture of sand, lime

and water to make them smooth rural p. 83, of or in the countryside session p. 78, period spent doing one

particular thing sweep p 80. clean by removing dirt or

dust with a brush sympathized p. 78, understood and

shared somebody's feelings tasteless p. 161 (tapescript), having no

taste or flavour threatened to p. 161 (tapescript).

warned that tile p 80. put tiles (thin pieces of baked

clay used as a roof covering) on a roof trainees p 78. people being trained for a


unacceptable p. 82. not good enough vacuum p, 80, clean (a carpet) with a

special machine weed p. 80. remove the unwanted plants

from a garden


1 Reading Hotels arrange ofF-site services for guests. These may be excursions,

walking tours, sporting activities, and so on. What excursions and extia events do you think these hotels will offer?

1 Sheraton Towers City Hotel, San Francisco

2 Arina Sands Beach Hotel, Crete

3 Greenacres Country Hotel, F.ngland

Look at the excursions and extra events below, and decide which ones would be ottered at each or the three hotels.

a Plane trip over the Citand Canyon.

b Drinking, dining, and dancing! Creek village night.

c ( omc on a romantic evening Bay cruise to the Golden Gate.

d II you like sea and sun, you'll love our cruise to Santotini.

e Trip to wine country.

f Enjoy the countryside: hire a bicycle.

g Agricultural Museum and Park - special discount tickets available, h Thirsty? Then what about coming on the pub evening? i Car hire. Excellent rates.

j Feeling adventurous? Why don't you try water-skiing?

k Experience the outdoor beauty from horseback. Come pony-trekking.

1 Visit the archaeological site of Knossos: the earliest civilization.

m Tour of the caves by boat.

n Bring the kids to the Cable Car Museum: they'll love it! o Do you want to come hill-walking?

p All-day deep-sea fishing trip. Why not catch your own supper?

2 Listening 1 Look at the excursion booking form for the Arina Sands Hotel:

a What do the abbreviations Dr and Pax stand for?

b How much does it cost lor two adults and one child to go on the

'Cultural Crete' excursion and the 'Who pays the ferryman?' excursion?

Don't forget to include entrance fees, c Can guests pay in dollars?





Thomson Holidays Excursion booking form
Namfl- hntrl-   Room No:  
Day Excursion •NB Price In Dr Pax Total
a Cultural Creto * 1 Adult    
    !.lrl Id    
Tuesday Countryside " 2 Adult    
  Ch1 Id    
Tuesday r»«;r nf hip * Adult ft    
Wednesday Knossos * 3 Adult ru I i a    
    CM Id    
Wednesday Rakl «. Syrtakl Adul t d    
  evening Chi Id 4bbl)    
Thursday Who pays the * 4 Adult.    
  ferryman? Child  
friday Eastern Explorer Adult    
j 1 Knossos • 3 Adult    
Saturday Who pays the * 4 Adult    
  ferryman? Child    
  Samaria Adventure * 5 Adult    
Sunday Samaria Glimpses * 6 Adul I.    
    cm id    
Mon. Ued. Thu. "iantnrinl •> * 7 Adult    
a   Child    
* All entrance fees are extra Hm nuke youi i................. li" u t ilir -ctcttmc pany lo avoid
* 1- 400DH church • 4- 400DR entrance illuppoiinmcnl.. pUic% U iitdi t* guaranteed atti-rwaitU.
800DR Phaestos * 5- 8SSDR boat I'uynicM is .icccptcd mdr  
400DR Gortys fJOODR en Ira rice All cnaclkn urc lully insured and uir-uiiHlitioncii
* 2- 4000R cave * 6- 1600UR boat All cxcurvMin* arc nuidol try a pmlcs«ionat guide «u ecmpun)
4Q0DR Monastery 50Q0R entrance   it preventative  
* 3 -lOOOuR entrance * 1- B00DR transfer t o part ■ CiincrHfiDft fee* him he incurred il lo* Dun
1U00DR museum     '4 hours nultcc u> fiven  



2 You are going to listen to a representative at the hotel talking to guests about the excursions they can take. As you listen, complete the missing information on the Excursion Booking Form.


3 Listen again and note the details of these three tours: a Knossos

b Raki and Syrtaki evening c Samaria adventure


3 Language study First Conditional

In the talk, a number of hirst Conditional sentences were used. Look at these examples.

If + Present Tense, will

► If you come on the tour, you '11 see a fine example ofMinoan civilization.

► If you are fit and like adventure, you '11 love this trip.

