a break glass and press bell

b please do not disturb

c please vacate your room by 12 noon

152. A ___________ takes drinks orders, advises on wines.

a storeman

b head waiter

C wine waiter

153. A ____________ serves customers, takes orders, and brings food.

A waiter/waitress

b head waiter

c wine waiter

154. Home-made chicken liver pâté is served with melba _____________ and a crisp side salad.

a biscuit

b bread

C toast

155. ___________ has to be Italy's greatest contribution to world cuisine.

a Borsch

b Haggis

C Pasta

156. Meat ____________ are used to tell the temperature inside the meat.

a speedometers

b parking meters

C thermometers

157. _____________ is the system by which rooms have to be claimed or sold two days before.

a 24-hour release

B 48-hour release

c 12-hour release

158. Oh no, look at all these ____________. Which should we pay first?

a cash

B bills

c statements

159. Keep the ____________ in case its the wrong size.

A receipt

b bills

c statements

160. Who shall I write the ____________ to?

a rate

B cheque

c statements

161. Whats the dollar-euro exchange ____________ today, please?

a receipt

B rate

c statements

162. I always use a credit ____________ to pay restaurant and hotel bills.

a receipt

B card

c account

163. _____________ is money that a particular country uses.

A Currency

b Discount

c Cheque

164. Its not necessary to ___________ a hotel doormen for carrying suitcases into the lobby, but porters could be given $1 a bag.

a ask

B tip

c help

165. I have a _____________ to make. The room Im in is terribly noisy.

a offer

B complaint

c gratitude

166. Do you have a ____________ room rate?

A fixed

b firm

c fall

167. During the meal they were ignored by the _____________ and had to order their drinks at the bar and carry them back to the table.

A waiter

b porter

c receptionist

168. We have a Standard room which contains all the basic _____________, such as private bath and TV, and the basic rate for the double is £85 a night .

a accommodation

b complaint

C facilities

169. Yesterday, when I arrived, it was _____________, and its quite obvious that it hasnt been cleaned for days.

a clean

b neat

C dirty

170. Ill send room ____________ up with some clean sheets, and Ill make sure the room is cleaned first thing tomorrow.

a porter

b laundry

C service

171. Well, Im _____________ sorry, but thats not possible.

a quite

b enough

C terribly

172. Please tell the chef that was the best steak I have ever had. It was __________ marvellous.

a terribly

B absolutely

c very

173. The room Im in is _____________ small. I must insist on having another one.

a absolutely

b totally

C extremely

174. A guest was given the wrong key and found a body _____________.

A by chance

b in advance

c by mistake

175. If departmental managers and functional directors fail to give you satisfaction, get the top person's name and address from the _____________ services department.

A customer

b buyer

c seller

176. Im sorry to _____________ you, but I dont seem to have any towels.

a apology

B trouble

c scare

177. Sorry, but I _____________ tea, not coffee.

a asked

b paid

C ordered

178. Im _____________ sorry that its too noisy. Unfortunately its unavoidable because were having essential repairs done.

a quite

b absolutely

C terribly

179. On Monday we have a _____________ called Cultural Crete, where we visit many of the different cultural sights on the island.

a excursion

B trip

c road

180. The _____________ consists of views of notable South Carolinas, paintings, and drawings from the 18th century to the present.

a set

B collection

c complex

181. The Museum Shop features an outstanding selection of _____________ arts prints, posters, cards, jewelry, and books.

A fine

b pretty

c cute

182. These tours cover large areas of the peninsular city, including all major landmarks, with narration of professional _____________.

a expenditure

b leader

C guide

183. Hotel arrange _____________ services for guests. These may be excursions, walking tours, sporting activities, and so on.

a outer

b out of doors

C off-site

184. An _____________ person likes excitement and new things.

a interesting

B adventurous

c boring

185. A _____________ is a place where people can get off a couch

A drop-off

b lay-off

c go-off

186. You can return to the ____________ ship in the evening, when therell also be dinner served and dancing.

a adventurous

b travelling

C cruise

187. You can have a donkey ______________ up to the town.

a street race

B ride

c jogging

188. When you collect the car, we will provide you with a full ______________ of petrol.

A tank

b can

c box

189. You dont need an international driving _____________ a British one is fine.

A licence

b certificate

c card

190. Bowling is a very popular sport and we advise you to ____________ early to avoid disappointment.

A book

b copy

c settle

191. Tuition is strongly recommended for _____________.

A novices

b masters

c teachers

192. What activities ______________ place outside the grounds of Sherwood?

a have

B take

c set

193. Guests are ______________ not to leave valuables in their rooms.

a avoided

B advised

c admitted

194. Id like to look round the town, but I dont want to ____________ a car.

A hire

b book

c sell

195. The park is known as the Battery, and you can see examples of cannons and other war ____________.

A relics

b statues

c banner

196. The price quoted includes insurance for third ______________, fire and theft.

A party

b concert

c meeting

197. Local government ____________ are usually between 5% and 10% of the cost of hiring the car.

A taxes

b fees

c fines

198. Which activities are not ______________ on Monday?

A available

b admit

c advisable

199. A ____________ licence is necessary to hire a car.

A driving

b drivers

c driver

200. We offer 10% ______________ for cash payment.

a taxes

B discount

c fee

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