Conversations (October 8, 1977, Vndvana)


Prabhupda: This is soul-killing civilization, this kind way of life, especially European countries. Anywhere you can inhabit it. It is not very difficult. A cottage; you can produce your own food anywhere. Am I right?

Hasadta: Yes, Prabhupda. We will do it.

Prabhupda: And money, spend for Kafor Ka's palace, for Ka's temple, for Ka's worship, gorgeous, as gorgeously as... Not for false... This is the human civilization. And to organize this, varrama will help you to divide the societybrhmaa, katriya, vaiyaas there is division in the body. That will help. Don't waste human form of body for sense gratification. I wanted to introduce this. Now I have given you ideas. You can do it. You are all intelligent. For Caitanya Mahprabhu's para-upakra... [Cc. di 9.41] So you do good to others. Not exploit others. Any human being who has been bestowed by this body has the capacity to chant Hare Ka. Give them chance and make situation favorable. Is that clear?


10. Conversations (1977 - transcript from the Final Lesson DVD)


According to the association of different natures, we get a body: raa gua-sago sya sad-asad-yoni-janmasu. Therefore we should always seek good association, devotee association. Then our life will be successful. If we live with good association, then we cultivate knowledge. That means association. A man is known by his company. So if we have the chance of association with devotees, then our character, nature becomes better. By hearing, by discussing rmad-Bhgavatam, this rj gu, tama gu are subdued. Then sattva gu remains. naa-pryev abhadreu nitya bhgavata-sevay. Then rj gu, tama gu cannot so harm us. Therefore, varnasrama dharma is so essential that people live in sattva gu. Tama gu, rj gu increases lust and greediness, and that implicates the living entity who exists in the material world in many many forms. That is very dangerous. Therefore, they should be brought into sattva gu by the establishment of varrama dharma. How to bring people in sattva- gu with brahminical qualifications. Very neat and clean, rise early in the morning to see magala-ratika, in this way to stay in sattva- gu.

Conversations (March, 1974, Vndvana)


Prabhupda: First of all var. And rama, then, when the var is perfectly in order, then rama. rama is specially meant for spiritual advancement, and var is general division. It must be there in the human society, or they're on the animals. If var is not there, then this is a society of animal. And when the var is working perfectly, then we give them rama. Varrama. That is later on.


Hdaynanda: First they should be taught a skill.


Prabhupda: Yes. First of all, the whole society must be divided into four varas. Otherwise, there will be chaotic condition. That is what is the position now. What is he, what he has to do, one does not know. And there are so many unemployment. But if you organize the society into varas, there will be no question of unemployment.


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