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With grateful thanks

First, I would very much like to thank you for buying this book. I hope it helps to make you a more inspiring leader. (If you were one of the many thousands of people who also bought a copy of my first book, The Language of Leaders, double thanks.)

Thank you to all the leaders who gave me their time and their views, both for the first book and for this one. I hope I have done you justice.

Thanks go to my daughter, Kirstin Kaszubowska, for finding me the font that has been used to create the figures in this book. (To my amazement, it is my own handwriting. If you’re interested in these sorts of things go to this site and create your very own at www.myfonts.com)

A big thank you also to Natalie Smith for her patience and creativity in translating my hand-drawn charts into those you see in this book.

A special thank you must go to Jonathan Adler, who has read every chapter and provided terrific advice and counsel on what was working and what was not. His perspectives came from the experience of actually working with me, using some of these methods, to advise the leadership teams with whom we work.

Special mention must go to Richard Spence for his help, especially in working with me to begin articulating my coaching methods years before these books were produced.

Thank you to all at Kogan Page for their continued faith, with special mention to Matthew Smith, Helen Kogan and Nancy Wallace.

Thank you again to Vicky Swales, my tireless and endlessly patient PA, who has provided such invaluable help (once again) with the manuscript.

Finally, to my wife, Liz, thank you for your support, encouragement, proofreading and for taking so much of the load while I was being ruthlessly selfish with this book. You are now, and always will be, my inspiration.

List of Figures

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