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Choose the correct answer - A, B or C



(поток №1, 2 семестр, книга 1)

Составитель: ст. преподаватель Касюк Ю.Ю.



Рассмотрено на заседании кафедры 15.09.2005г.

Одобрено в качестве учебного пособия для занятий

со студентами 1 курса



Kinds of animals





farm animals

wild animals



a dolphin

a lion

a crocodile

a tiger

a monkey

a chimpanzee

a koala

an elephant

a kangaroo

a snake

a cow

a horse

an eagle

a parrot

a penguin

a hen

a chick

a duck

a duckling

a cat

a kitten

a dog

a puppy

a sea lion

a butterfly

a mouse-mice

a goose-geese

an ox-oxen

a sheep-sheep

a deer-deer

a fish-fish

a rooster

a snake

a sea-lion

a rabbit

They have got


a fin



a mane

(long/strong) arms

(front/back) legs

a (short/long) tail

(thick) feathers

(sharp) claws

a paw

a foot- feet


a beak

a trunk


easy – easily


to fly

to run

to swim

to eat (fish, leaves, fruit and vegetables)

to hunt (at night)

to jump (high)

to walk (long distances)

to climb

to feed babies on milk

to be like smb./smth.

to keep smth warm

to look funny

to have a big smile

to weigh from 10 to 20 kilos

to be friendly to people

to be an intelligent animal

to live in small/big groups

to live in water

to live alone

to live for about 4 years

to live on the ice of Antarctica

to live in different parts of the world

to live in cold/warm seas

to lay and keep eggs in a nest

to be like smb/to do smth like smb Ex. They are like other birds. / They swim like fish.

to do smth two/three times a day/week/month

to do smth for 5 hours a day

to be dangerous

to be a great swimmer

to be an excellent hunter

to spend most of the time (in the sea)

to rest on sandy beaches and rocky islands

to protect smb. from smth

to save smb/smth

to find out smth

to sleep during the day



Translation 1

- Дельфины, львы, коровы, олени, овцы - млекопитающие. Они кормят своих детенышей молоком…

-Мама, а что это за птица?

-Это пингвин.

где они живут?

-Пингвины живут во льдах Антарктиды.

-Они умеютлетать?

-Нет, но пингвиныпрекрасные пловцы.

-Что едят пингвины?

-Пингвины любят рыбу.

-Сколько живут пингвины?

-Они живут от 15 до 20 лет.

-Эти птицы очень забавные. У них маленькиекрылья и хвосты.


Translation 2

-У тебя есть домашнее животное (любимец)?

-Да, у меня есть собака. Его зовут Рекс. Он очень дружелюбный и учится всему

очень легко. Мой Рекс превосходный охотник. Большую часть времени он проводит на улице. Рекс бегает, прыгает и играет с детьми.

как он выглядит?

- У Рекса светло-коричневая шерсть, большие лапы и острые когти.

-Сколько он весит?

-Он весит около 20 кг.

-А что Рекс ест?

-Рекс ест мясо, но его любимая еда - овощи.

-Когда ты его кормишь?

-Я кормлю Рекса 3 раза в день.


Translation 3

1. Многие животные очень опасны, например крокодилы, тигры, львы.

- Львыхорошие охотники? - Да, они охотятся ночью. Львы очень красивые животные, у них светло-коричневый мех, густая (большая) грива и мощные (сильные) лапы. Львы спят около 5 часов в день.

2.-Ты можешь рассказать мне про кенгуру? - Да.

-Скольколап у этого животного?

- У кенгуру 2 задних , 2 коротких передних лапы и длинный хвост.

- Они живут по одиночке?

- Нет, кенгуру живут в небольших (маленьких) группах.

- Мы можем увидеть их в различных частях света (мира)?

- Нет, кенгуру живут только в Австралии.

3.Животные всегда защищают своих детенышей и пытаются найти безопасное (safe) место для них.

4. Орлы - красивые птицы. Очень часто они откладывают и высиживают яйца в гнездахна скалистых островах. Эти птицы быстро летают и очень хорошо видят.

5.-Тебе нравятся крокодилы?

-Нет, я думаю, что эти рептилии очень опасны. Но мне нравятся обезьяны. Они очень забавные и смышленые животные. Обезьяны очень хорошо прыгают и лазят по деревьям.



Questions for general discussion 1

Animals and pets

1.What kinds of animals do you know?

2.Have you ever visited a farm? What farm animals do you know?

3.Do you like visiting the zoo? When did you last go to the zoo? What animals did you see? What did you like there?

4.What wild animals do you know? Where can people see wild animals?

5.What domestic animals do you know? Do you have a pet? What animal would you like to have as a pet? Where can we get a pet from? Do people have any responsibilities when they keep a pet? Do you buy any special books or magazines about how to keep your pet? What do you do to take care of your pet? Why do some people want to have wild animals as pets?

6.Can people live without animals? What can we do to save animals?




Grammar card 1

Tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous.

1. Kate _______________ (take) the bus to work every day. She usually __________________ (wait) for the bus at the corner of 5th South Street.

2. – Why ___________________ (Jack/spend) so much time in the garden?

3. - Gardening __________ (be) his hobby. Everybody _____________ (know) it.

4. I _________________ (buy) this book when I _______________ (go) to the bookshop last week. Now I ____________ (read) it with pleasure.

5. Don’t laugh at lessons! You ___________________ (always/laugh) too much! Stop doing it!

6. It _____________ (be) very cold yesterday. John _________________ (put) on a warm coat and boots but ______________ (catch) a cold. Now he ______________ (have) a sore throat.

