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C Head Receptionist

C High season

2. _________ is a room with office facilities available to guests at a hotel.

a Business centre;

b Business club;

c Designated areas

3. _________ is a path through the country.

a Trail;

b Road;

c Route

4. _________ are buildings in which horses are kept.

a Lodges;

b Stalls;

C Stables

5. _________ is a hotel bedroom with an adjoining living-room.

a Suite;

b Single room;

c Double room

6. _________ is a traditional dancing of a community or country.

a Tap dancing;

b Folk dancing;

c Ballroom dancing

7. _________ is friendly and generous treatment of guests.

a Hospitality;

b Welcome;

c Cordiality

8. Our room was _________. There was only a bed and a table with two chairs in it.

a richly furnished;

b well-equipped;

C sparsely furnished

9. _________ is a holiday taken by newly married couple.

a High season;

b Honeymoon;

c Vacation

10. This place is very popular. That`s why reservations should be made _________.

a in advance;

b late;

c at the wrong time

11. _________ are scattered over 20 different campgrounds.

a Places;

b Sites;

c Positions

12. _________ is music that is performed.

a Recorded music;

b Folk music;

C Live music

13. His job is to visit hotels, especially the _________ 5-star ones.

a de luxe;

b small;

c family-run

14. We don’t need anything too _________ – just a private bathroom.

a elegant;

b luxurious;

c rich

15. I don`t mind _________ for it.

a to pay;

b pay;

C paying

16. We are both _________ walking.

a loving;

b fond of;

c affectionate

17. The most important things are polite staff and _________ service.

a effective;

b efficient;

c competent

18. Unfortunately big hotels are so _________.

a impersonal;

b impartial;

c unconcerned

19. We felt very comfortable in _________ rooms at a hotel in the centre of the city.

a air-conditioned;

b accessible;

c rustic

20. _________ is a booklet containing information about a hotel.

a Poster;

b Pamphlet;

C Brochure

21. _________ is something pleasant in addition to what was expected.

a Present;

b Bonus;

c Prize

22. _________ are official documents that give somebody the right to go somewhere or do something.

a Permits;

b Permission;

c Allowance

23. _________ is a holiday town.

a Resort;

b Spa;

c Bathing-place

24. _________ are areas marked out for a particular purpose.

a Dedicated areas;

b Designated areas;

c Assigned areas

25. _________ is a group of hotels owned by the same person or company.

a Series;

b Row;

C Chain

26. _________ is an amount of money available for a specific purpose.

a Revenue;

b Budget;

c Finances

27. _________ is a place where guests serve themselves from a number of dishes.

a Refreshment room;

b Buffet service;

c Cafeteria

28. You can _________ here in this café after hard work.

a unwind;

b rest;

c have / get a respite

29. The river _________ into its two parallel ranges.

a separates;

b cuts;

C splits

30. Eiffel Tower is a _________ place. Everybody knows it.

a celebrated;

b notorious;

c unknown

31. There was a lot of space in our room. It was _________.

a rustic;

b spacious;

c sturdy

32. The hotel is located in the center of the city. It was _________.

a within easy reach;

b near;

c local

33. Our firm makes profit at present. That’s why we’ve decided to _________ our business.

a increase;

b grow;

c expand

34. Shops, bars, tavernas, restaurants are located _________ the hotel.

a far and wide;

b throughout;

c everywhere

35. I love going on _________ , especially in Europe.

a vacation;

b recess;

c holidays

36. I like spending time on a tennis _________ .

a court;

b field;

c course

37. In our yard there is a ___________ for children to play.

a court;

b playground;

c course

38. Sites are scattered over 30 different____________.

a campgrounds;

b trailer parks;

c positions

39. This hotel is very popular. That`s why ___________ should be made beforehand.

a conservations;

b reservations;

c orders

40. We can watch different films and TV programs on ___________.

a radio;

b color television;

c tape recorder

41. You can take some drink in ___________ in your room.

a pub;

b bar;