If + Present Tense, modal verb

► If you have any questions, you can ask me when I come round.

If + Present Tense, Imperative

► If you come, bring plenty of water.

Note: the 'result' clause can come first. Example:

What will we do if it rains? or If it rains, what will we do?


1 Expand these sentences about the excursion to Santorini:

a If/go/Santorini/see/volcanic island

b If/go/Santorini cruise/return/midnight?

c Have/donkey ride/if/go/Santorini

d If/sunbathe/not forget/sun-cream


2 Use the notes you made about the other excursions to make similar sentences.

Giving advice

Look at the ways the representative gave advice:

► Why don 'tyou come on the Cultural Crete excursion?

► If I were you, I'd wait till the Thursday or Friday.

► You could always spend a day or two exploring the town here.


1 Can you think of other ways of giving advice?

2 Now give advice to the person making the statements below:

a I've lost my passport.

b I've got a terrible headache.

c 1 can't find my keys.

d We'd like to eat some traditional local food.

e What should I visit while I'm staying here?

f What's a good present to take home?

g Which wine do you recommend with the chicken?

Charleston, on the coast of South Carolina. Is one of America's most historic towns, It was rice and indigo which First made it rich. Nowadays it contains many beautiful historic houses and museums as well as interesting shops and restaurants. The Old Town Is fascinating to walk around, or you can take one of the guided coach or horse-and-carriage tours. There is also plenty to sec In; the surrounding area.

h I can't think where to go for my next holiday.

Divide into pairs, A and B. A, your instructions are on page 144. B, your instructions are on page 148.

5 Word study 1 Complete these pairs of events and places of entertainment.

Event Place

a play theatre

b concert

c stadium

d disco

e exhibition f musical

g cinema

Find out which of these events the rest of the class like going to in their free time.

L.ook at this list of facilities offered on a coach tour. Fill in the gaps with one of the words underneath.

a from your hotel

b at your hotel

c expert and guide

d ________ charges included in price

e lunch in price

f modern coach with_ or heating

g -------------- seats

h no ____ charge

i on the coach

j ---------------- in own language

k tea and coffee----- -------------- on the coach

air-conditioning drop-off pick-up

available entertaining reclining

cancellation entrance toilets

commentary included

6 Reading Car hire is another service which many hotels provide.

1 Discuss these questions with a partner:

a What things should you look for or check when you hire a car? b What type of things can go wrong?

2 Read the information sheet about hiring a car from Hertz, and match these headings with the relevant paragraphs.

What's included

Drive away with ease

1VIivery free to your door

If you book with Hertz ...

Availability guaranteed

Excellent value for money

The highest standards of service




You'll enjoy die reliability of a car that's:

i) usually a maximum of seven
months old

ii) checked, cleaned, and with full
tank of petrol

To help you make the most of your holiday motoring, Hertz will give you an area road map. Parents can rest assured that all four-door cars arc equipped widi rear-door child-proof locks and that child safety seats are normally available at a small additional charge.


Not only are the prices very competitive, but they are inclusive


i) delivery and collection

ii) unlimited mileage

iii) 3rd party, fire and theft insurance

iv) collision damage waiver, which
covers the renter's responsibility
for accidental damage to the

v) all local taxes



Your car will be delivered to your hotel or apartment free of charge with a full tank of petrol and collected from you again at the end of the rental. Should you experience any difficulty with the car, a replacement vehicle, if necessary, will be delivered to you as <|iiii kly as possible.


When you pre-book your Hertz car, availability is guaranteed, provided that you indicate your requirement at die time of booking your holiday.



i) Delivery and collection to and
from your hotel or apartment.

ii) Unlimited mileage.

iii) Insurance cover for: third
party, fire and theft. Rail Bond
in Spain, the Balearic* and the
Canary Islands, but exclusive
of Personal Accident (see below)
and contents cover.

iv) Expenditure on oil and
maintenance repairs, which will
be refunded on production of
receipts at the end ol the rental.

v) Local government taxes.

vi) Collision damage waiver, whii Ii
covers renter's responsibility for
damage to the vehicle.


Sourer: Thomson Summer Sun brochure


Are these statements true (T) or false (F)?

a □ Cars arc never more than seven months old.

b □ You have to collect the car from a garage,

c □ When you get the car it will not be dirty,

d □ You do not need to buy a local road map.

e □ You must pay local taxes.

f □ II you have a problem with the car it will be changed.

g □ You can drive as far as you want without paying extra.

h □ You must pay for any oil and maintenance repairs you need.



