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Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or Past Simple tense

1. Have you heard the news? They __________ (just/elect) a new manager.

2. Martha _________ (find) a new job. She is starting next week.

3. When _________ Simon _________ (arrive) at the cinema.

4. – I _________ (just/hear) from my old friend. – Oh, really? – Yes. Jim _________ (write) to me. I _________ (get) the letter today. – That’s nice. When __________ (you/first/meet) him? – He ________ (live) near my house but he ______ (move away) last June and I ________ (not/see) him ever since.

5. Simon __________ (paint) his first picture in 1980.

6. Simon __________ (paint) a lot of pictures.

7. Mike __________ (win) more than 20 medals when he was a sportsman.

8. Ben is an athlete. He _________ (win) more than 10 medals.

9. I _________ (speak) to Celine Dion.

10. I _________ (see) Sting last year.

11. I _________ (write) 5 letters this week.

12. I ____________ (read) this book a month ago.

13. He _____________ (still/not/buy) a computer.

14. They ___________ (yet/not/find) the way out.

15. He _________ (find) this job when he _________ (be) young.

16. I ____________ (already/do) this work.

17. ________ you ________ (yet/write) this translation?


Grammar card 3

Put in the correct verb form.

1. My mother ___________________(tidy) my room when she ____________(see) your letter.

2. I_________________ (write) soon.

3. I _________________ (have) a lecture at 9 tomorrow.

4. What _____________I________________ (do) before you ________________ (interrupt) me?

5. First I _____________ (put) a lump of butter into the frying pan and _______________(light) the gas; then while the butter is melting I _________(break) three eggs into a bowl…

6. Granny ___________________________(always, give) us little presents.

7. ___________your friends____________(wait) for you when you _________________(arrive)?

8. That child_________________(grow) bigger every day.

9. That’s the third cake you _____________________(eat) this morning.

10. Ann __________________(watch) TV a lot when she was ill last year.

11. What time _________________________(you, meet) Tom tomorrow?

12. What time ___________________________(the train, leave) tomorrow?

13. I promise, I ____________________(not/tell) anyone what happened.

14. Do you think she ___________________(like) the present we bought her?

Grammar card 4

Modal verbs: choose the best form.

1. Tom _________ play the guitar. (may, can, have to)

2. John__________ get up early to catch the bus to work. (may, might, has to)

3. It’s unlikely, but he __________ have the door key. (may, must, might)

4. You _________ lie. (don’t have to, mustn’t, can’t)

5. Mary was a very clever girl. She _______ read when she was 4 years old. (might, can, could)

6. I’m really tired. I ___________ go home now. (have to, must, can)

7. We ________ win, but I don’t think there’s much chance. (may, can, might)

8. You ______ disturb your sister while she’s working. (mustn’t, don’t have to)

9. I think you ________ try to relax more. (should, must, have to)

10. In this country, boys _________ do military service. (don’t have to, mustn’t)

11. When I was younger I ________ sing quite well. (can, may, could)

12. He _________ swim very well. (may, can)

13. _________ you help me? I don’t know what to do. (should, could)

14. I think I __________ help you. You don’t know what to do. (should, could)

15. You ___________ knock before you come into my room. (Mustn’t, don’t have to)

16. It’s rained a lot, so we ________ water the garden. (Mustn’t, don’t have to)

17. You know, I think you ________ take a holiday. (must, should)

18. Tell Mark he ________ tidy the room at once. (must, should)

19. According to the radio, it ______ rain today. It ______ even snow. (may, might)

20. This is a great book. I _______read it. (must, have to)

21. Yesterday we _______ call a doctor. (must, had to)


Grammar card 5

Modal verbs: translate into English.

1. Вы умеете играть на гитаре?- Нет.

2. Мальчик не может читать быстро.

3. Когда мне было восемь, я умел кататься на коньках, но не умел плавать.

4. Сегодня Анин день рождения. Мы должны послать ей открытку.

5. Им нельзя (они не могут) курить в детской комнате.

6. Если ты пойдешь на улицу, тебе следует взять пальто, потому что там холодно.

7. Что ты делаешь сегодня вечером? – Я не знаю. Я может, пойду на улицу или может, останусь дома.

8. Должен Том носить униформу в школу или он может одевать что хочет?

9. Чтобы хорошо знать английский, я должен хорошо заниматься.



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