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Via Salaria 403, 00199 ROME ITALY


Incoming: Mattia Lolli tel +39 06 86268326


Outgoing: Laura Marino tel +39 06 86268324


FAX: +39 06 23325776

Website: www.legambiente.it


Legambiente is a leading environmental organisation in Italy formed by 20 regional committees and more than 2000 local groups. Legambiente runs national and international campaigns aimed at reducing traffic and air pollution, pesticides use, or proposing new energy policy, enhancing use of renewable sources, energy efficiency and conservation etc.

We have been organising a voluntary campaign for 17 years, promoting summer-camps in many protected areas both in Italy and abroad, with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental issues such as forest-fire or habitat degradation, collecting information on natural resources, promoting green tourism, developing sustainable economy, helping people to be active for the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.

International work camps, promoted by Legambiente, are part of the associations’ main campaigns and volunteers activities contribute to achieve the goals of each campaign.

The common aim of environmentalwork camps is to improve areas with a distinctive naturalistic and cultural feature and to help solving environmental emergencies of our country. The main activities volunteers carry out are related to paths maintenance or beaches and protected areas cleaning; furthermore, volunteers collaborate in fire prevention or raising awareness on environmental issues.

Some work camps are organized in mountain locations, within the campaign “Carovana dell Alpi” (Caravan of Alps). This annual campaign, which was first organised in 2002, photographs the alpine system in detail, reports cases of environmental decay and evaluates experiences of sustainable development and ecological re-conversion of the economy. It also proposes the consolidation of the system of nature protected areas.

Other projects are directed to the conservation of our national cultural heritage: the aims of “Salvalarte”, carried out by volunteers, are to awake public opinion, promote the reclaim and restoration of monuments and art works that have been abandoned to decay.

Legambiente also gives the opportunity to discover small villages and local traditions of Italy, protected and promoted by “Piccola Grande Italia” (Small Big Italy) campaign, which aims to increase the value of our great heritage – environment, cultural property, local typical products and traditions – cherished in small Italian towns, the irreplaceable defence grounds of the Italian identity. The campaign has already involved 500 towns with less than 5 thousands inhabitants, mountain and provincial communities.




Period: Legambiente’s international work camps usually last from 10 up to 20 days, but mostly 15 days. All participants are expected to arrive on the first day and to leave on the last day of the work camp.

Number of participants:between 8 and 20 volunteers.

Age and composition of the group:theminimum age limit is 18 and there is no maximum age limit. More than half of participants are between 21 and 35 years of age; 1 out of 10 is older than 40 years. International participants are usually younger; women are the majority (more than 60%).

Project-Aims: Voluntary work camps have 2 main objectives:

-promoting a cultural exchange through a common experience of voluntary work;

-realizing anenvironmental Project in order to protect the Italian environmental, historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

Work-Daily organization:Each work camp can be differently organized according to its specific needs.

Volunteers will be usually working between 4/8 hours per day. Sometimes they may be asked for working over the weekend or early in the morning in case of high temperature. Volunteers are expected to be open-minded, flexible, and adaptable to various situations. Moreover, they need to be willing to work in team and inclined to face either lacks or unexpected events with a positive attitude. Not elsewhere specified, special skills are not required. Nevertheless, participation, enthusiasm and motivation are welcome!

Usually volunteers sleep in mixed rooms.

Single or double rooms are not available.

Shifts for cooking and cleaning are scheduled during the first day.

Every volunteer is responsible for all aspects of the daily life on the work camp.

Animals are not allowed since they could interfere with local flora and fauna. Furthermore, volunteers may be allergic.

Language: English is the official language of the work camp.

International work camps host a maximum of 2 volunteers each country in order to create a heterogeneous group and to make possible a real cultural exchange.





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