A, B, C D, .

1. What _____ you doing from 4 till 5 yesterday?

a) will c) having

b) have d) were

2. - Did the delegation leave _____ London yesterday? Yes. It came to New York.

a) to c) at

b) in d)

3. My friend _____ go to the cinema a lot.

a) doesnt c) isnt

b) dont d) havent

4. - Ive decided to re-paint this room. - Oh, have you? What color _____ it?

a) will you c) are you going to paint

b) would you paint d) you are going to paint

5. _____ to their new house yet?

a) Have they moved c) Has they moved

b) Did they move d) Has they move

6. John is _____ a ride now.

a) has c) had

b) having d) have

7. There ___ two houses in the English Parliament.

a) has c) were

b) was d) are

8. It _____ warm and fine yesterday.

a) was c) is

b) were d) will

9. There are only a few seats left for _____ tonights musical at the theatre.

a) a c) the

b) an d)

10. She _____ live in Paris during her last years.

a) doesnt c) dont

b) didnt d) wasnt

11. The weather was so bad. We _______ return home immediately.

a) must c) should

b) had to d) would

12. Is Bob a friend of yours? -No, he isn't. He is a fellow-student of _________.

a) your c) mine

b) my d) me

13. Somebody knocked at the door while a new story __________.

a) had been read c) had being read

b) was read d) was being read

14. That painting _____ by Picasso. It must be a forgery.

a) might be painting c) cannot being painted

b) cannot have been painted d) might not paint

15. He ___________ repair his radio set himself last week.

a) could c) was able to

b) can d) were able to

16. Tom ____ just _____ a well-paid job.

a) was ___ offered c) has ___ been offered

b) had ___been offered d) was being ___ offered

17. Why _______ yet?

a) the letter is not sent c) is the letter not sent

b) hasnt the letter been sent d) has the letter not sent

18. He _____ from the airport.

a) was collecting c) has been collected

b) was being collected d) will have collect

19. _____ we move into the living room? It's more comfortable in there.

a) Must c) Shall

b) Will d) Might

20. Yesterday I _______ a terrible headache.

a) has c) am

b) have d) had

21. _______ caused a lot of damage.

a) Last weeks storm c) Last weeks storm

b) Lasts week storm d) Last week storm

22. _______is it from here to Kyiv?

a) How far c) How much

b) How long d) How many

23. Kate received a parcel _______ a week ago.

a) send c) sends

b) sending d) sent

24. Coffee is _____ hot!

a) the best c) better

b) best d) good

25. It _____ cold yesterday, _____?

a) be, wasnt it b) werent, was it

c) was, werent it d) was, wasnt it

26. _______ spoken English, we used to go to Hyde Park.

a) To practice c) To practicing

b) For practice d) For to practice




( 5-6 ), ,

1. What are the main components of the foodstuffs?

2. What is ecology? What ecological problems of the world do you know?

3. What purposes do people use the internet for?


1, 2

Reading Grammar
1. d 16. b 1. d 16. c
2. a 17. a 2. d 17. b
3. c 18. c 3. a 18. c
4. f 19. d 4. c 19. c
5. g 20. a 5. a 20. d
6. b 21. d 6. b 21. c
7. e 22. d 7. d 22. a
8. b 23. c 8. a 23. d
9. e 24. c 9. c 24. c
10. a 25. b 10. b 25. d
11. c   11. a 26. a
12. d   12. c  
13. b   13. d  
14. a   14. b  
15. d   15. c  



1. What are the main components of the foodstuffs? Balanced human diet should include various foodstuffs useful for our health. Proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals make our food nutritious and healthy. Proteins, for example, are not only necessary for the building of new tissues of living organisms but also for repairing losses. Carbohydrates in food eaten by a person supply people with energy to live, move, perform, work. The importance of fats and fatty acids in human diet is caused by their high energy capability and metabolic stimulus. Vitamins and minerals contained in foodstuffs make our food nutritious, tasty, healthy, prevent people from a lot of diseases, strengthen our immunity system.
2. What is ecology? What ecological problems of the world do you know? Ecology is the study of the relationship of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment. The physical environment includes light and heat or solar radiation, moisture, wind, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients in soil, water, and atmosphere. The biological environment includes organisms of the same kind as well as other plants and animals. Among the most urgent ecological problems are the ozone layer, acid rains, global warming, toxic pollution of the atmosphere, disappearance of forests, water pollution, contamination of underground water by chemical elements, the greenhouse effect, and shortage of natural resources.
3. What purposes do people use the internet for? Individuals, companies and institutions use the Internet in many ways. Businesses use the Internet to provide access to complex databases, such as financial databases. Companies can carry out commerce online, including advertising, selling, buying, distributing products and providing offer-sales services. Businesses and institutions can use Internet for voice and video conferencing and other forms of communication that allow people to telecommute or work from a distance. The most widely used tool on the Internet is electronic mail (e-mail). E-mail is used to sent written messages between individuals or groups of individuals, often geographically separated by large distance.


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