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Old Testament Readings

Isaiah 43:9-14

Wisdom of Solomon 3:1-9

Wisdom of Solomon 5:15-6:3


ST Sunday after Pentecost: All Saints

Litya (If the rector desires the Litya, following the sticheron of the patron saint of the church or monastery, these stichera are sung:)

Tone 1


In oneness of belief,

let us spiritually celebrate the universal festival of


the memorial of all the Saints

who from all ages, have been pleasing to God;

the venerable order of the Patriarchs, the assembly of the Prophets,

the adornment of the Apostles, the company of the Martyrs,

and our pride and joy, the Ascetics;

for they ceaselessly intercede that peace be granted to the world//

and great mercy to our souls!


Come, all believers,

with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs

let us praise the all-glorious memory of all the Saints,

blessing reverently the Baptist of our Savior,

the Apostles, Prophets, and Martyrs,

the Hierarchs, Teachers, and the Holy Ones,

the Ascetics, the Righteous, and the God-loving assembly of holy Women!

With one voice let us cry aloud:

O Christ our God, supremely good,

by their intercessions, bestow peace upon Thy Churches,

victory over enemies upon those who love God,//

and great mercy on our souls!



Come, let us all spiritually rejoice in the commemoration of the Saints;

for behold, it has come, bringing us bountiful gifts!

With a voice of exceeding gladness

and with a pure conscience let us cry aloud, saying:

Rejoice, O assembly of the Prophets,

who proclaimed the coming of Christ to the world,

and who foresaw things that were afar, as though they were near!

Rejoice, O choir of the Apostles,

fishers of men, who drew the Gentiles into Christ’s saving net!

Rejoice, O company of the Martyrs,

who were gathered from the ends of the world into one Faith,

and for the sake of that Faith withstood the testing of torture,

and received at the end the crown of contest!

Rejoice, O throng of the Fathers,

who afflicted your own bodies with ascetic discipline and mortified

the passions of the flesh;

ye gave wings to thy mind by divine love

and ascended to the Heavens, where ye rejoice with the Angels

and enjoy the eternal good things!

And now, O Prophets, Apostles, and Martyrs,

together with the Ascetics, earnestly entreat Him Who crowned you,

that He grant deliverance from enemies, both visible and invisible,//

to those who in faith and love celebrate your ever-venerable memory!

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Tone 5

Let us assemble, O faithful, for the present festival;

for a spiritual table and a mystical chalice is set before us,

filled with the delightful foods of gladness, the virtues of the Martyrs!

Steadfast in soul, from the ends of the earth,

they brought to God as a reasonable sacrifice,

the various tortures applied to their bodily limbs in the prime of their lives.

Some underwent beheading,

others the severing of their arms and of every joint;

and together, all the Saints became partakers of Christ’s sufferings.

But, O Lord, Who gavest them crowns as rewards for their torments,

count us worthy to live according to their example,//

as Thou art the Lover of man!


Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.


Tone 5(Theotokion)

Most precious Virgin,

Thou art the gate, the temple,

the palace, and the throne of the King!

From Thee, my Redeemer, Christ the Lord appeared to those asleep in


He is the Sun of Righteousness,

Who desired to enlighten His image, whom He had created.

Since thou dost possess motherly boldness before Him,

O all-praised Lady,//

pray unceasingly that our souls may be saved!


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