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f Albert (not work) i lu re for long, but he (already

be promoted) twice.

g 1 (sit) .it my typewriter since eight o'clock this

morning, but 1 (only manage) to write four letters.

h Belinda (play) tennis since she was five, and it

shows - she (win) every competition she's entered

in the last two years.



4 Reading 1 What special facilities do business travellers expect? Make a list.


2 Read the text about the Copthorne Tara Business Apartments. In what ways are the facilities they offer similar to or different from the list you have made?



hen you are away on business, you need a place which is equipped for and conducive to business. Somewhere quite unlike the average hotel room. But you need to know you'll have a comfortable stay, too.

With this in mind, the Copthorne Tara Hotel now offers the unique Business Apartineni: a high-quality bedroom linked to a fully-equipped Office meeting room for up to six people, with its own separate cloak room/toilet facilities.

The perfect setting

The Copthorne Tara has a particular understanding of the needs of the busy executive, and each Business Apartment is furnished to create the professional atmosphere in which you would wish 10 do business.

The bedrooms, separate but intercon­necting wilh ihe office meeting rooms, are of the Copthorne Tata's usual high

standard, with private bathroom, TV, and telephone.

The tight facilities

The equipment in your Business Apartment has been carefully chosen to place at your fingertips all the essentials of the modern office: fax/ Copier, phones, and PC with printer (loaded with the latest Lotus and WordPerfect software).

A VHS player and teletext television are conveniently situated for group viewing. A screen is inline-mounted for use wilh slide or overhead projector (available on request) and there Is a large white marker board, a flip-chart, and supply of stationery.

fridge and tea- and coffee-making facilities are provided, and full room service is, of course, available at all times.

------- ^-------


5 Listening

Listen to this interview with Margaret Sesnan, a business executive who travels a lot in her job.

Before you listen, match these words with their definitions:

1 exhibition a soft shoes worn only at home

2 slippers b a very large show of goods, adverrising, etc.,

for people who work in a particular industry

3 stand (noun) c an area or structure where things are

displayed, exhibited, or sold

4 trade fair d a show for the public


2 Now answer these questions:

a What is Margaret's job and what type of business trips does she go on? b How are the trips arranged?

c What business facilities does she look for in a hotel? d What special features does she look for as a woman? e What different customs does she mention at business appointments in Japan?


3 Margaret said that she prefers to be on a lower floor and near the lift for

safety reasons.

Working in pairs, discuss what other special needs you think travelling female business executives have. Consider facilities and security features.



6 Speaking Business nowadays is very much an international and multinational

activity. It is often in the hotel where the cultural differences resulting from this fact are most evident.

1 What special cultural difficulties and needs would an American business person have in your country?

flunk about social cusroms/behaviour, greeting people and meeting in general, language difficulties, lood and eating habits (and meal table etiquette), and business situations (dress, negotiating, making deals, etc.).

2 How would a hotel find out about the details of these different cultural practices and customs?

3 What can the hotel do to help people of different nationalities and cultures feel at home and feel able to mix with others?

Think about reception procedures, room design and facilities, information sheets and signs, restaurants, and staffing.



7 Reading A significant proportion of business travellers are Japanese, and some

hotels rry to cater for their specific requirements,


1 Before you read the text, think about these questions:

a Why would a Japanese visitor probably not want to stay in room 444? b What particular features would a Japanese visitor want to find in a

hotel bathroom? c Would a Japanese couple prefer twin beds or a double bed?

2 Now read the article to check your answers.


How hoteliers can prepare to welcome their Japanese visitors

The following points suggest how hoteliers can make adjustments to satisfy Japanese visitors' requirements.

The manager or a senior member of Stall should he on duly when a puny of liipune.vc vimIois is checking in anil shoulil preferably liuveu Japanese business euril ami a hipel badge. This person should, if pov slhlc, remain as their main contacl in Ihe hold ihroughoiil llicir slay and extend a personal welcome and larewdl. To say goodhyc in extremely important m Japan.