7. When we ______________ (come) to see our little nephew, he ____________ (sleep). He _________________ (dream) about something pleasant because he __________________ (smile). As we ______________ (not/want) to wake him up we __________________ (leave) the children’s room quietly.

8. Where ______________ (be) Martin’s parents now? – They _____________ (be) on business abroad. – When __________________ (they/arrive)? – They ________________ (arrive) next week. ______________________ (you/want) to get in touch with them?



I. Task: put the verbs into the correct form (present simple, present continuous/past simple, past continuous)

1. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?-We________________ (take) the children to the park.

2. When I _________ (hear) this knock I_______ (go) to the door and ________ (open) it, but _____________ (not/recognize) my friend at once.

3. Kate__________ (like) to read. She_____________ (read) every day. When I met her on the street yesterday she _______________ (read) a book.

4. My niece is very kind, Jane_____________ (always, help) me when she ________ (have) time.

5. Last night when I_____________ (read) a magazine I suddenly___________ (hear) a noise. I____________ (get up) to see what it_______ (be) but I _____________ (not/see) anything so I_________ (go back) to bed.

6. I________ (see) that you___________ (have) some problems with this computer. Can I help you?

7. Let’s go out. It______________ (not/rain) now.

8. We _____________ (live) in a small town when____________ (leave) school.

9. While my brother_________________________ (work) in the garden, we________________ (watch) TV in the room.

10. Hurry up! Everybody_________________ (wait) for you.

II. Task: put in the correct form of pronouns.

1. My husband is washing the dishes. I am helping _____.

2. The windows are very dirty. Look at_______.

3. My sister is leaving now. I am going with______.

4. You can congratulate____,we got married.

5. Do you know these girls?-Yes,______names are Kate and Jane.

6. Tom and Jack are late. I am waiting for_____.

7. This is your house.That is_______.

8. My name is Ann. What’s ________.


III. Task: write the plural of the following nouns:

1. city_______________________

2. photo______________________

3. dish_______________________

4. man_______________________

5. tray_______________________

6. child______________________

7. knife______________________

8. ox________________________

9. mouse_____________________

10. person_____________________

11. goose______________________

12. sheep______________________

13. day________________________

14. roof_______________________

15. woman_____________________




Task: put the verbs in brackets into the present simple/present continuous, the past simple/ past continuous tense to complete the sentence.

1. Hurry up! The bus _____________________ (wait) for us.

2. My friend__________________ (not believe) my story.

3. I didn’t want to talk with my sister and I_______________ (leave) the room when she entered.

4. I______________ (find) this book in our shop. How much __________ (pay) for it?

I________________ (pay) 170 rubles.

5. At 5 o’clock yesterday morning I ____________________ (argue) with my friend.

6._____you______ (see) Paul last night? Yes, I___________ (meet) him in the park when he______________ (walk) with his dog.

7. Andy_________________ (fly) to New York every Monday. But today he______________ (fly) to London.

8. -_____you_____ (see) that man over there?

-Which man? The man in the brown jacket?

-No, I____________________ (talk) about the man who________________(read) a book.

-______you________ (know) him?

9. We_____________ (have) a party next Sunday.

10. They__________ (cry) when they ___________(hear) bad news yesterday.

11. What’s the matter? Why _______ your child________ (cry)?

12. I_________ (see) you when you __________(walk) in the garden.

13. Look out! Mary__________________ (come).

14. What ______ you________ (think) of this drawing?-I__________(think) it____(be) excellent.

15. Alec and Mary ______________ (get married) next week.

16. When David_________ (see) Tom, he____________(not/work), he____________(sleep) at his desk.

17.________ (take) my dictionary. I____________ (use)it.

18.__you________ (believe) in flying saucers? - What___________ (you/talk) about?

19. This time last Sunday we______________ (play) volleyball on our beach.

20. What time ______ she_______ (leave) yesterday? She ______ (leave) at 5 o’clock.




I. Put the words into the correct order to make questions:

1. do/he/did/when/this work?_____________________________________________________

2. do/reading/where/magazines/you/like?___________________________________________

3. much/got/you/how/have/time?__________________________________________________

4. this/who/wrote/book?_________________________________________________________

5. salt/how/did/much/put/my/you/in/salad?__________________________________________

6. does/often/come/he/here/how?__________________________________________________

7. the/are not/letter/you/now/writing/are you?________________________________________

8. playing/don’t/why/you/tennis/like?______________________________________________

9. writing/do/you/like/or/reading?_________________________________________________


II. Ask the questions to the underlined words:

1. My sister saw Tom for the first time when she was walking in the park.

2. I buy fresh breadin this shopevery day.

3. Many people like having a rest on sandy beaches.




1. Complete the conversation. Use some, any or no.

A: I’m making ________ coffee. Would you like _______ ?

В:No, thanks. I’m going shopping. What do we need?

А: Well. We haven't got _______ bread.

В:Have we got ________ cheese?

А: No, we haven't. And there aren't ________ eggs.

В:Is there _________ tea left?

A: No, there's ________ tea. And we haven't got _________ rice.

В:Right. Bread, cheese, eggs, tea and rice.

А:Have you got enough money?

В:I’ve got _________, but not much. Can you lend me __________ ?

Choose the correct answer - A, B or C.

1. Do you know______________ in London?

A – someone B – anyone C – any

2. Yes, I have ________ friends here.

A – much B – few C – a few

3. There is ___________ snow this year.

A – much B – few C – a lot of


4. We havetime – let’s hurry up.


A – a little B- much C- little


5. There aren’t _________ books on the desk.

A – much B – many C – little


6. There isn’t ___________ petrol in the car.


A – much B – many C – some

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