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Compare your opinions with other pairs.

3 Look back at your texts on pages 114 and 115 and find a word or phrase which means each ol the following:


a carefully designed to have an effect without being noticed b the best

c to be used only by

d available and ready for you to use

e if you ask for it

f available


a provide

b if you ask for it

C very impressive

d to include the nearby attractions

e a lot of things to sec


7 Listening Look at this programme for the Hoteliers' Annual Conference to be held

at a hotel in Edinburgh.



Hoteliers' Annual Conference, Edinburgh Provisional Programme


Frid.iy 16.00 Registration and check-In

16.30 Introduction in main auditorium

18.30 19.30 Saturday 8.30 9.30 11.00 11.30 13.00 14.30

16.4S-17. IS Opening address: Marjorie Willis, Chairperson of the British Tourist Association -'The Tourist Industry in the 21st Century' Cocktail reception Dinner

Breakfast Workshops (x3) Coffee

Workshops (x3) Buffet lunch

Optional excursion: Guided tour of the city and surrounding countryside (by coach)

Sunday 8.30 9.30 11.00 11.30 12.45 13.00

or Delegates may make use of the hotel swimming-pool and leisure centre and other hotel facilities Grand Conference Dinner Speech by Sir Norman Weston MP

Breakfast Workshops (x3) Coffee

Closing session: Basil Carter - 'Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Hotel' Summing up and closing remarks Buffet lunch and departure



1 Listen to a conference co-ordinator discussing the programme with her assistant. Make a note of the things which have been changed from the original programme.

Listen again and make a list of all the things which still have to be checked and arranged.



Imagine you arc planning the details of the Hoteliers' Annual Conference looked at in 7 Listening of this unit.

In groups, decide on subjects for the three sets of workshops. There should be three workshops at each time (in other words, nine workshops in all). Also decide what seating arrangements you want, and what equipment you need.

Complete this chart:


Workshop time Title Seating style Equipment

Sat. 9.30-11.00 I

1 --------------------------

3 --------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Sat. 11.30-13.00

1 ___________________ ________________ r_


3 ------------------------------------

Sun. 9.30-11.00 I

2 ________________________________________



Are there any other changes you would make to the conference programme?

When you have finished, show your programme to another group.



It is the opening night of a new hotel and conference centre (the New Cirand). A special reception party is being held. You are all characters at the reception.

Your teacher will tell you which of the characters you are.



Manager of the New Grand You are naturally very nervous and concerned that everyone is happy. Make sure that guests are noi lefi on iheirown.

Assistant Manager of the New Grand You are

proud of the new hotel and want to impress everyone, especially the Director.

Restaurant Manager of the New Grand voii are worried that people haven't eaten all the food you have prepared.

local tour guide You arc desperate to make contacts because you arc freelance and haven't had much work recently.

Manager of the Old Ship I lotel As ihe

manager of a nearby hotel, you are worried ahour loss ol business.

Catering goods supplier You arc marketing a new range of quality hotel foods and want to attract this irnpurtani new customer.

Conference and Banqueting Manager You art

very proud of the hotel's conference facilities. Conference business is expected to account lor ihe majority "I "the New Grand's trade.


Airline company executive You arc interested in expanding your business into the hotel sector and you are looking for a deal wilh ihe new hotel.

lour operator You arc responsible for sending tourists to ihis area every summci. You arc not happy wilh the other hotels and wain to luid a better one winch will also give you .1 better deal.

Director of Grand Hotels You are one of the directors of the hotel chain, but you were nor happy with the plan 10 build the New Grand. You are not sure it's going 10 be profitable. You have some doubts about the Manager, too.

Manager of the local Tourist Board You Want in improve the image of ihe town and develop new services and attractions for tourists.

laical business person You are interested In the hotel as a possible venue lor conferences lor your company. You want 10 know exactly what ihe hotel can oiler.


1 When you are given your role, write your name and job title o Then prepare your role by thinking about these questions:

a Why am 1 here at the party?

b What do I want to get?

c Who could I talk to in order to get it?

d Is there anyone I want to avoid?