Avoid pulling Japanese visiiors in rooms wilh Ihe numbei J, -1-1.4-14, etc., as Ihis is considered unlucky, lour is 'Shi' in Japanese, the verb lo die' being Slmiu'. so Ihis supcrslilion should lie laken seriously. Sonic hotels in Asia do not designate a 4lh Hoot ill all,

Ensure n consiMcnlly piompi response lor service, us well us com­plaints, in all departments. I he Japanese an- used lo abundant stall on duty and n hieh level ol sen ice. Tins may initially reipiue a higher level ol slulTing, bin the benefit* in lerins ol future business arc obvious

A welcome siy............ Japanese ul the reception desk is much uppteci

ati-d r-Mt anil oilier directional signs in Japanese llitougtMiiil the hold will make the guesis led more al home

Try lo have at least one Japanese national on your .slalf; Ihe oilier stall should receive basic training in Jupunesc language and should receive cross-cultural miming.

Japanese punt should be available al Reception oi in looms, lorc.siim pica lelterol welcome and guidance note*.general mlormaiion.

yellow Pages, a City guide, and a newspapci. Sources ol Japanese publications could also be provided.

A selection ol toiletries and a hair drier should be provided in built-rooms II is also appreciated if u yukaiu (cotton dressing gown i ami slippers, are provided m rooms.


Bathrooms must have a constant supply of hoi watci and should have a b.ilti and shower ullachincnl the Japanese arc uccusioincd al home lo showering oui.sidc Ihe huth tub before soaking in a lub ol dean walei Then- should he a drain m the lialluooni Hour. Ol else a notice in Japanese and al least one oilier language, advising on Ihe coiti-ci use ol ihe showei and hath, tins could pievcnl flooding or nihci'duin-age caused through misunderstanding

1 win beds should be provided lor Japanese guesis rather than double beds, even tor liuiicyniooners.

In Ihe cmc of groups, can- should ik- taken lo give all rricmbeis looms of a similar .standard.

I or iilii-vluneni. Ihe Japanese like lo have green lea hugs, plum tea sachets, and miso soup packets in their rooms with keltic, cups, and saucers.

The Japanese like lo see evidence of a high level ol security, especially w nil so many ladies travelling unaccompanied. Beta aril iiilotmalion could be provided in room lileialure and promotional leaflets tor ihe business visitor, some holds prov ide a Business C'cnliv sial led wilh Japanese linguists, ottering iranslalloii and word pmccs-iuc service*,


Source: Britain Welcomes japan prospectus. British Tourist Authority



According to the text, which of these things are especially important to a Japanese visitor?

a plenty of staff on duty e politeness

b notices and signs in Japanese f a high level of security

c TV and video in their room g Japanese newspapers

d a Japanese-speaking staff member h Japanese food

8 Writing

Imagine you are the representative of a group ol Americans coming to stay in a hotel in your country. Look back at your notes from 6 Speaking and write a Welcome Letter for the group.



9 Activity In this activity you are going to design a business apartment. Using the

outline plan of a business apartment at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, decide where you would put the items below.

dressing-table double bed whiteboard screen coffee-table TV and video overhead projector slide projector sink

phones and fax




bedside table


meeting table and chairs PC and printer

Compare your design with the true version on page 108.

I 0 Activity The following table is taken from comprehensive surveys conducted by

American Express covering over 2,000 large and medium-sized companies across all major business sectors during 1989, 1990, and 1991. The four countries involved were the UK, Germany, France, and Switzerland. In each country, the research covered at least 400 companies.

hook at the table below and read the sentences to discover which country is A, which one is B, etc.


Hotels - who's entitled to what?


