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The Melbourne Cup

The greatest horse race in Australia, the prestigious Melbourne Cup, die centre of the city's Spring Racing Carnival is held on the first Tuesday in November. Although its position as the bearer of the largest prize for an Australian horse race is constantly under challenge, no other race can bring the country to a standstill.

It's a public holiday in the city's metropolitan area. }'or about an hour during the lead-up to the race, people all over the country get touched by-Melbourne's spring racing fever. Serious punters and fashion-conscious race goers pack the grandstand and lawns of the Victorian Racing Club's beautiful Flemington Racecourse, those who only bet once a year make their choice and organize Cup syndicates with friends, and die race is watched or listened to on TVs and radius in pubs, clubs and houses across the land. Australia virtually comes to a halt for the three or so minutes when the race is actually run.

The two-mile 0.2 km) flat race attracts horses and owners from Europe and the Middle East. Many people saw that to be in Melbourne in November and not to go to the Cup is like going to Paris and skipping the louver, or turning your back on the bulls in Pamplona.




January 1: NEW YEAR'S DAY is observed as a holiday nationwide.

January 26: AUSTRALIA DAY, celebrated as the founding day of the nation. February - March: ADELAIDE FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS has earned a reputation as one of the world's foremost international arts festivals, luring established and experi­mental international performing companies.

March 4-13: MOQМВА is one of the country's best ebullient festivals, beginning early in the month with fireworks over the Yarra River, and culminating with a grand pageant on the river bank.

April 1-4: The EASTER holiday is observed from Good Friday through Easter Monday.

April 25: ANZAC DAY, which honors the soldiers who died at Gallipoli in World War I, will be observed on April 25 in Victoria and Tasmania, April 26 in all other states. June 13: THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY is a holiday in every state but Western Australia. June or July: THE BEER CAN REGATTA in Darwin is an event that shows a fire sensitivity to recycling - the sailing craft are constructed from used beer cans! It takes place during .the Bougainvillea Festival celebrating the coining of the dry season.

Late September: AVARANA FESTIVAL, bane in spring blossom with a series of gala happenings, including a festive parade.

Late September: HENLEY-ON-TODD REGATTA in Alice Springs is a boat race - it's named after the Henley boat race in England which is very prestigious. The event takes place on the river Todd which is completely dry! The boats are either pulled along or carried. Fights between rivals often occur when they bomb each other with flour.

October 13-29 MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FES-TIVALS OF THE ARTS, formerly known as the Spolets -Festival, features Australia's fop performers, along with outstanding international productions, at the Performing Arts Centre and venues around Melbourne. Weekend ticket packages are available.

Мid-October: FUN IN THE SUN. FESTIVAL in Cairns highlights the city's tropical setting.

December 25-26: CHRISTMAS DAY, when almost everything is closed nationwide, and BOXING DAY, observed as a holiday in all states except South Australia. (The lat­ter stems from the era when English squires "boxed" the remains of their Christmas dinners for their tenants).



Culture – Vocabulary:

Vigour ['vigә] – сила, мощь

Palpable ['pælpәbl] – осязаемый, ощутимый

Renowned [ri'naund] – прославленный, известный, знаменитый

Broadcaster – диктор

Musicologist – музыковед

Embody [im'bodi] – воплощать в жизнь, реализовать

Perceive [pә'si:v] – понимать, осознавать, постигать, ощущать

Egalitarian(ism) [i,gæli' tεәriәn(izm)] – уравнительный/ский, эгалитаризм

Mate – товарищ (по работе), напарник

Vernacular [vә'nækjulə] – национальный, туземный

Non-profit – некоммерческий

Diversity [dai'vә:siti] – разнообразие, многообразие

Spectator [spek'teitә] – зритель, очевидец

Favour ['feivə] – благоволить

Netball – род баскетбола (обычно играют девочки или женщины)

Grand slam – большой шлем

Die [dai] – игральная кость

Halt [ho:lt] – остановка ;

to come to a halt – остановиться

Virtually – фактически

Punter – карт. Понтёр, профес. игрок (на скачках, на бирже)

Grand stand – трибуна

Race-course – ипподром

To bet – держать пари

Louver ['lu:və] – башенка, pl. жалюзи

Genre [¯a: ŋr]

Variety [və'raiəti]

Dialectical [,daiə' lektik(ə)l] / dialectal – диалектный

Media [' mi:djә]

Amateur [' æmətə:]

Tournament [' tuәnәmәnt] – турнир

Prestigious [pres 'ti:d¯əs]

Rugby Union – used to be played only by amateurs, but in 1995 the rules were changed to allow players to be paid (15 players in each team); is played in: Australia, France, Italy, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland,Wales, etc.

Rugby League – is a professional game played mainly in the north of England and in Australia (13 players in each team)

Lure [' ljuә] – привлекать, соблазнять

Ebullient [i'bΛljәnt] – кн. кипучий, бьющий ключом

Pageant [' pæd¯әnt] – пышное зрелище

Sensitivity [,sensi' tiviti] – чувствительность

To coin – чеканить, измышлять

Bane – отрава, яд

Fop – щеголь, пижон

Venue [' venju:] – место сбора, встречи

To stem – происходить, возникать

Tenant [' tenәnt] – обитатель, житель

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