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Text 2. Business and Public Administration

All modern administrative systems are based on objective norms such as laws, rules and regulations. Administration can be defined as the universal process of organising people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives.

Business administration is the process of managing every aspect of a business in order to maintain its growth or stability, depending on the overall goal of the owners. Most companies have a dedicated group of administrators who work to achieve the goals. Successful business administration can improve the total operations of an organisation, including employee productivity, profitability and growth. Successful business administration also requires some planning for the future of the organisation. The responsibility of business administration is great, and managers should attempt to surround the administration with individuals who will uphold the objectives of the organisation. Relationships can improve a business, but the wrong connections can do damage, so being patient and flexible should be a part of business administration.

It is not a secret that successful business models have been taken as example for the proper management of government. Today public administration is connected with politics and policy-making and concentrates in the executive branch of government. It is concerned with implementing the law. However, the study of public affairs must take into account not only the management subjects common to both private and public sectors but also that special environment in which a public servant has to live and work. Besides, public organisations are more dependent on government, more constrained by law and more exposed to political influences than a private sector. However, public administration can be regarded as a field of business, as management of all organisations in both the fields involves planning, organising, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting. At the same time public administration is less showy. Much of its work is quiet, small scale and specialised. The anonymity of much public administration raises fears that the government policies are made by people who are not accountable for citizens. Many fear that faceless bureaucrats subvert the intentions of elected officials. Others see public administrators as mere cogs in the machinery of government.

Answer the Questions:

1. What norms are modern administrative systems based on ?

2. What is the most common definition of administration?

3. What is the aim of business administration?

4. What can successful business administration improve?

5. What type of individuals should managers try to recruit?

6. What has been taken as an example for the proper management of government?

7. How does public administration differ from the business one?

8. Why can public administration be regarded as a field of business?

9. Why do people fear faceless bureaucrats?

10. What role can public administrators play in the machinery of government?


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