Now act out the role play.

10 Writing You are going to write a leaflet describing and promoting a

conference hotel.

Choose one of the conference groups from 6 Reading, 2. Decide what they need and are looking for. Then decide where your hotel is located, how large it is, what it can offer, and any other information you consider important.

Write a leaflet designed to attract your conference group. Follow the structure of the Abela Hotel leaflet if you want.

a general description of the hotel: its location its design and decor hotel facilities room facilities

b details of a 'Conference Package' of special deals and facilities

c explanation of local attractions and activities for delegates

You can also use some of the key expressions used in the Abela Hotel leaflet.


traditional hospitality

a warm welcome

We will take care of...

11 Vocabulary

at your disposal p. 114, available and

ready for you to use Autocue p. 110. machine that allows a

speaker to read words while looking at

his/her audience baize p. 114, thick (usually green) woollen

cloth used for covering billiard tables,

card-tables, doors, etc. capacity p. 112. the greatest amount that

a space can hold discreet p. 114. carefully designed to

have an effect without being noticed exclusively for p. 114, only to be used by goods p. 119, things for sale lay on p. 115. provide or supply a service lectern p. 110. sloping surface for holding

a book or papers when reading In public lecture p. 110, talk or speech to a group

of people on a particular subject on hand p. 114, available on request p. I 14, if you ask for it press conference p. 110, interview given

to journalists in order to announces

decision, an achievement, etc.

product launch p, 110. formal introduction of a new product public address (PA) system p. 110,

electrically-controlled apparatus for

making a speaker clearly heard by large

groups of people second to none p. 114, the best seminar p. 110, short business meeting

at which working methods are taught or

discussed sessions p. 109. meetings slide projector p. 111, apparatus which

shows pictures on a screen spectacular p. 115, very grand and

attractive speech p. 110. formal talk given to a

group of people video recorder p. 110, machine which is

connected to a television, on which you

can record or play back a film or

programme workshop p. 110. small meeting to

discuss and learn about a particular


Tour operation - planning



Anglo-Global Holidays pic

Specialists in holidays for young people (teenagers and students), primarily from the US, Canada. Israel, and Europe. Incoming groups and individuals are offered a full package of sightseeing activities, social events, and contacts with local youngsters, under the guidance of experienced youth workers. (Established 1957)


Brit-Tours Ltd

Deals in large volumes of group traffic from North America, specializing in complete incentive programmes plus special-interest groups and business conferences. Creativity and quality assured. US office in Dallas, Texas.


Hollywood Travel Services Ltd

Catering for both groups and individuals from all over the world, Hollywood Travel offers special interest tours in over eight different categories. Private entertaining in rural hotels and private houses of historic and architectural importance. Private shooting and fishing packages. The personal touch for an exclusive clientele.


Blue Skies Travel Ltd

An organization which sends over 80,000 people a year on short-stay packages, mainly to London. Specialists in concerts with coach travel, accommodation, and guided tours included. Contact through newspaper advertising throughout the UK. Also markets theatre programmes for schools.

Customtours Ltd

Custom-made itineraries, designed to meet the needs of both groups and individuals. Specializing in special-interest tours, performing groups, and youth groups from overseas and within the UK.


1 Reading Tour operators are an important part of the tourism industry and, for

many hotels, are a vital source of business, as they bring large groups.

Look at the pictures and read the profiles oi the tour operators. Decide which picture goes with which tour operator.

1 Listening You are going to listen to George Webber, who works for a large tour

operator, talking about 'familiarization trips'.

1 Read through the questions below, then listen and make notes.

a What is a familiarization trip?

b How is it different today from the past?

c Which travel agencies get invited on most of George's fam trips?

d Which other agencies might get invited on new-product' trips?

e Who pays tor fam trips?

f When will George be sending people on them?


2 After listening, discuss what questions you would put on a tarn trip questionnnaire to make sure that travel agency employees used their time well. Make a list.