  A B C D
Luxury/4-Star 33% 74% 87% 79%
3-Srar 37% 8% 9% 3%
2-Star 11% 5%
Depends 19% 13% 4% 18%
Senior Managers        
I,uxury/4-Star 18% 59% 71% 64%
3-Star 55% 19% 21% 18%
2-Star 15% 5% 2%
Depends 12% 17% 6% 18%
Sales/Field Force        
I,uxury/4-Star 3% 34% 28% 19%
3-Star 23% 24% 44% 31%
2-Star 43% 13% 7% 15%
Depends 31% 29% 21% 35%

a In Germany, most directors were allowed to stay in luxury/four-star hotels.

b In Switzerland, more of the sales/field force srayed in three-star accommodation than in luxury hotels.

c In France and Switzerland, some senior managers were restricred to two-star accommodation.

d In Switzerland, very few directors used three-star hotels.

e Some German directors stayed in two-star hotels.

f A smaller percenragc of UK senior managers were obliged to use three-star hotels than their Swiss counterparts.

11 Vocabulary

abundant p. I OS. more than enough access to p. 165 (tapescript). chance to use

additional extras p. 164 (tapescript),

things which are given but are not

normally included at your fingertips p. 103, very near

you, ready for use cloakroom p. 103. room where visitors

can leave their coats, bags, etc. conducive to p. 103, helpful for counterparts p. 107, people in a similar


cross-cultural training p. I05. training

which helps people to understand

different cultures crucial p. 101, very important designate p. 105, give a name or

number to distinguish between p. 164

(tapescript), show the difference


double-checked p. 101. checked twice dressing-gown p. 105. loose coat worn

Indoors, usually before dressing duty manager p. 164 (tapescript). the

most senior manager working in the

front office at any given time farewell p. 105, goodbye flip-chart p. 103, large pad of paper on a

board, used when giving presentations,


flooding p. 105, covering the floor with water

honeymooners p. 105, people who

have just got married interconnecting with p. 103. joined to kettle p. 105. container for boiling water

linguists p. 105. people who know about or who can speak languages well

loaded with sth p. 103. with sth in its memory

off my own bat p. 165 (tapescript),

without being told to do It prompt p. 105, fast, without delay restricted to p. 107, only allowed to use sachets p. 105, sealed plastic or paper

packs containing a small amount of a


sales/field force p. 107, people who sell

a company's products screen p. 103. blank surface onto which

pictures are projected soaking p. 105. relaxing in the bath for a

long time stationery p. 103. paper, pens.

envelopes, etc. status p. 164 (tapescript), social or

professional position superstition p. 105. belief for which

there is no good reason teletext p. 103. service which provides

news and information in written form on

television the vast majority of p. 107, most top of the range p. 164 (tapescript). the

best of them all treble-checked p. 101. checked three


unaccompanied p. 105. alone, without a companion

venue p. 101. place where people meet for a large event, for example a sports contest, a concert or a conference

VHS p. 103, video recording system

were obliged to p. 107, had to





ron.it '


classic bedroom






HH :* iomo










Mr Wrightson

Confernnee & Banqueting Manager Grosvenar House Hotel Park Lone LONDON Wl



i. - .ti i>*

* * *

6th January 199— Dear Mr Wrightson

T am writing to you regarding a conference we are planning to hold in October of this year.

We are looking fat a venue in central London and we anticipate approximately fifty delegates who will Btay for two nights, probably on a Friday and a Saturday. We will require a large banqueting room for opening and closing events and a number of smaller meeting rooms fot other kegbious. Wh will also need to mount an exhibition.

1 would bo grateful if you could send me some information about your conference facilities together with your current rates, and any information you may have on social events which can be arranged to accompany the conference. 1 would welcome the opportunity of discussing possible arrangements with you.

Youru sincerely


Brenda White Conference Co-ordinator E'l'OA



1 Reading Read chis letter irom the Conference Co-ordinator of the European Tour

Operators Association (ETOA).


1 As you read, answer these questions:

a When is the conference planned for? b How many people will be coming?

c What information does the Conference Co-ordinator want?


2 What rype of meetings and events (business and social) do you think a conference of European rour operarors will want? What facilities and equipment will they require?

