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Text 1.My speciality

I study at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. It was founded in 1896 on the command of His Imperial Majesty Nicolas II. It is the leading and the largest transport institution in Russia. Theuniversity comprises several institutes. As for me, I study at the Institute of the Humanities. I am going to become a specialist in the sphere of public administration and I am looking forward with pride and confidence to my future. I am sure that I have all reasons to feel so, as the public administration manager is the major point of contact between citizens and the State. Though it is difficult to define public administration, we all have the sense of what it is. Public administration is connected with policy making and is concentrated in executive branches of government. Public administrators make polices that have a nationwide impact and may benefit millions of people.

There are special training programmes for public administration students here at the University. Such courses are usually worked out in cooperation with government agencies to help students in their studies. I always eagerly attend such trainings which may last for a week or two. They are very useful for a future young specialist. In those classes, a student learns the basic operations of running a business. There are special classes on customer service, human resources, business finance, marketing, and other similar fields related to business.

The academic year at the University is divided into two terms, at the end of each we pass exams. As for my curriculum, it includes both general and special subjects. We learn Economics, Philosophy, Systems Theory, Foreign Languages and so on. As field of science, Public Administration can be compared with Business Administration, though Public Administration programmes pay more attention to ethical and sociological aspects which are less important in business. We also study such special subjects as public affairs, public policy and political science. A public administrator is recognised as profession throughout the world. Jobs in public administration encompass a wide range of interests and abilities and can provide a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction. People in public administration jobs analyse information, implement government and public policy, manage people and resources, serve as consultants and assist in developing policy.

I like to study at the University and I will do my best to become a good specialist in the sphere of public administration. After graduating form the University I think I shall join a Master of Public Administration programme as I am eager to pursue the governmental career.


Answer the Questions:

1. What University do you study at?

2. When was your University founded?

3. What institute do you study at?

4. What kind of disciplines do you study?

5. What sphere of management does your speciality comprise?

6. What is public administration in general?

7.What aspects do Public Administration programmes pay much attention to?

8. What special subjects do students study?

9. What type of activities do public administration managers usually perform?

10. What programme must you take if you want to dedicate yourself to the governmental career?


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