C mini-bar

42. He`d like to stay in a room with a ___________ of the bay.

a view;

b look;

c scene

43. Our room was very clear and bright. There were three beautiful crystal ___________ in it.

a chandeliers;

b girandoles;

c candelabrums

44. I`d like a room ___________ the sea.

a overlooking;

b rising above;

c oversighting

45. He likes to stay in neither large nor small rooms. He prefers ___________ ones.

a medium-sized;

b small-sized;

c large-sized

46. I think, I ___________ better treatment.

a merit;

b deserve;

c require

47. She often goes to ___________ to keep fit.

a court;

b playground;

C fitness-centre

48. We could see ourselves in a full-length ___________ which was hanging on the wall.

a looking glass;

b glass;

C mirror

49. ___________ are people who are unable to use all the parts of their body.

a Invalids;

b Physically challenged;

C The disabled

50. ___________ is a way by which people can leave a burning building.

a Air escape;

b Fire escape;

c Fire engine

51. ___________ is a part of building that has been added later.

a Annex;

b Extension;

c Addition

52. ___________ are sloping surfaces to let wheeled vehicles go up stairs.

a Ramps;

b Stair-lift;

c Hoists

53. ___________ are equipment and place where a baby can be cleaned and changed.

a Room service;

b Nappy-changing facilities;

c Laundry service

54. ___________ is a service for washing and cleaning clothes.

a Room service;

b Nappy-changing facilities;

C Laundry service

55. ___________ are mirrors in which a person can see their whole body.

a Full-length mirrors;

b Small-sized mirrors;

c Large-sized mirrors

56. I’m a partner in a company that builds ___________ – swimming-pools, saunas, tennis courts.

a servicing facilities;

b leisure facilities;

c recreation

57. ___________ are offered in our hotel for families with a baby.

a a low-level front desk;

b play-rooms;

C push-chairs

58. People can get sun burnt in ___________ even in winter.

a solarium;

b sauna;

c fitness-centre

59. Our room was ___________ with a bath and shower.

a en suite ;

b furnished;

C equipped

60. There is a golf ___________ not far from our house.

a court;

b field;

C course

61. ___________ is a device for ironing and pressing a pair of trousers.

a Trouser-press;

b Iron;

c Trouser stretcher

62. ___________ is a system of controlling something (e.g. television) from a distance.

a Remote access;

b Remote control;

c Far control

63. ___________ is a group of hotels owned by the same person or company.

a Series;

b Row;

C Chain

64. ___________ is a strong suggestion to do something.

a Recommendation;

b Proposal;

c Offer

65. ___________ is a bus service provided by a hotel free of charge.

a Sightseeing bus;

b City bus;

C Courtesy bus

66. ___________ is a room where a person can lie and be exposed to bright artificial sunlight.

a Solarium;

b Sauna;

c Fitness-centre

67. ___________ is a number of rooms actually used by guests compared to the total number of rooms available.

a Human occupancy;

b Occupancy rates;

c Recreational occupancy

68. ___________ is a room at the top of a building in the roof.

a Annex;

b Extension;

C Attic

69. Their flat was ___________, simple but comfortable.

a homely;

b ordinary;

c familiar

70. It was an extra-large, ___________ bed.

a twin-size;

b full-size;

C king-size

71. You can leave your car in ___________ near the hotel.

a parking;

b stand;

c taxi rank

72. In this hotel there is a ___________ for people to relax or play.

a playground;

b recreation room;

c course

73. ___________ is a compartment or cage raised or lowered in a vertical shaft to transport persons or goods in a building.

a Lift;

b Elevator;

c Hoists

74. Our room was very warm due to ___________ though there was no air-conditioning in it.

a solar heating;

b central heating;

c forced-air heating

75. ___________ is someone who cannot stop working.

a Workaholic;

b Work addict;

c Heavy workload

76. ___________ is an art of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables.

a agriculture;

b market gardening;

c horticulture

77. ___________ is a person who applies for a job or wants to be elected to a particular position.

a Pretender;

b Claimant;

C Candidate

78. ___________ is a person whose job is making or repairing wooden things.

