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Authors Preface iii

Foreword v

Chapter 1 ISKCONs Four Movements. 1

Chapter 2 Quotes from rla Prabhupda.. 12

Chapter 3 Becoming Varrama Alert. 25

By His Grace Tejiyas Dsa

Chapter 4 Varrama Shift 33

Interview with His Holiness

Bhakti Rghava Swami

Chapter 5 Vaiava Village in Indonesia.. 52

Gt-nagar Baru (GNB)

New Vision for Graduates

Conclusion 59

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About the Author... 75


I would like to thank all those who helped, in some way or other, make this book a reality within the short period it took to bring it to press.


First, I must express my deep gratitude to my spiritual father, rla Prabhupda, for his great vision and strong determination to make varrama-dharma become a reality. He remains my constant source of inspiration.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to a few of my Godbrothers who remain staunch supporters of varrama-dharma and who are actively involved in guiding various rural projects: His Grace Gaura Maala Bhmi Dsa (Gt-nagar Baru, Indonesia), His Grace Blaka Dsa (aragati Eco-Village, Canada), His Grace Tattva Darshan Dsa (Bhaktivedanta Eco-Village, India) and His Grace Tejiyas Dsa for his extensive travel to rural communities and his profound concern for the varrama mission.


My deepest respect and admiration goes to all those dedicated souls who are actively involved in applying the concepts and principles of varrama-dharma by helping develop various rural communities around the world. Without their endeavors and personal example, I would not be inspired to take up this service.


My appreciation goes to rman Rjarma Dsa who offered to sponsor the publication of this book and to his wife, mataji My, who was enthusiastic to work on the Index and Glossary.


I am thankful to rman Hdaya Caitanya Dsa for his editing and layout, as well as for providing the various photos in the book. I wish to also thank rman Kedamana Dsa for putting some last minute touches on the editing as well.

I am grateful to rman Smba Dsa for having accepted to write the Foreword and for his valuable comments and suggestions.


Last but not least, I would like to thank you, the Reader, for taking the time to absorb the important message contained in the pages of MAKE VRINDAVAN VILLAGES. May you all be blessed with rla Prabhupdas vision of making the whole world Ka conscious through the proper application of varrama-dharma.

Authors Preface


This small booklet is meant to serve as a general introduction to some of the basic concepts of varrama-dharma. For those unfamiliar with the principles of varrama-dharma, the book entitled Varrama Education An Introductory Manual[soon to be published] will help clarify the question. In essence, the subject matter deals with both the topic of education as well as social and spiritual upliftment through a well established and scientifically planned educational system and social structure which encompass all spheres and all dimensions of life.


Unless we understand these basic and standard traditional Vedic principles and until we become convinced of the importance and urgency to establish varrama-dharma, no educational system and no social structure will succeed in bringing about the individual and social stability so much needed in our present day severely misguided society. As stated by rla Prabhupdain his Essay on Gt-nagar in reference to the four principles followed by one of Indias modern leaders, Mahtm Gandhi:


The above four-fold Gandhi movements, if done in an organized, scientific way supported by all the authentic scriptures of all religiosities, will bring in that tranquility of peace respite of all harshness and bitterness of the present world, which we have longed for till now.

[Essay on Gt-nagar, Part 1]


It is our hope that all sincere seekers of knowledge and realization in the matter of personal and social equilibrium and development will benefit from the topic presented. Statements contained in this booklet are not the personal thoughts and ideas of one individual but rather reflect the thoughts and ideas of the great cryas or teachers of the ancient Vedic literatures.


Readers interested in the subject are invited to read the books written by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta rla Prabhupda, in particular the Bhagavad-gt and the rmad-Bhgavatam. Both deal extensively with the subject matter. In particular, readers will find the essence of varrama-dharma principles elaborated by the great teacher Nrada Muni in the Chapters 11 to 15 of the rmad-Bhgavatam, Seventh Canto. Other references have also been added in the annexes for further reading.


One may also correspond with the author and visit our website dedicated to varrama-dharma at:




Hare Ka.



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