Ex.3 Build the words from these stems and put them in the following sentences

Match the terms with their definitions

1) interest rate a) total value of goods and services produced in a country

2) exchange rate b) difference between the price at which the product is sold and the cost

of its production

3) inflation rate c) price at which one currency can buy another

4) labour force d) people working

5) GDP e) money from overseas

6) unemployment rate f) general increase in price

7) foreign investments g) office rules/paperwork regulations

8) balance of trade h) difference in value between a countrys imports and exports

9) government bureaucracy i) percentage of people without job

10) gross margin j) cost of borrowing money


Finish the following sentences

1) People who buy shares in a company are called s .

2) A private company in the US is referred to by the abbreviation I.

3) When a company sells the right to operate a business using its system or format to another one is called a f. .

4) The percentage of people without jobs is called u.rate.

5) The . rate is the cost of borrowing money.

6) GDP stands for gross d .. product.

7) The price at which one currency can buy another is called the exchange r.

8) The employees in a particular country are called l f.

9) The main building or location of a large company is its h..o.

10) The cost of a company shares is its sp

11) A smarket is a place where shares are bought and sold.

12) The d.is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

13) A p can consist at least of two people.


Ex.1 Make up sentences with given phrases and the expression to be going to and tell what will happen in these situations.


not accept, correct, cancel, close, sell, update

Example: My car is broken

I am going to repair it.

1. We don't need this bank account any more.

2. I've found two mistakes in this report.

3. We don't like their offer.

4. My credit card is damaged.

5. Her figures are out of date.

6. He cannot run a company.


Ex. 2 Put the appropriate prepositions in the following sentences

a) TS shares dropped______10 % this afternoon.

a) to b) by c) on d) with

b) The advantage ________ direct marketing is that it enables us

to cut out the middleman.

a) on b) from c) for d) of

c) The government spent less _______ defence last year.

a) to b) on c) for d) at

d) The telephone lines can be so busy that people have to wait ______an hour to get through.

a) up to b) in on c) out for d) in at

e) What effect could these new EC directives have ____ the company?

a) about b) over c) on d) to


Ex.3 Build the words from these stems and put them in the following sentences

Example: direct

a) She was unhappy with the direction, in which the company was going.

b) Let me introduce Mr Quick to you. He is our new director.

c) I don't remember her telephone number. Please look it up in the directory.



a) There appeared new ____________in the market.

b) They work on a very small profit margin so their prices are very

c) In the 1960s there became great ______________for oil from

the Far East.



a) What were your marks in

b) Leading ___________can predict the country's rate of inflation.

c) The new Honda does fifty miles per gallon. It is very

to run.



a) During his work at the plant he became a very __________ manager.

b) Since we bought the computer _________ has increased by


c) Henry Ford began the mass ______________ of automobiles.



a) We can't publish this material since our _________ don't like it.

b) Put an _____________ in the paper concerning your job.

c) I prefer working for different_____________ agencies.


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