Divide into pairs, A and B. A is the representative of a car hire company working at a hotel desk. B is a hotel guest. When you have prepared your roles, act out the conversation.


Ask the guest about the following things: How long for? When? Licence? Type of car? Method of payment? Be prepared to answer any questions the guest may have.


Think about the following things: How long for? When from? How many people? Type of car? Find out exactly what is included in the price and what isn't.

8 Listening Listen to this guided tour of Charleston.


As you listen, put these attractions into the order in which they are mentioned by the guide.

a □ St Michael's Church f □ Ashley River Memorial Bridge

bD Calhoun Mansion gD Gibbes Museum of Art

c □ The Old Market h □ Charles Towne Landing

d □ King Street i □ USS Yorktown

e □ Battery/White Point Gardens j □ Heyward-Washington House


Can you identify the points on the map?

Listen again and indicate whether these statements are true (T) or false (F).

a □ The driver's name is Tom.

b □ The air-conditioning needs to be adjusted.

c D St Michael's Church was built in 1671.

d □ One ol the historic houses was built by George Washington.

e □ The Battery is also known as White Point Gardens.

f □ The tour arrives at the Calhoun Mansion at 4 p.m.

g □ The Charles Towne Landing is on the other side of the river.

h □ At the end, the guide takes the group shopping.

You are going to read about the Evan Evans lull-day coach tour to Leeds Castle, Canterbury, and Dover. Divide into pairs, A, and B. A, your text is on page 145. B, your text is on page 149. When you have read your text, write the questions you must ask to find out the missing information from your partner. Then ask your partner the questions and fill in the gaps in your leaflet. At the end, you can check your answers by looking at your partner's leaflet.



Choose an area you know well - for example, your home town.

Make a list of the attractions and local facilities which might interest a visitor. Make notes about each of the places you have listed.

Draw a rough map of the area and decide on the best route tor a tour (either walking or by coach).

Divide into groups of three or four (if possible, each member of the group should have chosen a different place).

Imagine you are a guide leading a group of visitors (the others in your group). Take them on a 'guided tour' of your map telling them about the places they are seeing. 'Visitors' can ask questions if they want.

11 Writing Write a leaflet describing the attracrions and facilities of the area you

made notes about in 10 Activity . The leaflet is for inclusion in the 'Welcome Information' pack of a hotel.

Include information on: attractions and sights sightseeing tours entertainment and shopping

Look at these examples taken from a leaflet about Charleston to help you.


Gibbes Museum of Art Gray Line Tours

One of the finest collections of American art in the Smith-East. The collection consists of views of Charleston, portraits of notable South ( larolinians, paintings, prints, and drawings from the 18th century to the present. The Museum Shop fcatutesaii outstanding selection ol line art prints, |«)sters, cards, jewelry, and books. Tues.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. & Mon. 1-5. Closed holidays. Adults $3; senior citizens (ages62 and older), military, and college students (with ID cards) $2: children ages 6-18 $ 1; children under 6 tree with adult. 135 Meeting St., Charleston. SC 29401. (803) 722-2706. See ad page 11. Map location 51-S.

Explore America's most historic city with the world's most experienced sight-seeing company. Historic Chaileston tours leave several times daily with pick-ups at downtown hotels and the visitor center. These tours cover large areas of the peninsula city, including all major landmarks, with narration by professional guides, and our comfortable vehicles arc customized for Charleston's narrow streets. Visit to historic house included in most tours. Seasonal tours to plantations and gardens. For reservations on all tours call 722-4444 or see driver at the Visitor Reception Center, map location 42-R. Sec coupon page 11.


The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

Over 300 years of pirates, presidents, patriots, and preservation make the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon one of the most historic places you'll see on your visit to Charleston. Built by the British in 1771, it was Charleston's first customs house and exchange, and the former site of a British colonial jail. The self-guided tour highlights the dungeon where British officers imprisoned American patriots, the Creat Hall where George Washington was lavishly entertained in 1791, and the original trading floor of the Exchange. Don't forget to visit our gift shop. Open daily 9-5. Admission. 122 East Bay St. at Broad St. (803) 727-2165. See ad page 3. Map location 52-V.

Talk of the Towne

I.et a quality owner-operated tour service show you the Battery, the Maikct. the College of Charleston, and much more! 1 -hour plus tours offer a comprehensive sightseeing experience that covers more than 6 miles: 2-hour tours also include a guided historic house tour. The only tour that

visits the nathaniel russell

house is offered twice daily. Tours depart from the Visitor Reception Center, map location 42-R, with free downtown hotel pick-ups. For reservations and information call 795-8199. Sec coupon page 23.