2 Word Study 1 Can you identify rhese items of conference equipment? Match these

words to the pictures.


a Autocue c overhead projector (OHP) e lectern

b video recorder d public address (PA) system

2 Look at these plans of seating arrangements. What type of meeting nrc they suitable lor? Choose from the list which follows. Make a different design if you rhink it is more suitable for any of the meetings.

1 lecture 4 product launch 7 workshop 10 formal di

2 wedding meal 5 board meeting 8 press conference

3 speech 6 seminar 9 signing ceremony

nnnri n

a theatre-style


f~-. n





c horseshoe



b schoolroom-style


f*\ f% P\


e banqucting-style


3 Listening Listen to this conversation between the Conference and Banqueting

Manager of the Grosvenor House Horel in London, and the Conference Co-ordinator of the ETOA. They are discussing the Albemarle Suite.


As you listen, label the names of the rooms and complcre the information about size and equipment.

4 Language study Describing use

Look at thLs example:

► A video recorder is usedfor recording programmes from the television. It can also be used for playing back programmes.

Write down Hve items of equipment round in a hotel room or in a conference room. As quickly as you can, get your partner to guess these items by making sentences like:

ft is used for...

It can be used for...


Talking about contents

Look at these ways ol talking about the contents of a room:

a It'sgot a flip-chart and a video.

b // contains

c It's equipped with

d It's set out in ho.ndrooin style/for a cocktail party.

e It's arranged

1 Make questions that can be answered by the sentences above. Example:

a What has the roomgot?


2 In pairs, look at the room you arc in. Make sen tern is about the contents using the language above. When you have finished, ask your partnei about the contents ol their room at home.


Describing size and dimension

Look at these ways of talking about size and dimension:

a It's 6 metres wide and 12 metres long

It's 6 metres by 12 metres. b It's square/rectangular/round.

It's L-shaped.

It's shaped like an H. c It has a seating capacity of six t y. d It can take up to sixty people.


I Make questions that can be answered by the sentences above.


a How big is it?

2 Divide into pairs, A and B. Look ar rhe following room plan*. A

Choose one of the rooms, but don't tell B which. B

Ask the questions in 1 to find out which room A is thinking of. Now swap roles.





Capacity. 6S




m Capacity:









Capacity: 50


4-------- 7m









Capacity: 65








5 Speaking Divide into pairs, A and B. A, your instructions are on page 146. B, your

instructions are on page 150.



6 Reading I Divide into groups, A and B. You are each going to read a different

section of a leaflet about the Abela Hotel, a conference hotel in Monaco.


Read your section about the general facilities of the Abela Hotel and the 'Conference Package'.

Make notes about:

a location and design of the hotel

b staff and service

c facilities in the hotel

d facilities in the rooms

e special features of the 'Conference Package'


Read your section about the social events which can be provided after conference sessions.

Make notes about:

a special welcome offers

b sporting activities available

c excursions and sightseeing trips

d evening entertainment

Abela Hotel


Today's technology, iradiiiou.il standards, and hospitality at its best.

Tin' Al>.-hi Noii'l, iis architectural lines as agreeable as the view overlooking the Princess Grace rose garden, lies right on the sea front To enter the lobby with ils marble, pastel shades, and discreel lighting, is to appreciate modern luxury and traditional splendour. A warm welcome is the order of the day.

11"' cheerful and efficient staff anticipate your every need, and the service is second to none. Being the perfect hosts, we have reserved one floor exclusively for non-smokers. There is an elegant Brasserie, evening music m the lobby-bar; a gifl and newspaper shop, a shuttle bus service, and a multitude i>i other services at your disposal, I rue Monaco-style luxury at three-star prices! Your room will delight you with its cool, fresh decor, cable television, electron!) mini-bar, and individual air-conditioning. To us, traditional hospitality is achieved through discreel efficiency and comfort. What could be better after an afternoon shopping; or long hours in the conference room?

