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to swim- плавать to dance- танцевать to sail- (о досуге) плавать на яхте to ski- кататься на лыжах to skate– кататься на коньках to jog– бегать трусцой to fish– рыбачить to dive– плавать под водой to play (cards) – играть (в карты) swimming- плавание dancing- танцы sailing- плавание на яхте skiing- катание на лыжах skating- катание на коньках jogging- бег трусцой fishing- рыбалка diving– подводное плавание playing (cards) -игра (в карты)


TO GO doing something -идти чем-то заниматься

to go идти swimming- плавать dancing- танцевать sailing- плавать на яхте skiing- кататься на лыжах skating- кататься на коньках jogging- бегать трусцой fishing- рыбачить diving- плавать под водой playing (cards)- играть (в карты)

(not) to be fond of something –(не) увлекаться чем-либо

I am (not) fond of music –Я (не) увлекаюсь музыкой

(not) to be interested in something – (не) интересоваться чем-либо

She is (not) interested in music –Она (не) интересуется музыкой

play –- (существительное) пьеса

ballet- балет

every now and then = from time to time –время от времени

to receive guests– принимать гостей

at our (my, her, his, their …) place –у нас (меня, нее, него, них …) дома

to have some fresh air– дышать свежим воздухом

to enjoy -получать удовольствие от


How I Spend Free Time


My day off (or free day) is Sunday. I like this day very much. On Sunday I get up later than usually, at 9 o'clock, for I needn't hurry anywhere.

The greater part of Sunday I spend for leisure. Sometimes I switch on TVand choose the program I like best. Also I see video films with a video recorder. Television helps me to see a lot of interesting things: thrilling movies, different lands and countries, outstandingpeople, sport games, variety performances, entertaining shows. If I want to go out, I usually go to the cinema(if a good film is on) or to discotheques. There are a lot of them in Moscow and it is often very difficult for me to decide where to go in the evening. Sometimes I join my friends and we go to a rockor popconcert to danceand see a great star.

On my days off I also like to be out of town, if the weather is fine. I meet a friend or two and we find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river. On the beach we lie in the sun, play different gamesandswim. In winter my friends and I prefer to go skiing. This is my favourite kind of sport. I also like to play football and watch football games on TV – I am a real football fan.

If the weather is bad or I don’t want to go anywhere, I stay at home, read books and newspapers, watch TV or visit one of my friends. I am not fond of theatre, but my sister is. She likes to go to the theatreto see a play, operaor ballet, but she is interested in rock' n’ roll music as well. Sometimes we go together to a concert hall or to the circus.
And of course every now and then we receive guests at our place or go for a walk to have some fresh air. I enjoy my days off as much as I can.






drama– игра в театре

photography[fә`tפּ:grәfi] – фотография, фотографирование

painting– живопись

pottery– гончарное дело

story writing– сочинение рассказов, литературные опыты

making videos– видеосъемка

golf– гольф

hand-gliding[`hæŋ`glaidiŋ] –дельтапланеризм(hand-glider–дельтаплан)

(horse) riding– верховая езда

gardening– садоводство

collecting stamps– коллекционирование марок

playing the guitar[gi`tα:] – игра на гитаре

reading books– чтение книг

climbing[`klaimiŋ] - скалолазание (to climb[`klaim] – карабкаться, взбираться)

badminton[`bædmintən] – бадминтон

watching TV– просмотр телепрограмм

playing computer games– игры на компьютере

drinking alcohol[`ælkәhפּl] – употребление алкогольных напитков

smoking– курение

taking drugs– употребление наркотиков

fighting– драка, рукоприкладство


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