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Chapter 12: Use A Potent Point Of View To Power Your Leadership: How To Develop A Persuasive Standpoint To Win Friends And Influence People

What you stand for matters more in a transparent world. For this reason, the best leaders always have a potent point of view to influence people and win the day. But how do you choose the right one, and how do you structure it to be compelling? Here are the four essential ingredients of a powerful point of view.

Leadership is persuasion. This is a crucial truth of leadership. Every day we have to persuade people to believe in our cause, to believe in the future we see.

To achieve that future, we have to persuade employees to work smarter and faster and more efficiently in pursuit of our goals. We have to persuade our financiers to give us more money. We have to find ways to persuade customers to buy our products or services. We have to persuade our bosses to give us more resources or allow us to embark on a particular project. We have to persuade colleagues to collaborate. The list is endless.

To be persuaded, people need to understand how we see the world, what we believe in, and what benefits will derive from what we are proposing. They need to feel the force of our passion and our belief. Without a compelling point of view, it can be exceedingly difficult to persuade, especially when there are competing views or there is strong opposition to our plans. Stories definitely help, but to be of maximum use they have to stem from and serve a potent point of view.

But what is a potent point of view? How is it different from an opinion? What elements should be in a point of view to make it powerful? How can you supercharge your point of view to be more persuasive?

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