The Conference Package


* Air-coniliii'iiied eotilerence room with natural light

Baize table coverings; Hip-chart. Mineral water on the table during work sessions, Note pads and i>eiis.

Hospitality desk with direct-dial telephone on request

Two coffee breaks: coffee, lea. and orange juice


IH.'ourse Lunch: entree, main course, dessert. Wine, mineral water, and coffee included.


The Abela Extras

A Coordinator will be on hand at all times to ensure the success of your conference. We will lake care of all your Iransfers, and make any arrangements you like for excursions, leisure activities, and evening events.

The most successful conferences happen at the Abela Hotel Monaco


Turgt-i: Sport

• A 4 x 4 off-road safari.

Leave Monaco and head up inlo the Italian villages just over the border belore tackling some rough forestry tracks. Return through the spectacular gorges of the Rova Valley,

Picnic supplied by the Abela Hotel. Hxpert

supervision guaranteed.

• Sport for all.

A 45-minutc coach ride lakes you to a major sports centre where guests can participate in any (or all) of Ihe following: tennis tournaments (or coaching), table tennis, volleyball, petan<|ue. mountain biking. 1 x 4 oil road driving. Irialhlon events (cycling, swimming, and running). Experienced coaching staff are on hand. Lunch is available al the centre.

• climbing (an introduction).

• Mountain hiking.

• Waler sports: sailing, windsurfing, parascending.

The Abela Hotel Monaco invites yon lo try a fresh approach to business: work hard in the morning, unwind in the alternoon. We will lay on all the facilities arid technical assistance you may need lor your conference sessions. Then let us put togethei some special afternoon events - using our extensive knowledge and experience of what this exciting region has to offer ... and ensuring you enjoy it to the full!


\ Smile of Welcome

* Helicopter transfer from Nice Airport.

* A 'welcome' cocktail - 'Le Bionvenue'.

* Room gifts for guests:


- a bottle of line wine

- a half bottle of champagne r.'a basket of fruit

- local souvenirs: list on request.

Target: Sightseeing

* Helicopter Mights along the coast.

* Excursions aboard luxury, air-conditioned coaches to lake in tile local sights, the old village of K/c, Ihe port ol Villelranche, Saint jean Cap Ferial and the Rothschild Foundation, Benulieu and the Villa Kerylos ... inland or by Ihe coast ... there's plenty to catch the rye.


Target: F.iitertaiiiment

* A wine ;md cheese party.

* Musical dinner parties with menus, table decorations, and music thetned together: Classical, Provencal, Italian. Gypsy, New Orleans, Lebanese, Caribbean...

* Floor shows: I.ookalikes, Robotics, Illusionist, Dancers ...

* A Monaco Treasure Hunt' with questions supplied and prize presentation at dinner.


In pairs, one person from group A and one person from group B, look at these three groups who are thinking of holding their conference at the Abela Hotel. Use the notes you have made to discuss in what ways the Abela is suitable or unsuitable for them.


a Conference of UK Hoteliers and Caterers They want:

luxury rooms and facilities with as many little extras as possible (they are used to very high standards).

organizational arrangements to be made by the hotel as they do not have their own lull-time conference organizer.

some social events, but nothing too energetic. Simple sightseeing tours would be enough.



b Conference of Sales Managers of a manufacturing company (with partners)

They want:

a comfortable conference room, suitable for presentations and discussions.

an active social programme ol events during the day lor non-paititip.uits. Note: the average age ol delegates and partners is thirty-two.

exciting evening events (with dancing, etc.). hood should be good, but is not a priority.



c Conference of French Wine Appreciation Sociery They want:

an excellent restaurant with high-class French cuisine. The wine-list must be excellent (although they may possibly be able to provide their own).

local tours which explore the history and geography of the local area.

pleasant surroundings (for example, views, decor). The rooms themselves can be simple, but must be comfortable with good facilities. Note: the average age of the participants is fifty-five.

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