The Baggage hall at Vancouver International Airport. Mary is waiting at the carousel. So is Hiroshi

Landing card.

A. Mary is British. She is on an airplane flying from Vancouver to San Diego.

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, maam. Are you an American citizen?

Mary: No. No Im not.

Flight Attendant: Do you have a visa for the United States?

Mary: Yes, I do.

Flight Attendant: Can you complete this card? Its for immigration.

Mary: All right. Uh, do you have a pen?

Flight Attendant: No I dont. Sorry.

B. Mary decides to ask her neighbor about a pen.

Mary: Excuse me, do you have a pen?

Hiroshi: Yes, I do.

Mary: Uh, can I borrow it?

Hiroshi: dont you have one?

Mary: No.

Hiroshi: Huh all right. There you go.

Mary: Thank you.

C. Mary: Heres your pen back. Thanks.

Hiroshi: Are you here on vacation?

Mary: No, Im not. Im here on business.

Hiroshi: Are you British?

Mary: Yes, I am, but I work in Vancouver.

Hiroshi: I work in Vancouver too.

Mary: Are you Canadian?

Hiroshi: I was born in Japan, but for now I am an American citizen.

Landing card:

1. Family name. 2. First name. 3. Birth date. 4. Country of citizenship. 5. Sex (Male/ Female). 6. Passport. Number. 7. Country where you live. 8. City where Visa was issued. 9. Address while in the United States (Number and Street). 10. City and State.

Some questions: Replies:

1. Are you here on vacation? - Yes, I am.

2. Are you here on business? - No, Im not. Im here on business. \ Its a business trip.

3. Why are you going to San Diego? - No, I live in San Diego.

- Im in college there. \ Im visiting friends. \ Im visiting


- Im not. Im changing planes there.


Welcome to the USA. A.

Immigration control in San Diego, California.

Immigration: From Taiwan? How long are you staying?

Woman: One week.

Immigration: Fine. Enjoy your stay.

Guard: Step this way. Please stand behind the yellow line Please stand behind the yellow line Go ahead, maam. Booth four Step this way.

Immigration: Good day, maam. Your passport, please.

Mary: There you go.

Immigration: How long are you staying in the USA?

Mary: About two weeks.

Immigration: Thank you thats it. Welcome to the United States, and enjoy your stay.


B. Guard: Please pick up your bags, and walk through to Customs Control

Customs: Welcome to the United States. Where are you traveling from?

Mary: Im travelling from Vancouver.

Customs: Are you British?

Mary: Yes, I am.

Customs: My grandfather is British! He was born in York. Do you know York?

Mary: Yes, I do. Its a lovely city!

Customs: Do you have any prohibited items?

Mary: No, I dont.

Customs: OK. Enjoy your state here.

Mary: Thank you.


Baggage in hall.

The Baggage hall at Vancouver International Airport. Mary is waiting at the carousel. So is Hiroshi.

Mary: Pardon me.

Hiroshi: Yes?

Mary: Thats my bag over there, and I cant reach it.

Hiroshi: Which one? This one?

Mary: No, not that one. The red one.

Hiroshi: Phew! Here you are. Thats heavy!

Mary: Oh, and those are my suitcases too.

Hiroshi: Which ones?

Mary: Those two blue ones and that aluminum one.

Hiroshi: I cant reach them Just a minute.

Mary: Please be careful! Dont stand on the carousel.

Hiroshi: Dont worry, maam. I am OK. I can get them.

Mary: Oh, dear. Are you all right?

Hiroshi: Uh, sure. Are these your suitcases?

Mary: WellNo They arent. Sorry!


Words to know:

This red bag

That blue hard case

These green soft case

Those yellow metal case

black backpack ()

brown vanity box ()

gray suitcase


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