3 Language study Future Continuous

We use the Future Continuous:

as a polite way ol asking about somebody's plans.

► Will you be sending people out soon? to talk about what we expect to happen.

► We 'II be sending people out in early May.

1 Make questions using the following prompts. Example:

You want your friend to give Jim a message. (you/see/Jim/tonight?) Will you be seeing Jim tonight?

a You want to lock up the office, but one of your colleagues is still

working in there, (you/finish/soon?) b You are booking a guest into your hotel. (How long/you/stay?) c You want your friend to buy you some stamps, (you/go/post office/on

your way home?) d You want to borrow your friend's typewriter, (you/usc/your

typewriter/this evening?)

2 Complete these sentences about plans using will + -ing.


I (work) all day tomorrow, so I won't have time to meet you. / 'II be working all day tomorrow, so I won t have time to meet you.

a They (repeat) the performance on Thursday night, if you missed it this time.

b He (come) back for a visit next month.

c Jo (move house) on Sunday, so she cant come to the party.

d We (travel) through London on Saturday, so we could meet you there.

Future Perfect

We use the Future Perfect to talk about an action that will already be completed by a time in the future:

► By June, we '11 have arranged some trips for the end of the summer.

► When will you have finished your work by?

Combine the following sentences using the Future Perfect. Example:

We are redecorating this wing. It will be ready by the middle of next year. We'll have redecorated this wing by the middle of next year.

a The Durch guests are leaving today. They will leave by twelve noon, b The chambermaid is cleaning the room. It will be done by the time they arrive.

c The hotel hopes to double its business. It should manage to do so by the year 2000.

d The delegates have received the information. 1 am sure they will all

read it before the start of the conference, e The painters are doing the downstairs rooms now. They say they will

finish by Friday.

f I have five letters to write. I plan to write them all before I go home.


Reported speech

Notice how we report statements:

'Fam trips are an opportunity for people to get to know our hotels,' said George.

► You said earlier that fam trips were an opportunity for people to get to know your hotels.

'We've asked everyone to fill in a questionnaire,' George told us.

► George told us they had asked everyone to fill tn a questionnaire.

Now report the following statements in a similar way:

a 'We enjoy staying here,' said Thomas.

b 'We didn't have much time to relax,' Peter told us.

c 'The Browns are leaving at eight o'clock,' said Beatrice.

d 'We've lost your address," Debby told us.

e 'It's been raining for hours,' said Frank.

f '1 don't remember where I left my keys,' Ronny told his wife.

g 'They will be here at any minute,' said Mary.

h 'I'll help you when I've finished,' Tony told them.

i 'I can't understand your handwriting,' Ian told me.

j 'You should apply for this job,' David told Catherine.


Arr. Harrogate 18.00

Dep. 19.15

Arr. Knaresborough 19.30


Dep. 23.00

Arr. Harrogate 23.15
Sunday 25 October

Cairn Hotel ViaA59

Yorkshire Lass. Harrogate Road - pub for 'Yorkshire Neet'


A59 to Harrogate

For overnight at the Cairn Hotel

Dep. Harrogate Arr. Ripley Dep.

Arr. Fount. Abbey (West Car Park)




Arr. Harrogate

09,00 A61 to Ripley

09.45 Ripley Castle. HG3 3AY. View Castle

10.45 Via A61 and minor road to Fountains Abbey

11.05 View Abbey, Studley Royal Park and coffee. Fountains Hall

12-15 Via minor road to B6265, Ripon. Bridge Hewick. Boroughbridge. Green Hammerton. A59 via Knaresborough back to Harrogate

13.15 Cairn Hotel for farewell lunch

14.30 ENDS


a Which hotels will the group be visiting? b What other places of interest will the group be going to? c What do the abbreviations Arr., i?ic, and Dep. mean? d In what ways will the various organizations which are involved benefit from this particular familiarization trip?

