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You can create communities of interest, network better and learn more easily

By creating online ‘places’, where people with common interests can ‘hang out’, leaders can create mutually beneficial networks. Within those networks, leaders can ask for help and advice and enable others to do the same. They can post content, articles, information and news about topics of interest to their community. They can create forums and newsgroups, or enable instant messaging for more immediate communication. The possibilities are endless.

Creating these communities is easier than you might think, and the benefits are enormous. Not least of which is staying current with developments in your marketplace by tapping into a regular flow of ‘insider’ news and Thought Leadership that stimulates thinking and inspires ideas.

You can promote collaboration by demonstrating a collaborative leadership style

The huge trend in leadership today is to build more open and collaborative cultures, in which employees are encouraged to connect with and learn from each other in order to thrive in a world of such blistering speed. This is a powerful way to enable the innovation and imagination of staff – who, after all, are the people who actually deal with customers every day.

When leaders demonstrate collaboration through their online activities, it is a potent signal of the need to change the organization’s culture.

The very nature of social media is collaborative. Leaders who use it to their advantage build social capital with all stakeholders.

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