a Carpenter;

b Joiner;

c Plumber

79. ___________ is a department that deals with employees.

a Personnel;

b Staff;

c Manpower

80. ___________ are abilities a man needs to do a job well.

a Knowledge;

b Skills;

c Handicrafts

81. ___________ is a person whose job is to supervise Front-of-House Operations.

a Resident Manager;

b Front Office Manager;

c Head Receptionist

82. ___________ is a person whose job is to look after the reception area in general.

a Resident Manager;

b Front Office Manager;

c Head Receptionist

83. ___________ is a person whose job is to provide for guest’s needs and special requests.

a Concierge;

b Housekeeper;

c Head Housekeeper

84. I’m writing to ___________ for the post of Manager as advertised in this month’s edition of your magazine.

a request;

b apply;

c refer

85. I have a good ___________ of English and Spanish.

a proficiency;

b possession;

C command

86. I shall be ___________ for interview from the middle of May.

a accessible;

b available;

c suitable

87. She is very ___________. She always tells the truth.

a correct;

b true;

C sincere

88. Mary is a ___________ person. You can always rely on her.

a trustworthy;

b reliable;

c sure

89. A good host should always be ___________ and serve his guests first.

a courteous;

b polite;

c reliable

90. ___________ is a small amount of money given for good service.

a present;

b money;

C tip

91. ___________ are people who own or manage hotels.

a Hoteliers;

b Managers;

c Chiefs

92. ___________ is a person whose job is to fit and repair water-pipes, tanks in buildings.

a Carpenter;

b Joiner;

C Plumber

93. ___________ is a woman whose job is to clean and tidy hotel bedrooms.

a Chambermaid;

b Housemaid;

c Lady's maid

94. ___________ are people who have been chosen to attend a conference.

a Representatives;

b Delegates;

c Deputes

95. ___________ is a group of customers or guests.

a patronage;

b clientele;

c clientage

96. His company makes a profit. It’s ___________.

a fruitful;

b profitable;

c useful

97. ___________ is a person employed to carry luggage, parcels, supplies, etc. at a hotel.

a door person;

b cleaner;

C porter

98. ___________ is a person whose job is to remove dirt, as from clothes or carpets.

a door person;

b cleaner;

c porter

99. She wants to get fast promotion easily. She is very ___________.

a ambitious;

b confident;

c certain

100. My brother is very ___________ about his new job. There are great opportunities for him.

a punctual

b ambitious;

C enthusiastic

101. You should be more __________ not to be late for meetings.

a accurate;

b exact;

C punctual

102. You have to be __________ in this job because we work shifts.

a pliant;

b flexible;

c supple

103. The project will ____________ considerable expenses.

a involve;

b entail;

c follow

104. ___________ is training given in the hotel by the hotel staff.

a In-house training;

b Apprentice;

c Courses

105. __________ is a client which is a company rather than individual.

a Corporate business;

b Corporate debtor;

C Corporate client

106. __________ are particular parts of the market.

a market pieces;

b market segments;

c market bits

107. ____________ is a style in which information is displayed.

a Format;

b Windows;

c Access

108. ___________ is information for processing or storing.

a Code;

b Data;

c Modules

109. Our system provides flexibility in ___________ the system to meet each client’s needs.

a reducing;

b allocating;

C tailoring

110. ___________ are divisions on a computer screen to show separate pieces of information.

a Modules;

b Codes;

C Windows

111. If you are not a British ___________, you should bring your passport in order to complete the registration.

a townsman;

b citizen;

c inhabitant

112. I would be grateful if you could __________ your reservation in writing or by fax.

a confirm;

b corroborate;

c affirm

113. When you ____________ the receptionist will allocate a room on the first floor for you.

a check out;

b check in;

c pay

114. ____________ the line, please. I’ll put you through.

a Connect;

b Wait;

C Hold

115. I’m ____________, could you repeat, please?

a scared;

b afraid;

C sorry

116. ___________ is a front glass surface of a computer monitor.

a Network;

b Windows;

