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Only one point of view? Or do you need many?

I believe you should have an over-arching point of view – one that explains your purpose, as well as points of view on crucial issues that relate to your purpose. Your main point of view explains why you exist, whether you are the leader of, a business, a charity or a public sector organization.

Earlier on in this book I gave you my meta-point of view. To remind you, it was this:

‘I believe in leadership. I believe that in the modern working environment, leadership has been undervalued, over-criticized and underappreciated. Yet great leaders can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Great leaders can make great places to work, they can help organizations grow and prosper, and they can alter the destiny of our lives. Great leaders can secure the wealth of nations and make a positive difference to many thousands of people. We need to encourage and liberate the responsible and inspiring leader in everyone.

Because of this belief, I have made it my mission to make leaders more effective by making them better, more inspiring communicators. I do this by one-to-one coaching, by training and by writing books that can help leaders everywhere. By doing this, I hope that I can make a significant difference to many thousands of people, not just the leaders I can make more inspiring, but also the many more followers of the leaders I help.

Every person who is or aspires to be a leader has it in them to be an inspiring leader. They simply need to learn about what it really means to be inspiring, and abandon their preconceptions about inspirational leadership.’

There are four essential ingredients in this point of view, which I will explain in detail later.

You already know the 12 other strong points of view I hold on effective leadership communication – they are expressed as the 12 principles in Chapter 3. Underpinning this are the values I live my life by, and their relevance to leadership. All of these I can present as points of view.

You may also need points of view on the key issues that may affect your business or your customers.

All of these POVs should be interdependent. How many you need depends on your circumstances. Once you have a meta point of view, you can much more easily form related views, using my formula, as we will see later with the example of global security company G4S.

There is another reason you need powerful points of view – and that’s because of the negative effect of not having them.

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