5 Speaking You and your partner work for the local tourist board. Mr Edward

Legrand, the Director of a tour operations company, has written to you asking you to organize a two-day tour of your area for him. His company organizes educational, sporting, sightseeing, and special-interest tours as well as conferences.

On a separate sheet of paper, plan a full itinerary for Mr Legrand, remembering to leave him some free time.



6 Word Study 'Organizations invest in Jam trips in the hope of securing extra business.'

in the hope of is a common prepositional phrase (preposition in + noun the hope + preposition of).

Put each prepositional phrase from the lollowing list in its correct space in the sentences which follow.

a in the process of g with a view to

b on behalf of h in accordance with

c under the guidance of i in response to

d in addition to j in view of

e in terms of k with reference to

f in the event of I in payment for

1 our telephone conversation, 1 am writing to confirm our order.

2 the hotel, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. (The Manager.)

3 All our sports activities are organized a fully qualified

4 rain, the party will be held in the conservator)'.

5 your instructions, we have rearranged the meeting for later in the schedule.

6 language skills, a resort representative must have good interpersonal skills.

7 The company has recently purchased some adjoining land expanding its leisure facilities in the future.

8 your recent enquiry, 1 am pleased to inform you . . .

9 ___ the current economic situation, we can expect fewer visitors

this year.

10 The hotel has had some bad reviews but sales, it has been very popular.

11 We are------ negotiating a new contract with our tour operator.

12 I enclose a cheque our accommodation.


Diane MacLennan runs UK Hosts, a company which specializes in selecting hotels in London for incentive tours from the USA. An incentive tour is a reward or an encouragement for people who have done good work for their company. The companies she deals with are usually very rich. On the rape you will hear her being interviewed abour her work.

1 Before you listen to Diane talking, try to guess what kind of hotel her groups look tor.

2 Listen and check.

3 Read through the statements below, listen again, and complete the sentences using the information on the cape;

a Diane depends upon her to help her recommend

appropriate hotels for her clients,
b Diane's clients usually make an of the hotels she has


c Iris for her to visit fourteen hotels in one day.

d For her groups, the three most important areas in a hotel are the

--------------- , the-------------- —, and the-------------- .

e Hotels keep Diane up-to-date by — ----- and by .

f Trade magazines are useful for information about

g To meet people in the industry she goes to — .

h Diane inspects the hotels she recommends.

8 Activity Divide into pairs, A and B.


You are a tour operator. You are going to interview a hotel manager to see if the hotel meets your company's requirements. Read the extract below, then decide exactly what requirements your company has before you start the interview.


You are a hotel manager. Read the extract below and decide exactly what facilities you have to offer in your hotel. See if they meet the tour operator's requirements.





The hotels

In addition to operators spelling out their exact requirements in terms of rooms - required numbers of singles, doubles, twins; with or without private facilities; whether wilh balconies or seaview; and with what catering provision, e.g. rooms only with breakfast, half board or full board - they must also clarify a number of other issues. These include:

• reservations and registration procedures (including issue of any vouchers);

• accommodation requirements for any representatives or couriers (usually provided free);

• handling procedures and fees charged for porterage;

• special facilities available or needed, such as catering for handicapped customers, or special catering requirements (kosher, vegetarian, etc.);

• languages spoken by hotel staff;

• systems of payment by guests for drinks or other extras;

• reassurance on suitable fire and safety precautions;

• if appropriate, suitable space for a representative's desk and noticeboanl

It is also as well to check the availability of alternative hotel accommodation of a comparable standard in the event of over­booking.

