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Complete the dialogue by putting the verbs into the present continuous

Frank:   Jackie:   Frank: Jackie:   Frank:   Jackie: Hello, Jackie, what 1_______________ (you / do) here in Hamburg? I 2_______________ (visit) someone at Axel Springer, the publisher. We 3_______________ (develop) a project together to share digital media content. That sounds interesting. Where 4________________ (you / stay)? At the Crowne Plaza. And what about you? How 5_______________ (business / go)? As you know, the advertising industry 6______________ (not do) very well at the moment. Luckily our agency is OK, but the marker 7___________ (become) very fragmented – digital TV channels, films, specialist magazines, Internet sites. A lot of advertisements 8_____________ (not reach) the target audience like they used to, and our clients know it. I can see the problem, but I am sure you’ll be OK in the long term. After all, business can’t survive without advertising.


Complete this newspaper article about the Brazilian company Gerdau by using the words from the list below. Each set of words fills two spaces.

is becoming / companies is making / flexible is attracting / attention

is approaching / market share is getting / right is raising / plants

is beginning / expectations is modernizing / law

Gerdau, the Brazilian steel maker, (la) __________ one of Latin America's most successful (lb) __________. It (2a) ________ productivity in its (2b) _________; it (3a) __________ the price and timing of its takeovers of smaller companies (3b) __________; and, most important, it (4a) __________ to understand investors' (4b) _________. Investors want a firm that's focused and transparent, with a simple share structure, and that's exactly what Gerdau gives them. The only problem in the short term is a problem of success. Gerdau (5a) ________ a 50% (5b) __________ in its domestic market, and so it (6a) __________ the (6b) __________ of Cade, the monopolies authority. These days it's much easier to do business in Brazil. The government is simplifying the company-tax structure, it (7a) _________ the labour market more (7b) _________ by changing the restrictive labour laws, and it (8a) ________ company (8b) ________ in general.

Present Simple – Present Continuous

Underline the correct words.

1. I writing / I'm writing the report this week - it will be ready on Friday.

2. Mr Sorensen is busy at the moment. He is expecting / Is he expecting you.


3. The lift isn't working / doesn't working. We'll have to take the stairs.

4. Mercedes Benz manufactures / is manufacturing high-quality cars.

5. Every year Benetton is launching / launches a new range of clothes.

6. Benetton is expanding / expands the number of shops they have in the UK.

7. The financial Times Group is owning / owns Les Echos and Recoletos.

8. This month the Financial Times is looking / looks for graduates to join its staff.

Complete these sentences with either the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1. We normally _______________ (hold) our sales conference in Spain, but this year we ________________ (hold) it in Poland.

2. Although we ________________ (use) our own sales rep at the moment, we generally ________________ (use) agents in Japan.

3. It normally ________________ (take) us two years to develop a new product.

4. We don’t often _______________ (raise) our prices more than 5%, but this time we _________________ (raise) them 10%.

5. Usually our Sales Director _________________ (deal) with important customers.

6. We _________________ (recruit) from within the company, but this time we _______________ (advertise) externally.

7. We ___________________ (rent) offices until our new headquarters are ready.

8. The company __________________ (want) to achieve record sales this year.

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