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You can create content that brings to life your vision, and share more stories

One of the great advantages of social media is that you can speak directly to audiences. Not too long ago, leaders had to rely on print and broadcast media to get their message out to external publics. Today, you can easily reach those audiences without having to run the risk of having your words distorted or wrongly interpreted.

Leaders can communicate their vision in an unambiguous way to a wide and varied audience. They can be much more consistent in their communication with multiple stakeholders, unmediated by third parties who can twist or reframe points of view.

‘But, I simply don’t have the time,’ say those who are still resisting.

‘So, how do you communicate then?’ I ask.

‘I send out a weekly e-mail/newsletter.’

At this point, those who are alert will spot the trap. ‘So what’s the difference between writing something for a weekly e-mail and blogging?’

Most leaders I know make a point of talking directly to staff, usually through a personal e-mail column company newsletter. If they can take the time to do this, then why not simply deliver it in the form of a blog? If you want to limit access to the blog you can do so, just as you can restrict who has access to your tweets. The only difference is that the medium is different – the content is likely to be the same.

When online in public, it’s really important to remember that you need to add value to the conversations taking place. If you simply want to peddle the party line in an unsophisticated and blatant way, you will soon be very unwelcome.

Telling stories, sharing insights or giving an expert view are much better ways of getting your messages over.

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