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Answer these questions

1. Why was it easy to find interesting work?

2. Why did Rose want to work in an office near her parents’ house?

3. Why did Rose go to one office again?

4. Whom did she talk to there?

5. Why did she want to start working there in three months’ time?

Tenses review

Grammar card №1


1. The sky is clear tonight; it ______________ (be) cold tomorrow.

2. Next year I ______________ (be) twenty-four.

3. I _________________ (think) about what you said since yesterday.

4. I ________________(study) English since last May.

5. Perhaps in a few hundred years everybody___________ (have) an easier life.

6. I don’t want to go for a walk – it_________________ (rain).

7. How long _________________ (you/ learn) here? – Since last summer.

8. How often _______________ (you /see) your parents?

9. What _______________ (you /do) after the party? – I went home.





Grammar card №2


1. We _________________ (watch) the boats on the sea at the moment.

3. Mary _______________ (never/ work) after six o’clock.

4. It __________________ (be) very cold next winter.

5. Julian is having a holiday later this year. She __________ (visit) Greece in the autumn.

6. He ___________(have) this car for two years and then sold it.

7. Your hands are dirty. – I ______________ (work) in the garden.

8. I’m married. My husband’s name is Theo. We ____ (be) married since 1998.

9. He _____________ (be) an engineer.

10. Let’s hurry up. The bus _________________ (arrive) at four o’clock.

11. You look tired. – Yes, I ___________ (work).

12. She ___________ (usually/ go) to church with her brother on Sundays.





Grammar card №3


1. Look! He_____________ (not/ work). He ______________ (listen) to music.

2. I’m from Switzerland, I live in London now. I _______ (live) here since 1988.

3. I think I ________________ (talk) to her in the morning.

4. I have a sore throat because I ______________ (shout).

5. I’m a photographer. I __________ (work) for a sports magazine in London. I _______________ (work) there for two years.

6. They _____________________ (get married) in May.

7. They ______________ (run) four kilometers to reach us.

8. I _____________ (know) Anna since we ___________ (be) at school together.

9. What __________ (you /do) all morning? – I ___________ (write) letters.



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