Ancillary services

Similar negotiations will take place with locally-based incoming operators and coach companies to provide the coach transfers between airport and hotels and any optional excursions. Car hire companies may also be approached to negotiate commission rates on sales to the



Source: J. Christopher Holloumy: The Business of Tourism

10 Reading Read the letter below from the Managing Director of the Hotel

Sebastopol. Fill in the gaps with the correct word from the list:

attract, addition, inform, leaflet, facilities, popular, sending, offer, attracring, unknown, appearance, located



48600 Grandrieu Tel: (33) 230016
Unere. FRANCE Telecopie: (33) 231889



23 March I'><>._


Underbill Holidays Broadview Apartments 1800 30th Sircci Boulder

Colorado 80391 USA



Dear Sir

Having seen your new KurohrcikV brochure, wc a a- writing to

miu that we would be very interested in 2 „;- VOW

compatrj i" this area <>i Fraiit e and to our hotel, in partlculai

Wc are J in an area which we Ixlievc woukl be vet"]

*with American tourists, but which is rel.itivcl\ 5

Wc manage to 4 visitors from < anada and Australia bin so tar

there are no American operators 7 people to the area.

In 8 to the beautiful countryside, wc have fishing, hiking, and

plenty of outdoor sports activities on * Wc find that our

Australian and < anadian guests really appreciate the French countryside, particularly in summer Our hotel is one ot the largest in

the region and boasts 130 rooms, all with en suite 10________________________________ . To give

you a clearer idea of the hotel's " ,1 enclose an up-to-date

'*____ with lull colour illustrations.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours lailhlullv


Managing Director 111 >TF.L SfcHANTl i|'< »l



12 Vocabulary

alternative p. 128, different assemble p. 125. meet boasts p. 130. is proud to say it has catering (for) p. 128, providing food

and drink (for) catering for p. 128, providing what is

needed by conservatory p. 126, room with a glass

roof and walls custom-made p. 121, specially made

for the customer evolve p. 168 (tapescript), develop fam(iliarization) trip p. 122. trip which

informs people about resorts freebie p. 167 (tapescript), thing given

away free

group traffic p. 121, groups travelling guidance p. 121. control and supervision

in the event of sth p. 128, if sth

happens in-depth p. 129. detailed incentive tours p. 168 (tapescript).

tours organized by a company for its


incoming p. 121.arriving inspects p. 127, looks at carefully itinerary p. 125, plan of a journey kept updated p. 169 (tapescript), always given the latest Information know intimately p, 168 (tapescript),

know extremely well
leaflet p. 130, printed, usually folded
piece of paper that gives information
mailing list p. 169 (tapescript), list of
names and addresses of people to whom
advertising material, etc. is to be sent
regularly ^

■4 mailshot p. 169 (tapescript), piece of

advertising material sent to potential

customers by post National Trust p, 125, organization in

the UK that takes care of beautiful places

and historical buildings on the line p. 169 (tapescript). at risk outdoor p. 130. outside overbooking p. 128, reservations for

too many guests performing groups p. 121,groups of

entertainers precautions p. 128, things that you do

in advance to avoid possible danger or


preliminary p. 168 (tapescript), coming before something else which is more important

promote p. 168 (tapescript), publicize

to encourage the success of promotional p. 129. which promotes questionnaire p. 123, list of questions

answered by many people, used to

collect information socializing p. 169 (tapescript), mixing

socially with other people spelling out p. 128. explaining clearly

and simply tour operators p, 167 (tapescript),

companies which produce package tours tourist board p. 124, office that

promotes an area or a country up-to-date p. 127, most recent, current vital p, 169 (tapescript). essential




I he

Fir Tree Hotel



11 roup name £y\M Gv&uf Tour leader's name and room no.



Ghet keel in by

Passport list collected


Voucher collected

Food & Beverage bleep answered by








on U


Group rooms allocated by Rooms:


Twin ______ LO_________

Triples ______ l_


Total 3y


Rooming list lo



Additional remarks



Supervisor's signature

2 Language study Second Conditional

Look at what the tour guide says:

► Three of our group are friends, and they'd be happier if they shared a room.

Notice how the Second Conditional is formed: If + Simple Past, would + Infinitive.

Put the verb into the correct form. Example:

If you worked harder, you would pass your exams.

a If we had more money, we_________ (spend) our winters abroad.

b If he (read) the newspaper every day, he'd know what was

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