C Screen

117. Your reservation ___________ is PS8754.

a number;

b code;

c room

118. I’ll check____________ . Yes, we’ve got one double room.

a possibility;

b opportunity;

C availability

119. Is this a company booking or a(n) ____________ ?

a person;

b individual;

c man

120. Do you have a _____________ for a twin or double-bedded room?

a predilection;

b preference;

c privilege

121. I’d be __________ if you could confirm it in writing.

a delighted;

b thankful;

C grateful

122. Our computers are linked together in a ____________ so we can all exchange information.

a network;

b windows;

c screen

123. He needs to buy some plasters ____________.

a at the underground station

B at a chemist

c on the motorway

124. _________________ is an alcoholic drink taken before a meal.

a Juice

b Coffee

C Aperitif

125. People who do not eat meat are ____________ .

a predators

B vegetarians

c gourmets

126. _____________ are small, slow-moving animals with a shell.

a Prawns

B Snails

c Worms

127. ___________ is a small plant like an onion with a strong taste and smell.

A Garlic

b Rosemary

c Curry

128. Freshly-baked apple drizzled with honey and served under a ____________ of home-made pastry.

A crust

b cheese

c cream

129. Supreme of chicken crammed with garlic butter is _____________ in fresh breadcrumbs.

a wrapped

b roasted

C coated

130. The Duty Manager will be ___________ to hear any suggestions, or help with any problems or difficulties you may have.

A pleased

b advisable

c returned

131. Please ____________ your room by midday on the day of departure.

a clean

B vacate

c occupy

132. Cod, halibut, haddock, whiting and plaice are some of other types of ____________ that form a part of Scottish cuisine.

a meat

B fish

c plants

133. Bara Birth is a kind of bread, which is traditionally ___________ with raisins.

A baked

b boiled

c stewed

134. In the first course the broth is _____________ and the second course contains the meat and the vegetables.

A served

b wrapped

c coated

135. There are many vineyards in the area and export quality _________ is produced from here.

a juice

B wine

c coffee

136. Among drinks and ___________, beer is highly preferred in Wales.

a desserts

B beverages

c garnish

137. You can have your meals at home, in a café, in the ___________ of your factory or office.

a kitchen

B canteen

c dining room

138. Don’t forget to put out the table ___________ for each guest and place several salt-cellars.

a cloth

B napkins

c sheets

139. Simply put all the ____________ into a casserole dish and leave to cook gently.

a substances

B ingredients

c fibers

140. This is one of my favorite ___________ from the UK brand of soup 'The Covent Garden Soup Co'.

A recipe

b prescription

c receipt

141. When the Frankish Normans invaded, they brought with them the ___________ of the east: cinnamon, saffron, mace, nutmeg, pepper, ginger.

a herbs

B spices

c crisps

142. Would you like any _____________? − Yes, I’d like the soufflé glace au Grand Marnier.

A dessert

b cocktail

c starter

143. Soufflé glacé au Grand Marnier is his favourite ice cream soufflé flavoured with Grand Marnier ___________.

a juice

B liqueur

c starter

144. There's a ___________ called Boots in the city centre that has nappies.

a fishmonger’s

b haberdashery

C chemist

145. Perfume six snails with garlic and _________________ them in pastry.

a coat

B wrap

c drizzle

146. Potatoes, bread and cheese are the three basic ingredients of any English ___________.

a beverage

B dish

c cuisine

147. The _________ includes roast potatoes with a beef, lamb or a chicken roast.

a breakfast

B dinner

c dessert

148. The dish is also garnished with assorted ___________ sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper, lending it a specific aroma and a tangy taste.

A vegetables

b veal

c cream

149. For this ___________, sifted flour, milk, vegetable oils, and eggs and freshly ground black pepper are required.

A pudding

b beverage

c liqueur

150. In addition to food of Scotland, Scottish Whisky popularly known as Scotch is certainly a world leader in the finest ____________ of the world.

a soft drinks

b hot drinks

C spirits

151. In case of fire ____________.

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