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How a point of view can power a Thought Leadership programme

When you are a leader, people are looking, listening, waiting – what do you have to say? There is little point in having a powerful point of view and then not expressing it widely. Translating your point of view into Thought Leadership – via think pieces, research and studies – can be a powerful way of delivering leadership – for you, your firm or the organization you lead.

Why? Because Thought Leadership, delivered on your own website, at conferences and other speaking opportunities, in the media or any other platform you can think of, will help you to:

· win business;

· build brand awareness;

· win supporters;

· be better understood;

· build your personal profile;

· attract like-minded people;

· influence the markets you serve;

· shape regulatory environments;

· lead public and even national debates;

· turn employees into your advocates;

· be sought out;

· be seen as a leader.

Why wouldn’t you do this?

With a powerful POV, all you have to do is expand it/them into presentations, speeches and articles. When you have a passionate POV, you are much more likely to be attractive to the media, because they love people with a strong point of view. It makes for better copy. You also get sought after for talks, so you will appear on more platforms, which will get reported. Even if you only express yourself in a blog, with a strong and interesting POV you will be much more likely to attract a following.

To succeed in this critical media environment, you need to make sure your POV is compelling to your key audiences. It must be expressed in their language, relevant to their agenda, and based on an understanding of their issues. If you also communicate tangible benefits for them, you will be able to champion causes that truly set you apart.

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