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Additional information

Darkhan Saduakassov

Kazakhstan, Semey city, 905 building 18-11

Mobile: +7 707 653 42 22

+7 701 414 12 30

Email: darkhan_sgrk@mail.ru




Professional Experience

Field worker (June, 2012)
SGPC, training field Karaulnaya Sopka (Semey, Kazakhstan)




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Education and Professional Development

Primary and Secondary School №32 (2001-2007)

Secondary School №35 (2007-2010)


Semey Geological Prospecting College (2010 – present) Student.

Specialty: “Geophysical methods of search and exploration of useful mineral deposits”


Personal Skills

  • Willingness and ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to prioritize and solve problems individually
  • The organization and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with limited external control
  • Mobilizing teams to work effectively under tight deadlines and limited resources
  • Ability to convince people
  • Qualification: geophysics-technician, III level



SGPC, training field Karaulnaya Sopka (Semey, Kazakhstan)

SGPC, geodesic, geological, geophysical practices

Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH, logistic, drilling practices

CentrPromGeophysic Ltd., assistant of geophysist at the Aryskum field

SGPC, training field at rig, practice at wireline logging



· Kazakh

· English

· Russian


Additional information

· Computer skills: advanced user level Microsoft Office, Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Alpha, Kalina Interpretation, Surfer, MapInfo, Sonata, Prime32, Curve Editor, Registration 3.0, Sigma

· Personal qualities: purposeful, responsible, communication skills, organizational and leadership skills, quick learner, a creative approach to the performance of tasks, ability to work in a team and be an executive, the desire to achieve success, responsibility.

· Hobby: sports (football, swimming, table tennis), reading books.

· 2nd place in the regional Olympiad on geography

· Player of the Year of Competition of Eggheads

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