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Exercise 8. Match the parts

Petrol prices ... a... were killed in the rally

This jacket ... b... have been increased

Five people ... c... has been disconnected

The telephone ... d… is not permitted anywhere on this station

The old town theatre ... e... was made in Hong Kong

It appears the telephone bill ... f... was told to stay inside their homes

Before the storm everyone ... g... bad not been paid

Smoking ... h... is currently being rebuilt


Exercise 9. Transform the sentences to the passive:

They owe a lot of money to the bank.

You can buy videos like this one anywhere.

Someone has to write the history of the European Community one day.

Someone may have already written the history of the European Community.

When we arrived home, we found that someone had broken one of our windows.

They have sold their car to pay their debts.

The manager always welcomes new employees.

They are building a new supermarket near the church.

They fought the battle in i623.

Someone was cleaning the windows while I was there.

Someone has moved my desk!

They are taking the refugees to a camp outside the village.

Someone has singed all the documents before I arrived.

They were questioning us and searching our vehicle at the same time.

They will post our letters when the ship arrives at the next port of call.

They are opening the case again because they’re not satisfied with the verdict.

Have you changed anything?

How soon will they repeat that TV program?

Have you prepared all the documents?

Have the tested all the machines?

What are they building over their?


Exercise 10. Ask questions to the underlined words.

This monument was put up three hundred years ago.

Only one of his books has been translated into Russian.

The meeting was put off, because the day wasn’t convenient for most of the people.

Some pop singers were being interviewed when I switched on the telly.

These contests are held every four year.

Your order will be fulfilled in five days’ time.


Exercise 11. Match the questions with the answers.


Does anyone ever open this window? Yes, they have already been invited.
Does anyone ever take him to school? Yes, they will be told about it soon.
Did anyone ever repair that car? Yes, it is opened regularly.
Does anyone ever air this room? Yes, it has already been repaired.
Does anyone ever correct these copybooks? Yes, it will be swept soon.
Does anyone ever invite him to a party? Yes, they will be sharpened soon.
Does anyone ever meet them at the station? Yes, he is taken to school regularly.
Did anyone ever sharpen this knife? Yes, they were watched regularly.
Did anyone ever sharpen these knives? Yes, it has already been sharpened.
Did anyone ever watch them? Yes, it was repaired regularly.
Has anyone opened the window yet? Yes, it has already been opened.
Has anyone corrected these copybooks yet? Yes, he will be served soon.
Will anyone sweep the floor? Yes, he is invited regularly.
Will anyone tell them about it? Yes, they will be found soon.
Has anyone invited them yet? Yes, they are met at the station regularly.
Will anyone serve him? Yes, they were sharpened regularly.
Has anyone repaired this car yet? Yes, they have already been corrected.
Will anyone find them? Yes, they are corrected regularly.
Has anyone sharpened this knife yet? Yes, it was sharpened regularly.
Will anyone sharpen these knives? Yes, it is aired regularly.


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