12 Vocabulary

admission p. 144, the money charged

for entering a place open to the public

(also entrance fees p. 90, or entrance

charge p. 93) adventurous p. 89, liking excitement

and liking to try new things archaeological site p. 89, place where

ancient buildings have been dug up attractions p. 98. places which are

worth seeing in a town or resort cancellation fee or charge p. 93. the

money which a customer must pay if

they decide not to take a service which

they have booked child-proof p. 94. which cannot be

operated by children collision damage waiver (CDW)

p. 94, special insurance which means you

do not have to pay anything If your hire

car Is damaged in an accident commentary p. 93. spoken description

of something as it happens (e.g. tour) cruise p. 89, holiday or tour travelling by

boat and visiting a number of different


drop-off p, 93, place whore people can

get off a coach entertainment p. 98, things to do that

interest and amuse people equipped with p. 94, provided with the

dungs necessary to do something excursion p. 90. short journey made for

pleasure (usually a group of people) exhibition p. 93. collection of things

shown publicly for inclusion p. 98. to be included fort p. 144, strong building used for

military defence guaranteed p. 90, promised with


hire p. 89, have the use of something for

a short time by paying for it included p. 93. part of the price;

see also inclusive of p. 94 mileage p. 94, distance travelled

(measured in miles) pax p. 90, abbreviation for 'passengers' pick-up p. 93, place where passengers

can get on a coach play p. 93, dramatic performance, usually

in a theatre reclining p. 93. that can be adjusted so

that you can lie back ruins p, 162 (tapescript), buildings that

have been badly damaged sightseeing p. 98. visiting the famous

places in a city as a tourist stadium p. 93, building where sporting

events take place surrounding p. 92, which is around or


theatre p. 93. building where plays and

other shows are performed third party, fire and theft p. 94.

special Insurance covering particular damage and loss to a car vacation p 163 (tapescript), holiday (especially in US)


1 Listening Hotels like to make sure their important guests enjoy a superior service.

You are going to listen ro a Front Office Manager explain how his hotel treats its important guests differently.


1 Before you listen, consider:

a What kind of business guests are important for a hotel? b What can a hotel do before and on the arrival of an important guest to make their stay comfortable and easy?


2 Listen to the Front Office Manager explain his hotel's policy and complete the table below.


Class of Guest Typical Job/Position Before Arrival On Arrival

VIP (very important person)


CIP (company imporrant person)

WP (very very important person)

2 Word study Notice how we make comparisons between things:

► Like any other company, we need to he able to identify important customers.


Like is followed by a noun, e.g. company.

► Just as an airline will offer a better quality service to first-cbiss passengers, we will provide a higher standard for our important guests.

Just as is followed by a subject and verb, e.g. an airline will offer ... Notice how we make contrasts between things:

► Unlike the normal business guest, the VIP has his or her room allocated in advance.


Unlike is followed by a noun, e.g. guest.

► Whereas CIP rooms are double-checked, all VVP rooms art treble checked.

Whereas is followed by a subject and verb, e.g. CIP rooms are... Complete the sentences below with the appropriate word or won In:

a Many Americans like to have tea and toast for breakfast, most

British do.

b letters, raxes ate a means of immediate communication.

c the venue for this year's conference is Vancouver, next year

we'll be in Hawaii.

d charge cards, credit cards are a common means of paying

hotel bills.

e economy class, business class can be quite expensive.

f the location of a hotel is important for tourists, it is crucial for

business travellers, too.

g this year business is looking up, lasr year was disastrous.

h VIPs, CIPs get special treatment at most hotels.

i hostels, hotels offer en suite rooms, as well as many additional


j He earns £8,000 a year, she earns at least £25,000 including


3 Language study Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple

Notice how we use the Present Perfect Continuous:

► Some ofour guests have been coming here for years.

► He's (has) been writing a report since three o clock.

We use the Present Perfect Continuous with a phrase saying how long.

Compare this with the Present Perfect Simple:

► We've had lots of VIPs here this week.

► He s (has) written twent v pages of his report.

We use the Present Perfect Simple with a phrase saying how many or how much.

Put the verbs in the following sentences into the correct form:

a I (save)__ __________ for two years. I (save)__


b Since lunch-lime, Mary (read) the newspaper. She

(read)___ ___ half of it.

c I (only play) a few games of squash because I (only

play) it for a while.

d I (drink) __ _ coffee all day. 1 (drink) eight


e (you only read)____________ the first chapter? You (read)

that book tor ages.

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