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I. Read the text. Translate it into Russian. Put 7 questions of different types to it. Write out

A) verbs in passive, b) modal verbs with the meaningful verbs.


The major uses of the Internet include communication, research, publishing, and sales. Communication. Probably the most popular use of the Internet and the Web is e-mail, also called electronic mail. Virtually every Internet user is assigned an electronic address from which e-mail messages are sent and at which they are received. The Internet carries hundreds of millions of email messages each day.

Research. The Internet is like a vast library, containing as much knowledge on every subject as might be held in millions of books. Information is available in many forms, from files consisting only of text to multimedia files that combine text, photos, animation or video, software programs, and sound. Internet resources grow larger every day. Because of the ease with which information is stored on computers, and the speed with which it can be accessed, the Internet is a popular first stop for many people performing research. A businessperson might search Internet resources for help in developing sales or product information.

Students can access databases to find material related to homework assignments or courses of study. Physicians use the Net to compare medical treatments and to review advances in medical science. Scientists share research data on the Internet.

Publishing. Publishers are increasingly using the Internet as a medium for presenting newspapers, magazines, and books. Because information on the Net is electronic, the publisher is freed from the costs of paper, printing, and distribution. More importantly, the publisher can update information instantly, making it possible to distribute far more current news than could be provided on paper. Sales. Many businesses use the Internet to carry on commerce. Retail establishments sell nearly every type of product over the Internet. Software publishers view the Net as a convenient and inexpensive way to distribute products. Over the Internet, users can buy new programs, sample programs before purchasing them, or receive upgrades to programs they already own. Users generally make Internet purchases with credit cards.

II. Read and translate the sentences from English into Russian. Define the tense forms, voice of the underlined verbs. Write 5 questions of all basic types to the highlighted sentence. - Прочтите и переведите предложения на русский язык. Определите видовременную форму и залог выделенных глаголов. Поставьте 5 вопросов всех основных типов к выделенному предложению.

Model: When trade began to develop widely advertising was oral. – Когда торговля начала широко развиваться, реклама была устной.

began – Past Simple, Active Voice

was – Past simple, Active Voice

1. I'm sorry. I have forgotten to bring the report.- Don't worry. I'll get a copy from someone else.

2. If you require a demonstration of any of the products in our brochure please let me know which ones you are interested in and I will arrange it.

3.Today web browsers are used to searchfor information on the Internet.

4. By the time you arrive he will have written the programme.

5. It has been decided to reduce all salaries by 10 %.

6. In 1980, IBM decided that there was a market for 250,000 PCs, so they set up a special team to develop the first IBM PC.


III. Complete the sentences below using the following verbs in the passive. Translate the sentences:

(Model: The printers ……… three weeks late. (deliver)

The printers were delivered three weeks late.

Принтеры доставили на три недели позже.)


1. After testing everything the problem with the machine …………. finally. (discover)

2. The frame......... of lightweight plastic. (make)

3. The information....... to the machine's inbuilt computer. (transmit)

4. The packing equipment........... and production was halted for an hour. (switch off)

5. Don’t worry. All your files …………………. in the computer's memory. (store)

6. Last year the factory.... for three weeks and everybody had their holiday at the same time. (close)

7. These new offices ………. by an American company last year. (build)


IV. Read and translate the sentences from English into Russian paying attention to the meaning of modal verbs. Underline the modal verbs.- прочтите и переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на значение модальных глаголов. Подчеркните модальные глаголы.

1. My computer is rather old and slow. – You should upgrade the whole system.

2. May I use your computer while you are away?

3. I’m sorry I’m late. I had to solve an urgent problem.

4. If you order a box today we will be able to offer you a special discount.

5. You mustn’t forget to back up the file.

6. The computer memory can be overloaded by opening too many files.


V. In this passage about the use of computers in business you must fill each blank with one word. Choose each word from the following list. You must use each word once only.- прочитайте текст, заполните пробелы словами из таблицы.

accurate input printer screen
components keyboard modem single
continuous linked records supplies
floppy output retrieve transactions


Computers are being used more and more in business because they are fast, efficient and 1………… .

Here are some ways in which computers are used:

Insurance companies use them to store and 2 ………… details of clients' policies.

Production departments in companies use them to ensure they have adequate

3 ………… of raw materials and 4………….. .

Banks use them for processing details of accounts and 5 ……………….. .

Personnel departments use them to keep 6 …………… of a company's employees.

Can you think of any other ways in which computers are used?

The most common ways in which you can 7 …………… information into a computer are:

- by typing it on a 8.........

- from a 9.............. disk

- by 10............. over a telephone link.

- from another computer 11...... to yours.

A computer can 12.......... information:

- on a 13............ called a VDU (visual display unit),

- to a 14............ which may use 15....... ……. sheets or 16 ……… stationery,

- to a floppy disk,

-to another computer.


VI. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. You may have to change some words slightly. – заполните пробелы подходящими по смыслу словами, добавляя нужные окончания, если необходимо.

1. considerably, consider, considerable, consideration

a) We'll have to ___________ using another company if they can't provide the software we need.

b) The company has invested a ___________ sum of money in ergonomic workstations.

2. depend, dependence, dependable, dependably

a) The company has supplied us_______________ for over ten years.

b) We have to reduce our____ _______ on imported goods.

3. technology, technological, technologically

a) The computer is the greatest__ invention of the twentieth century.

b) There are two_____ involved in a clipboard PC.

4. identifies, identifying, identity

a) The clipboard's pattern recognition software immediately ______________ the letters and numbers written by the stylus.
b) Most computer companies will not allow people without an ___________ card to enter their premises.

5. expense, expensive, expensively

..... a) It' ___________ to send the goods by air but they're needed urgently.

..... b) He built a successful business but at the __________ of his health.


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